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It was short and sweet and yet I got so much done. I was able to take pictures of about 15 groups of people.

From families to couples to individuals.

Groups ranging from 1-7ppl

To see all the pictures see the highlights first gallery OR the by shoots chronological gallery


 0100_7363818 0101_7363763

1. Engaged Couple


 0105_7362959 0106_7363105

2. An Individual

 0123_7362944 0124_7362946

3. A Family


 0110_7363030 0144_7363037

4. A Random Family I don’t know


5. A couple and their cousin

 0191_7363262 0216_7363394

 0114_7363388 0113_7363370

6. Married Couple

 0134_7362976 0150_7363055

7. Sisters



8. Random Highschool kids


 0187_7363243 0185_7363240

9. Random College Students


 0227_7363422 0231_7363429

10. Boyfriend Girlfriend

 0244_7363471 0241_7363461

11. Another random family


12. Newlyweds


13. Past Wedding Clients



14. Myself (setup by me and then taken by Jon Barker)

 0118_7363693 0282_7363704

15. A couple




OK let’s break down what would be a long post of pictures taken around the Notre Dame Cathedral into a few posts.

We’ll start with the pictures that were taken when we first got there. In front of the cathedral in the Plaza area and then as we walked toward the back. Later I’ll post the pictures from the park in the back and then after that a special series of pictures taken at a random red door of the Cathedral.

Then we’ll move onto the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower at night to finish it off.

 595_J7S1670 600_J7S1661

One of the first things that happened was we came across a couple of ladies taking pictures of their car… I believe it was an Aston Martin.

They were busy so I didn’t want to interupt them… so I hid them behind our couple and we both just did our things.

 707_J7S1657 590_J7S1685

It wasn’t all about the building itself so these are some of the only pictures with the full building in sight… most of the others just took a cool architectural aspect of the building.


We felt like one of the things we hadn’t done a ton of was Candids. So I said walk around and I’ll just snap away.

I was using the bushes there obscure the bottom and hide crowds as well.

 701_J7S1703 585_J7S1696


 699_J7S1717 697_J7S1725


It started to rain and they had to duck for cover at the Cathedral doors… but it didn’t last forever and after we were on our merry way.

But here’s a couple I got as they made their way there.

 578_J7S1735 694_J7S1736

But not before they got stopped for some tourist pictures. (This was while the rain was still light)


 571_J7S1754 572_J7S1754 573_J7S1752 688_J7S1757 686_J7S1766

We continued the walk along the side of the cathedral and used the umbrella for just a little while longer and then it was set aside for the day.


 676_J7S1795 679_J7S1785



And well that’s the story of this section of pictures. Fun Times.


This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)

 002_J7S3720 004_J7S3723

OK so I did a post on this photogenic couple back the day after I took their pictures. I finished up about 35 pictures real quick and released them… but… I had another 100-200 in mind to edit up and give the happy couple.

So I edited them and then I was saying to myself I should post some more. Then I uploaded them wrong and had to change the order of the gallery to chronological (which I usually do as a secondary gallery viewing) and so I thought why not post theese pictures in chronological.

The point of these posts are for future clients to know what I’m about and what to expect for their photoshoots… AND for photographers to see how another photographer operates.

So you’ll see the progression of places and how I use the places and how light changes and how we interact. I might have put in a couple dozen pics into this post but there are still over 100 I didn’t put in. So check them out if you really want to see it all.

K I tried to put more of the newer pics into the mix this time for those who still remember the last post. (Which I doubt people will remember them all)

I really love the one on the bottom right… but it matches the other one so we put it more into a sequence for this post.

 050_J7S3751 002_J7S3753


Above and below should show you how big a difference the choice of lens can have on a location.




I think these two (below and above) really tell a lot about these two whom I know very well… they are fashionable minded and they met eachother dancing.



I guess these are some of the pictures that didn’t make it into the first 9pts of this series of pictures I did for this couple while in Louisiana for their Engagement Party.

It was kinda like more engagements but we’d already long since done that… she didn’t have her dress yet so it wasn’t bridals or formals. So yeah they were just Memories.

The wedding has happened now and they ended up using a bunch of these pictures on their slideshow and printed up at their reception venue.


Anyway the theme in a bunch of these pictures is the tender moments between the two of them.

Most of them were taken as we toured around the Jungle Gardens on Avery Island (which happens to be where Tobasco is made, I went to the factory)



 072_J7S5543 091_J7S5615

 097_J7S5737 106_J7S5787

I think I already explained in an earlier edition how the lighting wasn’t amazing for these bridge shots, so I’m pretty darn happy with how they turned out.


During the engagement party. I was just sitting down on a chair because I was tired dangit. Wait, I mean I was perfectly positioned for this picture… On Purpose… yeah that’s it!



I really just wanted a self-portrait .. (Which I did) … but then I figured why not get his Fiancee in there too. haha

Good reflective glasses… I shoulda had her a bit closer and made her larger.

But yeah it’s pretty fun lil’ idea and we were just standing there on the bayou and he had his glasses like that so i thought… “Why Not”

Many of my best stuff comes because inside my head i say “Why not” and then take it on as a challenge.

In One Week

NOTE: Each title is a Link to the FULL gallery

I believe in stretching yourself to such a limit that all the rest of the time everything’s a cake walk.

See how far you can go. I found out I can do 48 shoots in one week.
All fine until I’ve almost went crazy sorting them all then editing 3000 pictures in the last 3-4 days.

This is a long and yet very fun post… like 48 mini-posts all wrapped up into one.

See 48 pics with 48 links after the jump



Just so you know this is just a fraction of the amazing pictures taken that day.
I’m doing this wedding in combination with another professional photographer Julie Harman

So imagine this list of pictures X2 because she also took just as many awesome pictures
I’m sure Julie will get around to posting some on her blog… and I’ll link it here when she does.

For a view of all the pictures from that day visit the SmugMug Gallery 



A little explanation… They’re both College track stars
Her = U of U
Him = BYU




 022_7S23353 024_7S23368

 030_7S23457 027_7S23401


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I think it’s a bit much to put each one as a seperate post.
And again I’ll only link the galleries online for now… sorry!
It means more work for you (clicking on links and searching for the best ones)
But happily it means less work for me… (Just writing, which i’m fast at)

Susana & Daniel
See online gallery
(my first completely foreign couple)
Location: Tahitian Noni gardens in the morning: Provo.
Suprisingly I’ve never been there until now.
Great place! It is $50 however, be forewarned.
Just did their wedding last Thursday.

Vilja & Jordan
See Online Gallery
They said that aren’t big fans of getting pictures taken…
If it wasn’t me then probably no one. (Which is a nice compliment)
They felt more comfortable being goofy.
Location: North Utah Lake… at this random park.
The wedding is in June

Sarah  & Spencer
See Online Gallery
Location: Downtown SLC and Sugarhouse Park
Their Wedding is this friday and her bridals were just posted as well.

Brittany & Michael
See Online Gallery
Location: Mapleton Park and Surrounding Farmlands
It’s a lot of fun to just go out with no big plans for location in mind
and to just be able to stop the car along the road when you see something cool.
Their wedding is coming up in June

Sarah & Garth
See Online Gallery
Location: Provo River Trail (Near Utah Lake)
The picked the spot and I’ve never been there so that was neat.
I just did their wedding in bountiful last Saturday. Stay tuned.

Ann Lewis


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Whitney & Thomas


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White Family Portraits
+Erin Bourgeous (Sister)







Laurel Teuscher Portraits




Stuart Family Portraits






FULL GALLERIES (Password Required – Request)


White Family


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