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(Originally written and posted by Scott Jarvie via Google+)

Yesterday one of the stops here in Tokyo was a popular park near Shinjuku station where thousands of people were gathered to see the cherry blossoms and have pic-nics.

About the couple
Jennifer and Tipp work for Google and are doing a sort of exchange in Tokyo for the year but will be back by the end of the year for their wedding in the Bay Area.

About the picture
I was doing a lot of my typical close up shots when Jennifer challenged me to try getting a shot that had tons of a tree. Well that proved difficult for a few reasons… the major one was that almost every tree was swarmed by dozens of visitors and doing a wide angle meant much more chance of getting someone else in it. I even thought it’d be impossible at first… but I kept searching for something. I took a bunch of other pictures with an attempt to get something but I didn’t enjoy the style of the picture and this one happened because the clients didn’t walk to the place I was thinking to try next. Well it was a great thing because when I saw where they were standing I knew in an instant the type of shot that would work… and it was nothing like I thought when I was originally given the challenge and perhaps nothing like they had envisioned. But it certainly tells the story of the cherry blossoms and puts them right in the thick of things.

I think the moral of the story is that it’s alright to let your clients give ideas and take them and roll with the challenge. Hopefully they are challenges and not specific requests because that can be pretty limiting to creativity. Don’t give up too easy… I might have thought the challenge pretty impossible given the circumstances but the only thing I really needed was to be more creative. Good thing I was able to stumble upon the solution.

More photo-shoots around the world
Yes I’m excited to do a few more out of the country photo-shoots this year and I’m hoping lots more come my way. I don’t charge for wedding travel so this is a real possibility.
Now engagements is a different story.
Because the location and the time of the year was so enticing I was willing to schedule in this trip to do the engagements at no extra cost but that of covering my expenses. Part of that was because it was later notice and I didn’t have anything scheduled between two Saturday weddings anyway. It was a lot of traveling to get here and it was a long photo-shoot that would make the most in shape person pretty tired but it was very very fulfilling and fun.

(Guest writer Keri Neal) Images by Scott Jarvie

One of the top expenses for any wedding is the floral arrangements.  Naturally this cost is dependent on the type of flower and quantity. Nonetheless, as a professional photographer, it is important to preserve these beautiful arrangements for all eternity, since the real bouquets will probably only last a week, two at best.

Here is a selection of some colorful Bridal Bouquets.

Typically, the style and formality of the wedding will influence and establish the style of bouquet that is selected. The bouquet can be composed of one kind of flower or a garden’s worth. A bouquet complements the bride’s personality and attire, remaining in the visual theme of the day.

They can be personalized bouquets by choosing flowers that are expressive to the couple’s backgrounds and beliefs. Colorful flowers that match your wedding palette is an obvious way to personalize your bouquet. Colorful adornments — from ribbons and lace to beads or feathers — will make any bouquet meaningful.


Check out the rest of the photos of Kate and Kaleb on the SmugMug Event!

Check out the rest of the photos we have up online from the wedding day on the SmugMug Event!

View all the photos from the reception here:

Pick your backdrop is a lesson I stressed during my 10 day photography workshop bootcamp.

It goes far beyond picking your location. You can have the person stand in the same spot and get lots and lots of different backdrops by constantly changing your position and your lens.

These were all taken in a short distance from eachother and the theme was using the vegetation around… but the results were varied.

In most of the pictures you can assume that just out of frame there was something that was distracting and that’s why i chose the angle and the framing that I chose.

Kudos to the bride that was so gung-ho about pictures she was willing to be places for pictures that made my job so much easier.

For instance down below the flower bed was not very large and her willingness to go up hill a little made my job much easier making the flower bed look much more full.

Here’s a link to the full gallery online.

This post has been created and written by attendees of the 10 day JarvieDigital Bootcamp 2011 – (Interns for summer 2011)

(Photo by Laurel Scott)


Bootcamp Day 7 – The Wedding

In the morning we just worked in the office – working with workflow some more, including keywording and editing in lightroom.
Practicing rating for the first time was great – because just seeing which images one picks each time through is a little different. Just comparing the images to the good ones around it makes it a lot easier to choose the good ones. And the more times you see an image, the better – so the images at the top of the rating pyramid have been seen the most times and picked accordingly.

