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The last day of the charity shoot went very well.
I was pushing myself to take new and unique pictures in a location I had done 10 shoots in 2 days previous.

I did a few more family shoots which isn’t something I specialize in… but I’m learning to like it, and at the same time conform them to what I do like, which is the Family Lifestyle Photography format.

And of course I totally enjoyed getting the aspiring models to come take pictures. (As seen above)


Thanks to dad for coming up with this laugh! As the photographer you don’t know what will get the kids to errupt in laughter… or tears for that matter.

 017_7154425 015_7154331

The whole family was crazy photogenic and that helped. Look at these two models!

 011_7154277 012_7154284

 013_7154303 014_7154311

No need to put a lot of effort into posing these kids up… they’ll do their thing and I hope to get them as they Are, and make them good pictures while i’m at it.

 010_7154268 007_7154069

Nice big landscapes don’t mean the group has to be tiny, but sometimes a bit smaller in the frame can help show off why we drove all that way and make it not only a portrait, but a work of art.



Tender moments with mom and dad.


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This was last fall part of one of about a dozen i did up near sundance.
Just thought I’d revisit an old post.










Four great shots in one evening…
it was bang bang done…
But everything turned out great, and I got lots of shots of each group.


Look at the limited galleries or request to see the larger full galleries,
with some of the goofy and fun pictures.




Megan & Sean’s Gallery


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Anna & Sam’s Gallery


_u113862.jpg _u113879.jpg


Cari & John’s Gallery
_u114136.jpg _u114114.jpg


Adrienne’s Gallery
Caroline’s Gallery


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Full Galleries


(Message me for Login/Password)


Megan & Sean
Anna & Sam
Cari & John


These girls were amazing and the landscape was beyond words.
Ferns changing to orange and yellow and trees of every shade of fall.
Mountains in the background and beautiful Aspens everywhere.

The girls were into it, didn’t take excuses and worked the camera.
It was funny, silly, and a bit over the top for them at times…
but…. heh great pictures came out of it all so it worked out nice.

From funny, to sad, from sassy, to sweet they did it all.

Check out the galleries




All 3 Mix
All 3 Mix

This has probably been one of my favorite photo shoots to date… after doing this I thought I could do this full time and leave the weddings behind. But weddings pay the bills.

See the Gallery : All 3 Mix



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_dsc2377.jpg _dsc2351.jpg _dsc2427.jpg


If you’re looking for the time of the year when the canyon and the trees are at their best.

That time is NOW!!

Saturday I went up Provo Canyon with Bill & Mariah for family pictures (just the two of them)

Things look nice right now.
Take advantage of it right now and go get your pictures taken.

One way…. Call me!!