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We’ll go ahead and divide this wedding day up into a couple of posts.

The ceremony was actually the 2nd part of the day after the First Look earlier that day at La Caille where they’d later return for the reception.

The ceremony was at a church in Park City where the bride’s dad is a pastor.

The bride was my first intern last year and so she knew a lot about wedding and planned a wonderful wedding.

If you want to see a bunch of highlights go here for now – and/or wait for the future posts

 016_J3S1088 049_J3S1097


There were several photographers assisting me… this picture (above) was taken by my associate Amanda


THIS IS A LONG BLOG POST – Just so you know

My job at church (calling) is to be the photographer.

How chill is that?? Per’ Darn – is the answer.
Yeah sure it’s tons of work in comparison to other things… but it’s no different than what I do every other day.

I’ve had this calling starting back in 2005 in 3 different wards! In the 3 places i’ve lived… since that first time.

I don’t take quite as many as I did when i lived in my previous house… but still all my friends at church get hooked up with some great pictures at the activities I show up with a camera.




I’ve already done lots of pictures for this wonderful couple,
and they are lots of fun and finally I was able to do the last event in the series…
Their Utah Reception.

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Streets 2


A set of 12 pictures from last sunday’s trip to Salt Lake City.


I was helping with a project called Mamma’s Hands.
A group of students go to SLC and hand out lemonade when it’s hot and hot chocolate when it’s cold… and supply a cell phone to let individuals stay in contact with family. In addition they are there to give them someone to talk to.