About Lightroom: when it comes to editing, faster is better – so there may be more than one way to do something, you want to do it the way that will be faster in the end. If you have to darken something and lighten other things because of it, maybe it would’ve been faster to just selectively darken instead, or vice-versa. Saving time is always vital – so the faster you can do something the better. Don’t get complacent.

Key-wording – is important!

(Photos by Laurel Scott)

The wedding:

We then headed out to the wedding, which was a great experience. In a lot of ways, there was a lot more going on at the wedding than at the other things we’ve been to. Having to work around all the guests is a lot different than working with only people who are there for a photoshoot. So being conscientious of the wedding guests is very important. The way the guests perceive the photographer is a very important aspect of photographing a wedding.

One thing that seems overlooked when it comes to weddings, is when it is okay to take a small break. You have to know what the schedule is for the wedding, and about when different things will happen so that you can always be ready for the really important moments. You don’t want to be off changing your gear or anything else when they suddenly cut the cake, throw the bouquet, etc.

(Photos by Laurel Scott)


(Photo by Angela Terry)



In the morning we more fully introduced to SmugMug. This is where Scott has his photos in galleries for clients to view their photos but it is also capable to order the prints. So a client can go into their gallery in SmugMug, at their convenience, and view their pictures and then also order them. From there Scott gets a notification via email and he can then do any edits the couple requests and then send the order off to the printers. The prints get sent right to the client. Pretty Cool.

We also worked on key-wording. Key-wording is very beneficial. If you keyword your pictures in Lightroom, it can then transfer over into SmugMug and it is easier to sort the pictures by keyword then by picking through all of them one by on.

At night we went to a wedding and reception. I learned it helps to have extra people around to organize the wedding party for pictures. I also worked a lot with my ISO. Working it with the low lighting and working in a group without getting in the way. I want to get the picture, but not be in the way of our client’s fun.

I think that is the most I have gotten out of this whole week experience is learning my camera better. I don’t do a lot of indoor pictures, or low lighting pictures. I do mainly natural light. So this has really helped me learn my camera better, improve my skills and stretch myself to be a better photographer.


(Photo by Jeff Bushaw)



Starting the day in the office, Scott showed us some of the basics of a photo hosting website called SmugMug. He uses this as his primary hub to not only show his photos to his clients but as a side benefit the website also serves as an online portfolio as well as a way to “grab” those photos from one central point and pull them into other sites such as this blog.

The next thing we learned was keywording through Lightroom. This can be a small or a huge task depending on the photoshoot your working on. However big the task may be, the time spent doing quality keywording can pay off when it comes to internet searches and searches within your own sites. From a marketing standpoint, you of course always want traffic coming to your sites so you may bring in business. From a website standpoint, it is beneficial to navigate directly to the type of content you are looking for. Keywording is essential for these to work efficiently.

Scott then did some photo editing teaching inside of Lightroom. I am fairly familiar with the functions of the “Develop” module within Lightroom. However, Scott taught some very valuable lessons within this. My editing in the past could easily take 5-10 minutes per photo. For me this has always been unacceptable. Scott teaches that there are things you can do to turn many long steps into just a few quick steps. Therefore saving huge amounts of time. In addition, where in the past, I wanted to perfect every single photo, I now look for the very best photos and spend slightly more time on them and less time on the ones that simply were not the greatest. Making the decision on which ones to do with with is achieved through a rating system that is built into Lightroom and utilizing Scotts method of using that rating system.

(Photos by Jeff Bushaw)

That evening…Wedding time!

Its amazing how knowing certain things in life can help you in something seemingly unrelated. Im sure you all have heard about football coaches having their players take ballet lessons to strengthen their awareness and their abilities to use their bodies. The same thing happened to me today. We as photographers strive to enhance our abilities to see photos within the place we are located. In addition to this, we strive to “see the light” that is available or possible for that particular photo. Having done the learning we did today in Lightroom actually helped me to see even more than before. Through the rating system, we also learned the things that can make up a strongly rated photo. Through the editing system, we learned what a photo or photo situation can become, not just what appears to be.

Photographing this wedding was wonderful. We were lucky to have a beautiful couple, a wonderful family, a very nice location, and just a very good “visual” event to photograph.

Great Day

(Photo by Jeff Bushaw)

(Photos by Jeff Bushaw)

Hey this is Scott I’m back again


Well here we are again… where did we leave off?

Well we were fighting bad guys and saving orphans.

