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I don’t charge by the hour with my photoshoots.
They can go as long or as short as they want… which is nice because everyone takes a different length of time to get into the shoot and everyone fades at different times than others.

Ashley played it smart and said that since her fiance is no fan of pictures that she would use her good will on the wedding day in a couple months in Texas.

So we only shot for 30 minutes in pretty much one location of the library and we were done.

But hey we got a bit done didn’t we?

Full gallery here

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 0105_7362908 0108_7362765



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This is a rundown of the highlights of the shoot

The hope of this post is that you get an idea for the flow of a photoshoot like this engagement shoot…

This was last night in SLC

All three locations we all of us not been too… in fact they were just recommended to the bride by friends and the old truck was on an ad listing.

Sunset is so dang early 5:20pm and we started a bit late so we didn’t have all that much time.


They wanted an old car to match their 50s theme… they had the idea of the broken down look.

We didn’t move the car to a place because the owner wasn’t even home when we started… so I had to make due with the neighborhood where it sat… and it wasn’t that easy, I assure you.






I’ve actually shot near here before but never in these spots. This is near my photo store pictureline.

Spot 2.1 So we started with this cool old brick building

 0004_7361775 0018_7361785

Spot 2.2

There were tracks nearbye and they were talking about the possibility of tracks

 0005_7361844 0019_7361852


This was a wall nearbye



This was a diner that doesn’t look like a diner outside but go inside and it’s wonderfully decorated.





 063_J7S9489 064_J7S9494

I was asked why do I spend a few moments to do individual portraits during an engagement pictures session.

There are a couple of reasons.

People do slideshows. So in the section where they’re showing each kid growing up they can use these ones towards the end. It’s nice for them.

They can put themselves on facebook. They do the couple shots of course but lots of people like individual shots on FB or for that matter for head-shots for work and wherever.

Third reason is it loosens them up and makes them less dependent on the other person.

Helps me see what they’re capable of, how the interact by themselves and how when I put them back together I can work with and highlight in each individual during the couple pictures.

We’ll see if they’re tough, cute, spunky, shy, what their smiles are like, over the top, or reserved) Some of that stuff we figure out when they’re together but it helps when seperated as well.

They also tend to interact really well here… they’ll make the other person smile and like i mentioned earlier it looses them up. They’ll complain about feeling awkward but we’re all laughing.

In the end we realize who cares we’re all friends and you can be a goof or a ham who cares.


First off let me tell you story of how I made this lighting happen while without an assistant, I’m pretty proud of myself.

 071_J7S9559 136_J7S9566

OK so I’m traveling alone but I’m still wanting to use my lightbox with my flash (sb-900)

One of my goals this year is to shoot with my lightsource higher up. I had it on a lightstand but didn’t have a hinge system to have it pointing down. So the groom helped on these pictures above by tilting the lightstand down at his fiancee

But then I obviously needed to take pictures of them both together. And I needed the sky… which mean I needed to be laying on the ground.

So I layed on the ground and with one hand took pictures and the other hand held the base of the lightstand that was fully extended to about 10 ft

Twas a site to behold let me tell you.

 001_J7S9579 137_J7S9581

You take what you’re given when in these circumstances. I woulda adjusted the light to match desired positioning of the couple but instead because of the circustance we had to adjust them to work with the light we had… or appreciate the light we got and roll with it.

If you always work hard with tunnel focus to get what you plan out in your mind you become powerful to achieve. However you loose the joy in discovering those Eureka moments.

 077_J7S9588 012_J7S9591

 138_J7S9640 081_J7S9650

OK then we went into the tourist area of Old Town

It was night… I tried the small LED panel… but it wasn’t cutting it so I went back to flash.

Reason I wanted to try not doing flash was because I’d have to take the big lightstand and softbox and I didn’t know if it’d be in the way while walking through this area.

But it was a cold night (for san diego) and there weren’t that many people around.

 082_J7S9662 139_J7S9685

Pretty much if you’re doing pictures at night you’re looking for a lightsource in the back. Old wooden lamp and post with cactus… I’ll take that.


Thoughts on this one above? I find it’s always fun to turn off the light and just do silhouette, I know it’s not often what a grandma wants to see in an announcement picture. But then again I give them a a ton of worthy pictures and they’re only gonna bick 1-5 of them so there’s more to these shoots to me than just an announcement picture.



