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Well while I did take a bunch of pictures of just the couple the event was an Engagement Party, like a reception but prior to the wedding for those in a location that won’t really be able to make it to the wedding.

Anyway I got lots of group pictures and pictures of her friends and family.


This is her best friend that came along for the trip.


Here’s most of the group for the engagement party. There were more but this si who was there during picture time.

 037_J7S6115 038_J7S6124

I believe this is a niece





Haha, everyone will have varying opinions on the picture above. I like it.

 063_J7S5440 062_J7S5438

Her dad made the trip over from New Mexico. He’s a talker, so this is him doing his thing.




His parents made the trip over from Utah. They were chatting and I was sitting so I made them look over at me and smile.

Flooded the room with a flash



 165_J7S6252 167_J7S6254

They had the engagement party at her brother’s house. So this is her with her brother in front of his amazingly beautiful old house.


This is an old wedding phoot back from June.

I’m working a lot of getting the August weddings edited, so I thought I’d throw in an old shoot that has already been done.





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 006_7S28669 007_7S28680





 050_7S28531 049_7S28514



 093_7S29059 081_7S28899


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 275_7S28074 085_7S28039 300_7S28183 331_7S28306

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 012_7S25168 051_7S24484 020_7S24590 021_7S24664 022_7S24712 027_7S25245 029_7S25375 038_7S25251

 091_7S24115 143_7S24630


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This is partly a response to another blog post

Via the other blog we learned that one type of person we need

The points were these:
– Find someone that shares your passion
– Find someone nice that is fun to be around
– Find someone that will be a really good friend to you.

But there are other types of people we need in our life.
We need a Rich Legg

 091IMG_0014 199_7S22932


Spare a moment for URL introductions: – Blog



He desperately needs more facebook friends… so don’t forget to add him! He’ll cry if you don’t :(

He’s a stock photographer so his portfolio of photography can be found there
He’s one of the top stock photographers in the country.

And he loves to teach and give back.


What kind of person do we need?

  • We need someone who believes in us.
  • Beyond that, who believes in us so much they’ll tell everyone.
  • They’ll boost our ego (… or confidence is a better way of saying it.)
  • Someone who sits at the cool kids table and in front of the whole school invites you to come on over… and makes you feel like you’re now one of the cool kids.
  • Who makes your job easier because they’ve taken it upon themselves to help you.
    Whether it be teaching or being your best advertiser.
  • All in all we need someone who appreciates us.


  • We need a person that will play around and joke with you but that you know that when the joking is done it’s nothing but a real solid friendship and caring.
  • Someone who does something in complete and opposite style… but you can both really appreciate what the other person does.
  • Someone you can bounce ideas off of.

And if you know Rich… then you know that even if he jokes around and plays with people… that he really is a great person.
And he does these things and more.

Look how he’s being all tough… like he’ll beat up anyone who messes with his friend!
Stands behind you and believes in you… that’s what we all need!

This was done during a Strobist Group meetup in Downtown SLC

All of the pictures (120) can be found here





 001_7S22631 006_7S22551




These girls were amazing and the landscape was beyond words.
Ferns changing to orange and yellow and trees of every shade of fall.
Mountains in the background and beautiful Aspens everywhere.

The girls were into it, didn’t take excuses and worked the camera.
It was funny, silly, and a bit over the top for them at times…
but…. heh great pictures came out of it all so it worked out nice.

From funny, to sad, from sassy, to sweet they did it all.

Check out the galleries




All 3 Mix
All 3 Mix

This has probably been one of my favorite photo shoots to date… after doing this I thought I could do this full time and leave the weddings behind. But weddings pay the bills.

See the Gallery : All 3 Mix



_u113413.jpg _dsc2661.jpg _dsc2621.jpg

_dsc2579.jpg _u113343.jpg