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JarvieDigital Photography is doing a model search.

  • If you’re a model wanting to bulk up your portfolio and make more of a name yourself… this is for you!
  • If you’re an aspiring model wondering how you’d fare in the  world of modeling … this is for you!
  • If you are a bride looking to get/win bridal pictures and hair and makeup… this is for you!


Frankly I’m restless.

Also I’m really in the mood to work the creative juices.

The full scope of the Utah Model Search idea is a much larger project, however what I want to do right now is limited and easily doable.
Making it happen by myself i’ve found the full extent of the project would take too much right off the bat, so this is a simple release.


It will be a success to me based on the following:

  • I find just a couple great models to use/hire for workshops, suggest to vendors or to have as muses for future creative ideas.
  • I gain fans for the future season of the Model Search on Facebook.
  • I gain fans on my own facebook page.
  • I improve even more at my craft (photography)


Starting the second week of May we will begin a 4 photo-shoot competition in an effort find new models and introduce this ongoing modeling competition.

So start applying… Now.

We have some fun photoshoots being planned.

If you’re unsure of your schedule apply anyway and we’ll keep you on the list to let you know for future seasons.


So what you need to do now is send me an email to

    • Name
    • Email / Phone / City
    • Measurements (for now at least height, but if you’re being considered we’ll need measurements for clothing – Bust, Waist, Hips)
    • A picture or a link to a gallery of pictures

And again… I’m interested in undiscovered talent too… so give it a shot.

Vendors – Can also contact us if they’d like to be a part of this season an/or future seasons. Vendors get great exposure (specially towards their FB pages) and pictures of their products which they will be able to use.

 Verts- 12

For the Bride

As I’m known particularly for wedding photography expect there to be bridal pictures for one or two of the shoots. So this might be perfect for brides. (Win bridal pictures kinda thing)
There will also be hair and makeup represented.

What to expect in the Future

We will do more seasons of this Model Search – and like any event or show it plans to get bigger and better with every rendition. Plans include More: video, show hosts, prizes and vendors ( including other photographers).

Keep up to date – Follow Us

Keep up to date and follow the Fan Page on Facebook – (A sidenote: the name will be changing soon.)

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Posted by ScottJarvie at April 19, 2011

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So my blog has been kind of Silent.

But I have not been quite… I’ve been saying a lot and posting a lot… it’s just not always here.

The point is I say interesting things, talk about what I’m doing and post pictures on my FACEBOOK PAGE

I’ve been traveling a bunch but not only that I’ve been just posting links to the galleries sometimes.

I’m about to post some more things on this blog… but I still say you should follow my facebook page… it’s certainly an active spot on the internet.

Posted by ScottJarvie at January 2, 2011

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This is for my personal enjoyment folks. I’m gonna give away some stuff. You might think it benefits you indirectly but lets not get out of hand… it’s primarily a game for ME. haha

I want some large awesome prints in people’s houses and I wanna play some games.

We also need to put the group of you on my JarvieDigital FaceBook page to use.

So over the next few days I’ll be asking questions to see who gets closest.

Simply for being the closest I’ll give away stuff – mainly coupons towards a large print. Not some lame-o 8×10 – LARGER

So head on over there… and stay tuned over the next few days.

One thing I know is at least I’ll have fun doing it… and really isn’t that all that matters.

Those who’ve been paying attention on Facebook or Twitter to what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks will be most benefited.

Now go to the Fan Page and guess

The creation of the first annual Jarvie Game

Aka JaG  – “Jarvie’s Awesome Game”
View bottom for details on game

A chance to win super duper prizes

BACKGROUND (Yesterday)

I went on a photowalk yesterday.
I was around of a lot of awesome photographers, plenty of seasoned professionals.
But there were also a few photographers who were new to the game.
Some were brand new… having bought a new DSLR camera a week before and in one case the day before.

I have taught a lot of editing workshops recently.
Lightroom editing stuff: For beginners, intermediate and advanced.

But it’s been a while since I’ve taught actual photo skills and camera tech knowledge.
How to take better pictures stuff.
I did some yesterday and I remembered how fun it was.

You can ask Suzanne and Steph about it… we did an unorganized 2-3hr session back when I first met them.
I used to do it all the time for friends years ago when I wasn’t so busy.

I want to do it again. But I don’t want to charge and I want people to earn it.

THEREFORE >> Workshop

I think I want to do an all day kinda photo workshop thingy.
There are other winning options for those not needing or can’t make it to a workshop

If you would like to know more…
see the rest of the post to learn about the prizes and how to win


Posted by scott at March 27, 2008

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About a month ago I started a “Fan Page” on facebook

People have been joining here are there, i’ve been posting some pictures from time to time.

I really like the format the possibility to let people know about specials I might do in the future.

And I really like the review feature… sometimes future clients like to hear from past clients to know what they thought of their experiences.
All they can see are the pictures so it’s nice to know that I’m a fun friendly guy as well.

If you’re on facebook give it a look and join and if you want write a review.

As you look for photographers it’s an overlooked thing but talking to past clientel can be extremely helpful.
Try to make sure it’s open and not canned (where they give you one name only)
Make sure that you feel like you could talk with anyone and have a truthful knowledge of what that photographer might be like.

Satisfaction 100%
I have never had an upset or dissatisfied client and they often vigorously recomend me but the world and even the state is a large place and we are not as interconnected as we believe.

Getting the word out
Therefore… To better help me in this area of informing potential clients…
I just started a Business Page on FaceBook 3 days ago
I welcome reviews of every type
I feel confident that anyone could message anyone of the registered fans and ask them what they think about me and my work.
Right now past clients and other fans are trickling in and joining more and more every day.

This page also will be another option to display my work and keep in touch with the admirers of my work