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The plan was go up the mountain… but they didn’t let us… so we went around.

They closed the mountain because of snow and ice, so we decided to take a small dirt road accessible by 4wd only.
This is the same road we played on, on a previous day. So thus we were back on the road.

Probably one of my favorite places on the island and for sure one of the least traveled areas of the island.

You’ll also see some pictures of the north east coast of the island where we went later in the day.
You’ll recognize it as the places with water, ocean, waterfalls etc.

Full gallery of this recap is available here


yes that’s snow… yes it’s hawaii


Let’s just say that a rental jeep can go more places than a regular jeep can go.



So what’s the deal with the loner cow?

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 008_3S00523 003_DSC8771


This is the Nene, the state bird of Hawaii.
They don’t fly, well at least they didn’t feel like flying away from me.

 018_3S00595 005_DSC8908 024_DSC8348 013_DSC8567



I’ll just go ahead and say it.
As much as I have fun taking pictures of people and documenting wonderful events.

My heart is drawn to traveling around and bringing out the best in the places.
Whether it’s a farm town or the cobblestone streets of europe.

FULL GALLERY HERE – 100 more pictures



New places and new faces.
So while i might continue to be willing to do weddings for a long time… but I’ll be putting in more time with the traveling as the years roll by.


And for me I’m not the stay in one place and get the perfect picture type.
First of all because I’m not trying to make a living selling prints.
But secondly because I’m more of a Documenter at heart.
I just want to take pictures of everything
I am more interested in documenting, above wanting the best picture possible.


And I respect the person that will stay in one place for hours searching for the best shot.
It’s just not me… I document. And hopefully I bring out the art and beauty while i do it.


So perhaps let that be a lesson… it might not be the perfect light or perfect situation.
Sometimes it’s a matter of sticking around until it is… other times it’s a matter of dealing with it and getting the best you can in the situation.



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