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Posted by ScottJarvie at November 8, 2010

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I’ll attempt to show off these pictures while talking about the locations.


Just stop on some plain road with a bunch of high weeds and make it happen.
I got the camera down low as you can see.

But seriously we were driving to Park City Utah and I just stopped and pulled off the highway.
For like 10 minutes is all.


Wasn’t in the original plans to shoot this spot, but when the sun hits something just right, it can supercede the previous plans.
This is right next to the cool barn that we had gone there to shoot.

So they really liked the egyptian theatre, but when I saw it, it looked really hard to photograph and a bit boring and the street was so close and people walking by.
This one definately needed to be edted to make it look a bit more moody and fit what the theatre was all about.
Take note of that crazy moose behind them


This was at the theatre… I did like the doors. But to avoid reflections and to make the scene more interesting I put them down on the ground

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Love is too much fun to take seriously…..


Posted by scott at September 28, 2008

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When I go to parties my contribution is a few pictures.

Some friends were doing slip and slide… this is what happened before i had to put the camera away because… well I was busy going down the slide myself.

As a side note I should post pictures from a bunch of other shoots I’ve done recently… including the sego music festival that took place yesterday.