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Dustin wanted some pictures while we were traveling around in Hawaii.
One evening after sunset (twilight) I decided I could take a break and do some.

I laid the flash on a few rocks pointed it in a direction and told him to stand in front of it.

I walked around him shooting pictures and doing some different poses.

After a while I realized I didn’t have move at all… he stood in the same spot the whole time and I just moved around and adjusted my settings.
In fact the flash stayed in the same spot on the same settings the whole time.
I did have him jump in that spot so at the end he did move a little.

Just goes to show what you can do.
Here are some examples



To change it up I shot through things.

 004_DSC9425 003_DSC9423

Shooting away from the sunset/twilight made things much darker background obviously.


 015_DSC9472 014_DSC9471