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I admire those who create an idea in their mind, lay it out and make it happen.

This being said… That’s not me.

I show up to a shoot, hang out, try to make the subjects happy and in a good mood and figure out what is going to work for them.

I think a major part of this is that 99% of my subjects are not models… they are who they are and they come to me to get pictures of who they are.

Working with the light as it happens

Also it seems to work for me because I usually try brand new spots and random times of the day and have no idea what the lighting is going to be. So If i see the lighting is bad I avoid that shot and if it is awesome I do a shot I might not have tried before.

I might as well stick to what I’m good at… and in most cases that means bringing out the best of who people are. At least that’s the compliment I usually enjoy the most when people say it.

Wouldn’t mind, at all

On the other side, I’d love to have the ability to set things up and create like many other photographers out there… if nothing else just to have that as another weapon in my arsenal.

How I roll