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Caroline and Remi are from france and live in Paris so I came over there to do their wedding pictures.
I offered to do couple pictures the day before their wedding and this is some of the results.
We started and ended the day at the eifel tower



She loves the Notre Dame so we got some awesome pictures there… the back in the garden is the best place to do it since it isn’t absolutely covered in people.

Sure the cool building was the other direciton but the great pictures, lighting and bakground was this direction.


It did rain on us and I used that change for a few cute candids

They got some looks by the tourists.



We had a covered bridge to provide some relief when it rained for a bit.
Btw it only rained for a small portion of the day.

Random covered sidewalk was probably one of my favorite lighting situations

Oh and here are a couple of the pictures I took while I waited for them to get ready at their apartment.

Nothing like a few moody lighting shots to go with the mood of paris.



OK let’s break down what would be a long post of pictures taken around the Notre Dame Cathedral into a few posts.

We’ll start with the pictures that were taken when we first got there. In front of the cathedral in the Plaza area and then as we walked toward the back. Later I’ll post the pictures from the park in the back and then after that a special series of pictures taken at a random red door of the Cathedral.

Then we’ll move onto the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower at night to finish it off.

 595_J7S1670 600_J7S1661

One of the first things that happened was we came across a couple of ladies taking pictures of their car… I believe it was an Aston Martin.

They were busy so I didn’t want to interupt them… so I hid them behind our couple and we both just did our things.

 707_J7S1657 590_J7S1685

It wasn’t all about the building itself so these are some of the only pictures with the full building in sight… most of the others just took a cool architectural aspect of the building.


We felt like one of the things we hadn’t done a ton of was Candids. So I said walk around and I’ll just snap away.

I was using the bushes there obscure the bottom and hide crowds as well.

 701_J7S1703 585_J7S1696


 699_J7S1717 697_J7S1725


It started to rain and they had to duck for cover at the Cathedral doors… but it didn’t last forever and after we were on our merry way.

But here’s a couple I got as they made their way there.

 578_J7S1735 694_J7S1736

But not before they got stopped for some tourist pictures. (This was while the rain was still light)


 571_J7S1754 572_J7S1754 573_J7S1752 688_J7S1757 686_J7S1766

We continued the walk along the side of the cathedral and used the umbrella for just a little while longer and then it was set aside for the day.


 676_J7S1795 679_J7S1785



And well that’s the story of this section of pictures. Fun Times.


This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)


OK Well on we go with another episode of the Paris Wedding Formals

This time we find ourselves still in Montmarte… First we stop outside of a Creperie for their brightly colored red wall.

Then on the way out of this area they stopped at a Biscuiterie and got some more “candid” shots.

 041_J7S0876 115_J7S0876

They made sure that I got things in the pictures that would let others know that they were in Paris

 043_J7S0907 426_J7S0903

 415_J7S0860 423_J7S0893

Yep I frequently got down on the ground… that’s how I work. Give it a little foreground


 042_J7S0877 419_J7S0878


 003_J7S0608 001_J7S0599

At the end of the park near the Eiffel Tower there is a Memorial to peace. It is a great vantage point to the tower.

Being far enough away to photograph a subject this large with an unobstructed view is important to be able to use a lens like the 70-200 in order to stand back and zoom in to be able to compress the scene and give it a unique look and feel.

The framing of the couple and the tower were just great perks. Plus it was on an elevated level which allow to shoot above the park and the fences and people that are strolling about.

 012_J7S0603 090_J7S0570

To get this far away made it a much harder scene to light up because my lights had to shoot farther… I therefore had to take the softbox off and go straight zoomed in flash… it was still hard being the mid morning on a bright cloudy day.

 338_J7S0564 352_J7S0612

There is a lot more of the memorial that would make for awesome pictures however being limited on time we went for the pretty straight forward awesome spot.

 356_J7S0630 357_J7S0632

She was pretty cold by then so we got the jacket back on her and he opted to do a couple extra pictures as we waited for the car to pull around.


This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)

 010_J7S0422 008_J7S0388

OK so here it is: The first installment of the Wedding Pictures in Paris.

I write this moments before I jump in my car and head to California to do a wedding tomorrow… so the other posts will have to wait until next week.


So as you can expect one could spend all day at this location and take tons of pictures but for us this was one of 7 locations that we went to that day.
I chose a location a bit farther  away so I could use both the 50mm 1.4 and the 70-200 2.8 and still have full tower in view.

