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Concerts are fun… but, I’m still a full time wedding photographer

I love doing wedding photography. I make a living at it.

However concert/band photography is a lot of fun… it helps stir the creativity deal with difficult lighting situations and stretches the photo-skills (if done well)

So I told a past groom that I’d take pictures of his Brother’s popular band when they came through town. Heck I owed them one since taking pictures of their band 2-3 years ago is what got me the wedding gig in the first place.


I consider my photo-hobbies to be landscapes and concerts… I love doing them but am not presently looking into making money at them.

 001_J7S3346 120_J7S3254

Concert Photography Requests

I’m more than willing to do more concert photography.

Under following condition.

1. They must actively want me there… (unless it’s a band I really really love)… a simple “sure you can come” isn’t enough. I want them to know that I’m there and appreciate it.

2. We trade music for pictures. (Meaning if I have future projects that need music I get to use the music in said videos, or websites) that kind of trade… probably be good to actually have the digital files to listen to and stuff.

3. I get really good publicity out of it.

4.  If either #1, #2 or #3 isn’t the case then I’ll take money.
(Heck I’ll take money anyways if they insist … but most small bands aren’t rolling in it if you know what I mean :)

5. It’s often a last moment decision based on what I want to do that week. Unless of course I get paid in which case I’ll for sure set aside the date.

If you really like a band tell them I might be willing to come and see what their level of interest… you can be my manager for the day. See if that gets you a free ticket or at least more access with me.

I’m not saying I’m jumping into this as a profession… but I do enjoy it and wouldn’t mind doing a lot more.


 004_J7S2966 072_J7S2963

While the band waited backstage I took a couple of pictures of the group together. (I think this one is pretty fitting of them)



OK so the above photographs are of Eyes Lips Eyes – They started in Utah… but now they are based out of southern California


Another group from California made their way up… Chasing Kings.






I was doing group pictures during this other band but got back for a few.





OK let’s end with a few more of the main band and reason I went that night.






To see more go to the gallery

As far as the Bands are concerned they are allowed to use these pictures on Facebook … go to the Gallery and Rt Click and save and upload to facebook.

This time we get to hear a few words from the Groom talking about how they found me and then sharing what went down on the engagement picture experience… on another day we’ll get a different perspective from the bride and see what pictures she talks about.

I’m really happy to be doing Robbie and Jesse’s wedding in November they care so much about capturing the character of their personalities and their wedding. And it’s a big plus that they both have developed and dynamic personalities.

Jarvie Engagment Pictures Experience

When I first saw Scott Jarvie’s work, it was of the Sego Festival that was held in Provo. The pictures were of my brother’s band Eyes Lips Eyes. As an aspiring photographer, I really liked his style and had kept the name in my mind. The photos that caught my eyes were these:

 003_7SC5800 029_7SC5798


The colors and lighting in these were amazing and really brought the energy that the band had during their performance and that’s something I strive to do when I take concert pictures or pictures in general.

Right before we were engaged I found his photography page, ‘Jarvie digital’ on facebook and became a fan. After me and Jesse were engaged, our thought was to get a great photographer that was different and took amazing pictures. She being an artist and me loving photography, we both wanted something special. We were ok skimping on other things, but our engagement and wedding pictures we wanted someone that we could trust with the memories of our wedding; someone that could do much more than me taking the pictures myself. While discussing the options, I mentioned that I really like this one photographer that I had recently become a fan of on facebook and that I really liked the Sego pictures that he took a while back. We met him and discussed our options and what we were looking for with him and felt really comfortable. He was open to the ideas that we had and let us know if they were feasible. We were really excited about the possibilities. We wanted somewhere that not many people had been to and that was out of the way a bit. We (me and Jesse) both wanted to do something that was personalized. Me enjoying photography, I wanted to include cameras in my pictures. I brought older cameras to match the older, run down areas we were in.


Jesse really liked the movie “The Red Ballon” and wanted to include that in the pictures.