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As opposed to…
In the previous post I said why “Traditional” family portraits suck to do. (for me)

Now I’ll say why I think non-traditional family pictures could be the most fun a photographer could have.

What kind of pictures am I talking about?
I’m talking about unique experiences and events with tons of fun stuff going on… and a photographer is there to capture the moments.

A family Reunion
A day at the park
Game Night
A vacation
A Hike

Anything but just standing there in a line

Be creative!

One Possibility for the best pictures ever

I would much much rather show up at a house early in the morning as the family has a wonderfully prepared breakfast, eats together (all traditional like) then they head off to the park or beach or woods together and have a pic-nic and laugh and tell jokes and enjoy eachothers company. Perhaps throw the frisbee around or go swimming. Here and there they can line up so they’re all in the shot, either more formally or in their element. But those shots won’t be the focal point. Then they return home and all individually do the things they like doing. Dads fixing the old project car and getting greasy, mom is cooking, sewing, planting or vice versa. The little kid is playing with his cars. The young girl has her ballet outfit on. The teenager is playing his/her favorite sport, talking on the cellphone or using the computer haha… of they invite some of their friends along to do stuff. They have a BBQ and a party or what not….

The possibilities are limitless

I’m just coming up with this stuff on the spot… who knows what it could be… the possibilities are limitless.

What do you do with the pictures?
Again… Be creative.
Make a book.
Use on Blog, emails, websites
To REALLY document your family… not some stiff portrait
have lots of pictures for the walls… pick the best of each person


I reconfirmed this theory by doing a 3 day family reunion with my family 3500 pictures later!!!

Check out the next couple of posts.