On my epic 4600 mile road trip I drove down the coast from canada to LA to do a wedding, while there I prepped for an April wedding by doing their engagement pictures for this San Diego couple.

We met at Presidio park in San Diego and for the first part shot mainly at or near the Serra Museum.

In the second post I’ll focus on mainly the evening pictures taken in Old Town.

 002_J7S9404 003_J7S9407

The Museum on top of the hill had some great architecture and nice colors.


This is me sending them off a fair distance… putting on a long lens and telling them to just interact. But having them alter their interactions so I could see their faces and what not. (Or put their shoulders down. haha)


That’s San Diego out there in the background.



 002_J7S9905 001_J7S0012

What I wanted is what I got!

Where it all started….
I was planning a destination wedding to Hawaii and all I wanted was amazing pictures. I tried searching photographers in Hawaii and was finding disappointing results. That lead me to a google search and that linked me to Scott’s work from a previous Hawaii wedding. The pictures were beautiful and I had to contact him. The things that were really important in my search were…..someone who was really creative with a good personality, price was obviously important as this was a destination wedding, and even more was the time that would be allowed on the actual wedding day.

I talked with Scott on the phone and then decided to send out my sister and mom to actually meet him. My sister told me that he was very “artsy” and the pictures would turn out, and more importantly we would get along with him.


I’m from Utah but living and working in Wisconsin and my husband was living in Utah so we decided to take our engagements and bridals in Utah. It was a little crazy because I had to 1 week of vacation and took engagements on a Wednesday and bridals on a Friday. I was so excited because it was April and I was thinking outdoors, sun, tulips etc. It just so happened that of course it was sunny and beautiful all week, except for those 2 days. I was getting ready for pictures and it starting hailing and my dreams were almost crushed. I didn’t have time to reschedule and when I called Scott he said that sometimes overcast days make for the best pictures.

I was also a little nervous because my husband has never been a big fan of getting his picture taken. Within 5 minutes we were smiling and comfortable. Scott gives great cues like “hehe” for smiling, serious, and our favorite “having a moment” which to us meant kissing (if you look at our galleries we loved having lots of moments). I really loved that we had some individual shots as well that is a fun idea.

See more from all of the 5 photoshoots here


I want everyone to know that this is pic 13 of over 300. My mom was looking over his shoulder and after this pic she smiled and said…we have the picture! At that point I knew we had made the right choice

My fave pic of Greg and his fave pic of me

 036_J3S4702 019_J7S7236

These are some of my favorites bc these shots were captured when we were not paying attention. This is our real smiles and laughs. I would hear the camera snapping and think to myself I wasn’t ready




Here is the set up…..we were at our first location and the weather cleared for a few minutes and Scott said we need to run up the canyon right now. We were at a park and after 30 min we could see the storm coming. It started hailing once again, Scott asked if we were up for it (of course, it’s all for the sake of the pictures). We ran into the hail and all we heard was smile, kiss, smile, kiss, and we are done! These are incredible




The recap

Let me write a recap… at the beginning…
In the post I’ll tell you that stretching yourself to handle any situation, and to even embrace them will make you a better photographer.
And not just stretching yourself in photography (more specifically locations) but stretch and expand your horizons in all you do.

Finding the good, finding the beauty is an ability that goes way beyond photography and as an aspiring photographer can even be developed outside of your actual photography

Get ready for a LONG post.



 002_J7S7305 004_J7S7597


No matter how busy and bogged down, no matter how neglected or sad, no matter when things don’t turn out like hoped, no matter whether I haven’t been out side in days or I don’t see friends for a while, no matter if I’m hungry or tired, no matter if people cancel on me and I feel that my life becomes one demensional…

These things don’t come into play when I have a camera in my hand and I’m making people smile.
When I’m instilling confidence and bringing out the best in them.

Those other things disapear when I’m taking pictures and it all clicks (like so often it does) … the other cares are long away.

When they’re loving it and I’m loving it and I can show them a few pictures and tell them there are one hundred (or 4) just like it and they are happy… well I feel like a rockstar.



They picked out this cool spot and had me come out… it fits them well and we all had a ton of fun.




 002_7S24047 005_7S24109 019_7S24030 054_7S24065 056_7S24083

 009_7S23871 006_7S23812


 011_7S23769 010_7S23744 014_7S23818 013_7S23809 077_7S23763


I know other photographers do things way different… I know and respect and understand… let me explain my way for a moment or two

My goal is often to mix great art, making someone look good and showing off who someone is.

