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 002_J7S3720 004_J7S3723

OK so I did a post on this photogenic couple back the day after I took their pictures. I finished up about 35 pictures real quick and released them… but… I had another 100-200 in mind to edit up and give the happy couple.

So I edited them and then I was saying to myself I should post some more. Then I uploaded them wrong and had to change the order of the gallery to chronological (which I usually do as a secondary gallery viewing) and so I thought why not post theese pictures in chronological.

The point of these posts are for future clients to know what I’m about and what to expect for their photoshoots… AND for photographers to see how another photographer operates.

So you’ll see the progression of places and how I use the places and how light changes and how we interact. I might have put in a couple dozen pics into this post but there are still over 100 I didn’t put in. So check them out if you really want to see it all.

K I tried to put more of the newer pics into the mix this time for those who still remember the last post. (Which I doubt people will remember them all)

I really love the one on the bottom right… but it matches the other one so we put it more into a sequence for this post.

 050_J7S3751 002_J7S3753


Above and below should show you how big a difference the choice of lens can have on a location.




I think these two (below and above) really tell a lot about these two whom I know very well… they are fashionable minded and they met eachother dancing.



OK so summer weddings are over. (Yes I’ll get them up as soon as I can to show)
So now what’s up?

Fall Plans

Fall will be filled with lots of random photo shoots… I can feel it now.
(Commercial photography, family pictures, portrait shoots galore and of course the 4th annual Charitable Event during the fall colors.)

I also feel a couple more Flash Camps coming on, along with some time and energy to put into other workshop.

Planning events for WHO? For future student-interns

To Qualify?

This time around what will qualify to come be a student-intern is jumping right into a project and proving you’re ambitious to learn and ready to work.

Each person will pick a project to lead and work on… and if they stick with it then I know to invest back into them. Teaching picture post processing skills and going to these workshop and learning events.

In the past we’ve had them pay to prove their intent but so often aspiring photographers have so many lenses to buy I thought this would be more beneficial… but if you want to prove intent with money or trade and jump right into training without the delay then so be it.

Who am I looking for?

People who are passionate about photography… and who want to free their schedule to learn… and are willing to work for it!


Now! This week I’ve got tons of stuff to work on, so I’d probably cheat and start training on photo things right off the bat. (Then back to photo projects to prove)



 021_7154551 023_7154573

The last day of the charity shoot went very well.
I was pushing myself to take new and unique pictures in a location I had done 10 shoots in 2 days previous.

I did a few more family shoots which isn’t something I specialize in… but I’m learning to like it, and at the same time conform them to what I do like, which is the Family Lifestyle Photography format.

And of course I totally enjoyed getting the aspiring models to come take pictures. (As seen above)


Thanks to dad for coming up with this laugh! As the photographer you don’t know what will get the kids to errupt in laughter… or tears for that matter.

 017_7154425 015_7154331

The whole family was crazy photogenic and that helped. Look at these two models!

 011_7154277 012_7154284

 013_7154303 014_7154311

No need to put a lot of effort into posing these kids up… they’ll do their thing and I hope to get them as they Are, and make them good pictures while i’m at it.

 010_7154268 007_7154069

Nice big landscapes don’t mean the group has to be tiny, but sometimes a bit smaller in the frame can help show off why we drove all that way and make it not only a portrait, but a work of art.



Tender moments with mom and dad.