Ok Ok we were looking at pictures and hearing about the eventful day in which an eternal family was formed. (And saving defenseless kittens from savage wolves)

It went something like

Bobbie Jane met a boy


He took her into his arms


They sat there on the pier contemplating their future

 006_J7S1211 022_J7S1149

Sometimes doing dip kisses

He then took her to the Temple


Now he’s married to Bobbie Jane


And now you’re caught up…

So finally we can get down to business and talk about the PARTY

(A celebration of love if you will)


A time for…


I present to you a single rose


Ah how sweet I am.

There’s a story about this little guy… see he was in the trash heap. There were a billion (only a slight exageration) flowers at this reception, it was flower city, the flowers were all amazing.

This little flower didn’t make the cut… but I liked it grabbed it and carried it for a bit… not even sure why.

Then I started taking detail shots. I said to myself why not put this on the table and shoot it like a close up ring or something layong on the nice table cloth.

Bam! now it’s one of my favorites, but this might only be because I knew the story and I’m emotionally compromised and it might just be OK.

OK back to the task at hand… remember how I said I photographed a wedding in Idaho. Well I’m not even gonna talk about the reception much yet, maybe tomorrow.

Except to show you how it ended.

It ended with a Flash and a Whirl… get it?



Now you’ll be back tomorrow… it’s like crack, you must know, you have to know… you have no choice. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Bobbie Jane and David

Come on out


You might remember them from such oldies as Couple in front of Golden gate amd couple on boardwalk

 001_J7S1479 003_J7S1416

Or couple next to plane



We’ll go ahead and divide this wedding day up into a couple of posts.

The ceremony was actually the 2nd part of the day after the First Look earlier that day at La Caille where they’d later return for the reception.

The ceremony was at a church in Park City where the bride’s dad is a pastor.

The bride was my first intern last year and so she knew a lot about wedding and planned a wonderful wedding.

If you want to see a bunch of highlights go here for now – and/or wait for the future posts

 016_J3S1088 049_J3S1097


There were several photographers assisting me… this picture (above) was taken by my associate Amanda


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 001_7S29776 006_7S29802

Kind of the typical items in the list of bridal details are Veils, Shoes and Flowers

 005_7S29834 043_7S29652

But too often missing is a fun hat. haha

Yes not too many can pull it off.

 014_7S29764 004_7S29732

These pictures were taken early last year… I was assisting a friend. I was busy on another wedding the day of this brides wedding. Even though I got to show up at the wedding for a moment since both were at the same location.

 045_7S29632 083_7S29820


  • Shoes – Check
  • Boquet – Check
  • Bride – Check
  • Groom – Check
  • Good interaction – Check
  • Good smiles – Check
  • Creative – Check
  • Classical looking bench – Check
  • Perfect – Maybe next time

They wanted to do something with the bench… I said sure let’s give it a try. At times I’d love to be the planner, think of great ideas way in advance, but then I realize why mess with a good thing.


This is an old wedding phoot back from June.

I’m working a lot of getting the August weddings edited, so I thought I’d throw in an old shoot that has already been done.





To view the full gallery go to (more…)


This was part of an early morning photowalk.

The same one mentioned in the previous post about photo things happening this week in Utah.

I had my handy dandy 14-24 lens out to get super duper close to the flowers. This was like a few inches from the flowers

To view them all… or view them in a better format check them out here


We got there about an hour before sunrise… but this was a while later when the sun actually rose.

 011_7S47699 033_7S47697


This moose came up pretty darn close to our group. If I weren’t in a group of about 20 people I probably would have scampered away like a scared little school girl. But I figured I was faster than at least a couple of people.


Lanscapes up in that area is pretty stellar (See Below)



Thought it would be nice to put the two of these together with the engagements I just posted of them

Are they technically called “Formals” since the groom was there too? I’m not sure

But since I wasn’t going to be around for the wedding (conflict of weddings) while i was there I did these.


Yes I know… It looks somewhat fake eh?


We did shoot middle of the day because I went 4-wheeling later that day.
So I was happy for the chance to get into some shade.

I do like that she had these flowers… they look real don’t they?!


They really liked these types of plants… I thought they were awesome.
I put the f stop up high to catch a bit more of the sun and of course flash to light up the foreground (them)

To view the full gallery, go to

View the rest of the post for more tips etc