 005_J7S0459 011_J7S0479

When I was using the 70-200 I’d usually back aways and zoom in giving them their room and let them kinda come up with their own stuff… I had them walk to me for a couple as I laid there in on the cold wet ground… I know “what a trooper” haha


 077_J7S0403 021_J7S0430

I call this time of year “Dirty Fall” and I love it. It’s when most of the leaves have fallen they’ve since been rained on and lost a lot of color except for that dirty fall kinda look.

It’s that point where it’s almost a bit more winter than it is fall but some of the colors of fall still remain.

 027_J7S0514 084_J7S0467

The spot speaks to romance… so they did mostly tender, emotional and romantic poses.


Paris Formals

So yeah there were lots of pictures to show from the this last week I spent in France. It’ll take me a while to get to them all and edited and online. I also put them on Facebook frequently.

As for the wedding pictures I took… more technically they are Wedding Formals (Some call it the blah word Groomals) But we’ll just stick to the short “Wedding Pictures”. They got married in SLC at the LDS Temple Saturday had their shin dig and flew to Paris they chilled there Sunday and Monday (honeymooning) and then we met up on Tuesday for their typical couple pictures. They really wanted awesome memorable pictures (both are photographers) and well that’s what they got.

As for the 5 other days that I took Travel Style pictures those will be located on the Envision the World blog mainly


So I’ll break it down – I’ll add a hyper link each time I post one.
(NOTE I Hope to post one before I head to California in the morning… stay tuned)

This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)

      (If there are extra requests to highlight a spot or picture I’ll add those posts hereafter)

      The category and corresponding URL that links to them all will be France2010Wedding

      A NATURAL TIMER : Sometimes it means ALL day


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      I have begun my first print project ever.
      I am starting off with 21 pictures from Europe.
      They will be a limited edition series of 20 pictures each.
      They are defaulted to be 11×14 prints
      They are mounted with a nice solid backing
      And they are all coated with a nice protective finish.
      Each picture is individually signed electronically
      It is done in photoshop (with a pen)
      and numbered as part of the series.


      This being the first time I try to sell individual prints
      (instead of focusing on making money through events and weddings)
      I am still trying to figure out a pricing strategy.

      For now the Retail Price will be $95
      (Which I know to be very low for this kind of work)
      But starting off it is just fine for me and based on the economy in my immediate surroundings it can’t be too high.
      The price will be raised when the prints become more scarce in the series.


      If you are reading this blog then I will state that for the first little while I will offer them at $45
      This will be available for the first 5 for any one picture in the series for a limited time. (at 11×14)


      Look for another 20 images or so to be added to this European series sometime in the beginning of next year.





      View all 21 in Online Gallery or In continued in this Blog


      Day 21 – Carcassone France – 84 Pictures
      Day 22 – Balaguer (Catalonia) Spain – 28 Pictures
      Day 23 – Catalonia Spain – 47 Pictures
      Day 24 – Catalonia Spain – 35 Pictures
      Day 25 – Costa Brava (Catalonia) – 51 Pictures
      Day 26 – Barcelona – 75 Pictures
      Day 27 – Barcelona – 33 Pictures
      Day 28 – South Coast Spain – 15 Pictures
      Day 29 – Alicante & Murcia – 34 Pictures

      Jun08 – A Coruña – 40

      Where was I last summer?
      Last year I went to Europe for 3 months.

      I drove over 13,000 miles
      Visited about 12 countries
      Took over 50,000 pictures (over 500GB)

      A couple hundred hours later…
      It’s been about a year and I’ve just barely gone through all the pictures a couple of times
      I’ve selected an average of 35 pictures a day.

      I will be uploading a gallery for each day: some will have more than others and some none.
      Some of them will be a real treat and others just OK
      … there are many more that I took but I had to draw the line somewhere or I would be editing pictures from now until the end of time.

      I’ve spent probably hundreds of hours working on going through all these and now editing I would appreciate to hear what you think.

      The Galleries (So far)

      Day 1Airport in Ohio – 4 pictures

      Day 2From Paris to Bordeaux – 29 pictures

      Day 3From Bordeaux to Madrid – 17 Pictures

      Day 4Madrid day trip – 63 pictures

      Day 5Segovia – 60 pictures (Not Sevilla)

      Day 6Alcala de Hernares – 11 pictures

      Day 7Canary Island – 19 pictures

      Day 8Canary Island (Morning Shore)- 30 pictures

      Day 9Canary Island (Town)- 12 pictures

      Day 10Canary Island (Up the Volcano) – 52 pictures

      Day 11Canary Island (West Shore) – 34 pictures