This of all the pics is Kambria’s smile to me. The real one.

I can be lazy i know this… and most others know this.
OK so I’m a tad lazy sometimes and that’s what leads to a lot of this style.
I know how to do a bunch of things with lighting… but i don’t often do it.
I stick to easy lighting situations and simple techniques.

But there’s a reason…
thing is my style doesn’t really allow for some of this fancy stuff.
It’s a whole experience being around me… I usually want happy faces and good experiences.
Or for them to feel like they can be creative.

 029_7S28774 030_7S28780
I set up the shot… i picked the background… i got the camera set. But she did the moves.
I told her “look here”… or “look to your right” – she picked the rest… and i thought she did good. And since she did it herself… it’s much more likely to be something that is who she is.

My style??
Well I’d like to think that what I offer is a very fluid interaction and that people so often feel very very comfortable around me.
Even those that aren’t into pictures… they become into it. Or at least have a non-painful time.

My style is bringing out their style…. facilitating their ability to come up with ideas and make them their own.

This leads to more pictures.
Sure i could pose them and put their head and hands right in the perfect spot… but each time i do that we just lost 10 more pictures… at least.

Sure I personally have a distinct way of shooting and a look to my pictures… and I have poses that i fall back on. But each time they get to put a flare on those… as i get to put my own flare on concepts I’ve done before.


So, i suppose i go for the quantity approach.
People love that i take lots of pictures in so many styles and views.
They certainly get their bang for their buck when they walk away with 100+ good pictures of themselves.
And it also increases the odds of ones they absolutely love.
See the thing is we might have an idea in our mind and work super hard to make that spot and that lighting perfect. But it doesn’t always assure that is what the client loves the most.
So often they love the moment. They love their expression, they love the memories associated with that moment. Or perhaps they just like another spot a bit more. They might prefer a picture of a lesser quality than the one you made look imaculate. And it just takes exploring and playing around to find that spot.

It’s so interesting to see what someone likes in the end and finding out why they like it.



This girl loved these little piglets… she’s going to love these series of pictures.





 007_7S25236 009_7S25299



 017_7S25518 016_7S25365





 003_7S28431 001_7S28441

 006_7S28584 007_7S28587

 024_7S28729 022_7S28720

 027_7S28796 025_7S28762

 015_7S28536 017_7S28555


An old friend is getting married and we did his engagements at his brothers house.
They wanted me to focus on having a few more B&W than usual…. so I added a lot towards the end.
You can see more of them if you see the whole blog post.

to see the full gallery get a password and go here

Why not use the local scenery to prove the point right?

Towards the end we were just playing around.


We went up American Fork Canyon

Got back about the time I usually start my photo shoots… but when you’re up in the mountains shade is plentiful and if you’re on the right side the sunset starts many hours earlier.

As a side note you don’t have to pay the fee to go up the canyon if you have a National Parks pass!
Pretty cool because I do.

Full Gallery Link (Password Protected)


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I think it’s a bit much to put each one as a seperate post.
And again I’ll only link the galleries online for now… sorry!
It means more work for you (clicking on links and searching for the best ones)
But happily it means less work for me… (Just writing, which i’m fast at)

Susana & Daniel
See online gallery
(my first completely foreign couple)
Location: Tahitian Noni gardens in the morning: Provo.
Suprisingly I’ve never been there until now.
Great place! It is $50 however, be forewarned.
Just did their wedding last Thursday.

Vilja & Jordan
See Online Gallery
They said that aren’t big fans of getting pictures taken…
If it wasn’t me then probably no one. (Which is a nice compliment)
They felt more comfortable being goofy.
Location: North Utah Lake… at this random park.
The wedding is in June

Sarah  & Spencer
See Online Gallery
Location: Downtown SLC and Sugarhouse Park
Their Wedding is this friday and her bridals were just posted as well.

Brittany & Michael
See Online Gallery
Location: Mapleton Park and Surrounding Farmlands
It’s a lot of fun to just go out with no big plans for location in mind
and to just be able to stop the car along the road when you see something cool.
Their wedding is coming up in June

Sarah & Garth
See Online Gallery
Location: Provo River Trail (Near Utah Lake)
The picked the spot and I’ve never been there so that was neat.
I just did their wedding in bountiful last Saturday. Stay tuned.