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K first off when the lighting doesn’t change much throughout the show you start to get a little creative… so I shot through some red fabric that was hanging over by the vip lounge area.

The last set I did at this venue was pretty epic being able to have some good access and use some unique lighting… but this was great show because it was challenged me in other ways.

Contrary to all the light you see in the picture above most of the show was lit by only a couple of light bulbs surrounding the artists. (Like below)


I’ve run into John Allred at several other shows I’ve taken pictures of in the past. Finally after all these years I got time to make it to one of his own shows.
(good thing it was two days because I was originally gonna hit the first night)


The velour is a great place to take pictures in my opinion. I guess I haven’t been to hundreds of spots but it’s one of my favorites so far.

Even with this unique setup that they did with this show being off the stage it worked well.


Most of the pictures were taken with my new 85mm f/1.4 lens and yet I still had to go pretty high with my ISO and low with the shutter speed.

(If anyone see’s a 50mm f/1.4 I believe i left mine there the last time I did a concert. I know… sad day :(

The setting was not one where I could get away making my radio controlled lights seem like they were part of the light show… since there was no light show.

 013_7K03114 030_7K03108

I guess it also makes it moody when you take pictures through random fabric… like this one above… it did help to make the bare light bulb look a little cooler.


I told him that the pictures would therefore be a bit more grainy and moody… he said he’s down with that.
I think lots of people have to default to a grainy moody look for lots of concerts simply due to limitations of their cameras… But I hope that I added great ideas, composition and used the lighting to my advantage… in ways that set these pictures apart.

BTW the pictures are all taken with my backup camera the D7000 which doesn’t handle low light quite like my normal camera the D700 – but it was nice having that challenge and seeing what it could do when in a pinch.




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 001_7S25995 002_7S25961


 041_7S26052 051_7S25988

 063_7S25911  060_7S25930  021_7S25935  017_7S25996  020_7S25962


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Then there was Vanilla ICE





And Vanilla Ice’s Creepy clown friend


His cool DJ


They brought in the water and Confetti



My personal favorite of the night was a group called:

Love You Long Time







 001_7S20738 003_7S20831

One of my friends was directing part of the Provo music festival and got a hold of me to take some pictures.

So I did. I’ve done a couple of concerts and thought it was fun, and wanted to try some more.

Here are some of the highlights of the outdoor festival. Lighting at night was limited with the free outdoor festival but I made due.

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There were only lights on this stage from one side, so there were a few pictures like this.

The castle stage had a much different lighting, not quite as unique.

There were also lots of pictures taken of the participants of the festival.
And lots of pictures before it got dark

The obligatory music festival picture of the kid with the mohawk

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Concerts are so dark that you pretty much need to constantly adjust and play with lights and stuff.
There’s all sorts of crazy lighting schemes going on and often the band can be drenched in red light or in almost total darkness.

What comes out in pictures is more emotive and artsy stuff than clear crisp pictures.
Almost every picture I like had some kind of colored light shinning in the background, or colored light covering from head to toe.

But concerts are nice because even though you might take 700 shots you don’t have to edit nearly that many because half of them are complete crap and you end up with a mear 300-400 that are bareable and in the end push out 200 that could be likeable because you realize fans really are fanatic and will love almost anything and everything. And that’s mostly who they’re for anyway.

Who knows what other concert photographers are doing, I’ve never looked at another concert photographers pictures a day in my life… but it could be fun do it more often.
My concert tips would be these:

  • Have a nice fast camera with great ISO (less grain)
  • Get close… preferable front row next to the stage. (Many reasons why most other places aren’t nearly as good… including backstage)
  • After you take all your front row pictures try a few other spots towards the end of the show.
  • Have a press pass because most places won’t let you take pictures with a nice camera unless you do.
  • Edit them to be interesting or artsy. (Like a concert photographer not a photojournalist.)
  • Ear plugs… you’ll probably be right next to really big speakers. Besides it’s not like they’ll block the music… just dampen.
  • Get close and zoom in.
  • Fast Lenses. (1.8 or 2.8 is pretty good)
  • Use a flash and set it to low output. (you want the flash to freeze their actions but you want the background colors to come out well.)
  • Sometimes don’t use flash and set the shutter speed high.
  • If you want good pictures get their early because you really do need to be front row(unless you spent thousands on fast telephoto lenses)
  • Get a fast prime lens. (i had a 28mm f/2.8 and a 50mm f/1.8 a 80mm 1.8 would be great and obviously the faster the better)
  • Take a ton and then delete a ton. (You’re experimenting at first and you’ll delete a lot of them)
  • Even it technically fails you can rescue it as an emotive artsy kinda picture. (meaning think twice before getting rid of all blurry pictures)
  • Get tips from A Real Concert Photographer… because i’m not one.