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You’ll be in the area… we should stop by.

 063_J7S9194 069_J7S9168

Well I guess that’s relative to some people… but London to Paris is just a short Train Ride. They gotta go while they’re in Europe at least a couple of times, so why not while they have their ol buddy in town (me) and I speak the language and I have a camera and they could do for a photoshoot.

We’re just having fun, relaxing, playing the tourists but in the end it’s about the same cost for them as a typical family shoot anyway.

Not really that it was a typical family shoot. Mainly I just captured moments (which I love) but it was a tad chilly for them to unbundle the young one.

But as we bounded from one metro stop to the other we got some great pictures.
I think they’re real telling of their trip and what went down and what it was really like, and heck what these two are really like. Kinda raw and real.
With the territory of walking from place to place, I packed light and we didn’t do any fancy lighting for almost all the shots… course it woulda been fun. But as I (and I’m sure others) always say: Pick your Battles.

 060_J7S8038 059_J7S7985

This kid LOVED holding onto that metro ticket (Both pictures… though more evident on the right)


This Kid pretty much just napped. (I’m pretty sure his name is not Bjorn)


another variation of the post I published last night.


 071_J7S9433 077_J7S7977

 074_J7S2202 075_J7S2224

I told them if Jeff would help drive during my Wedding shoot that i’d be more than happy to do family pictures.




Yes this was a compilation of a few families and random individuals… but it’s a great example of the awesome pictures that can be had during something as common as a dinner.

I focused a lot on the great food with how diverse the ingredients were and how bright the colors were. But I’ll also add some pictures of the people.
To see the full gallery go here.

Of course these would probably be great for some sort of cooking blog or book.

If you’re a cook and planning a large meal like this doesn’t hurt to ask to see if I have the time to come and document the event, it can be fun at times and I wouldn’t mind the good meal. Specially the meals that will be photogenic.

 001_3S20294 004_3S20263


These are not set up… these are not stock shoots. These were just taking in the action and the layout as it was.



So I love the concept of family lifestyle photography. I don’t often find the time to do a lot, but it’s a lot of fun and perfect for my style of shooting.

BTW, if you have ideas or events like these let me know… who knows I might be free and able to come do them. It’s worth a shot.

So the question is… Who’s totally jealous of this little kid’s birthday party?? Come on now, admit it!



Yes they did have Jedi Training available!

 015_3S21442 016_3S21520

Yes I made a church cultural hall look pretty OK! I’m awesome! hahaha


 004_3S21383 003_3S21371

Oh and the jarvie window pictures are always fun for a little end of party.

 018_3S21654 021_3S21695 020_3S21666



This is the year I start making time for my next push.
Family Lifestyle Photography

Last year while shooting a wedding in Southern California I stayed with the Vance family.
In addition to doing a comercial shoot for the mother’s Jewelry Business
I had a couple of short opportunities to take pictures of the family.

These pictures will serve to better help families see the vision of a Family Lifestyle Session by JarvieDigital
This being of course on a much smaller scale than a full day – many activity shoot.


So first off the dad is very much into gardening, it’s his passion I’m told.
So of course we went out into the garden and took a bunch.
Being someone that is a bit “Shy” around the camera I think he opened up a lot when it was him in the garden.
Even still it was very quick, but as long as he was getting something done it made a lot more sense.


Of course random portraits of everyone in the family, typical and not.


No set up or posing usually required. This is their actual dinner, in fact a tradition around the house to make home made pizzas.
Oh the memories. “Remember when we would make Home Made Pizzas every sunday”
“Not only do I remember it, but here are the pictures of us” and the emotions of the event are included no extra charge. haha


Detail shots gallore

 014_7S45839 021_7S45807


The mom owns a Jewelry company… thus her with the jewelry she’s made.

And of course lots of portrait shots and headshots.

 008_7S45778 005_7S45731

Love the camera or not, candid or posed… no one every has a boring time being Shot (in the face) by yours truly.





So i was down in San Diego for a wedding I went and visited where I grew up in Chula Vista… and then I went and visited an old friend of the family.
I wanted to visit them and I also really wanted to take some pictures of her, her kids and her brother, because I thought it a kind gesture.

See full gallery here

There are benefits of having me stop by the house… Personally I love shooting anytime anywhere.
If there are no expectations even better… (meaning I’m just doing it out of the kindness of my heart and the people don’t expect it to happen and there’s no huge committment.)
And in this case I didn’t feel any expectation or pressure and I was able to just lounge in the couch and had the camera in hand as the kids played around… and I got an good dinner out of it.

 012_DSC7341 013_DSC7339