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First thing’s first to all you girls out there go to Mod Bod and get your clothes there

The shoot was part of a two day photoshoot for ITP Fashion Companies – Day one was ModBod

So I hope you love the pictures AND the clothing.

 004_J7S8759 005_J7S8773

Our models were Morgan Woolard – she is most known for being Miss Oklahoma

 048_J7S8922 047_J7S8901

And also Michelle Money from the most recent season of the Bachelor.


 006_J7S9184 007_J7S9200

 009_J7S8246 028_J7S8240

Commercial shoots are a lot of fun, though they are very demanding on proficiency and level of images … however there’s something about them that are much less challenging than a wedding day.

But both commercial shoots and weddings provide unique challenges that I thrive on and love.


Having to deal with small groups or single inviduals makes it easier in many respects to weddings and the fact they are beautiful models makes it a lot of fun too.

Models never say: “I don’t know what to do” or “You tell me what to do” – They do stuff and if you have a request they’ll switch and do that.

 018_J7S9071 019_J7S9075

With the three models I worked with over the 2 days I found that I didn’t have to give tons of directions… I was able to focus on awesome pictures.
Most of the directions were a matter of  adapting their pose while changing only a few small things like moving their hand forward or simple stuff like that.

 021_J7S9231 056_J7S9214

I was able to do great work for this clothing line with these models while still maintaining my objective to bring out personalities and do my look and style of images.

They have already gone through the images of the day and selected over 500 possible pictures… I’m just sharing a small portion.


The Wedding Photographer going Commercial

Who am I? Scott Jarvie the Wedding and Travel Photographer

That’s how I introduce myself.

Meaning: that’s what I tell people I do…. weddings and lots of travel photography. I don’t put a lot of the travel stuff on this blog anymore and leave it to the Envision The World Blog and even then I haven’t had a lot of time to get those pictures worked on and edited. So mainly we see a lot of wedding pictures and the corresponding sessions that come with that like engagements, bridals and formals.

Recent History

So recently I did a photoshoot for a hair and makeup studio out on the salt flats (See this post with their pictures included or this full gallery)… this is more of a commercial type shoot but it was still primarily dealing with people and that’s something I know how to do. They liked my style (from what they saw on the website) and they were very happy with the results. In fact not a day after I published their photoshoot one of their clients came asking about a similar photo shoot.

The Style

OK so I do mainly weddings and I would say that my style is as follows

Personable A pleasent interaction and real experience and an approachable feel to the pictures (Friendly)

Personality – Capturing the real aspect of the people and the overall feel of the event

Emotion – Doesn’t matter which kind just want to allow and document REAL stuff

“Ideas for my models”

I tell people that my pictures are what the person is + lighting … there aren’t models for my ideas these are ideas for my models, all with a Jarvie-esque look… which is bright, clean and dynamic

How I work


This Friday night we’ll have a special guest presentation at JarvieU

The theme is “Composite Lighting”

Here’s a recent Example