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TOP 30 of 2007
After hours of viewing and selecting I now know the Top 30 of 2007.


Lamp and Lake

Swamplands of Connecticut

Ethereal Yellowstone

Covered Bridge


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Adam& Krystal

It was a cold snowy day but we got done things pretty fast and kept all our limbs in-tact.

They had an Open house in the Logan area and a reception in Provo

There are plenty of pictures in Full Color
However I enjoyed most of the pictures in B&W and DuoTones

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I had the honor of taking pictures for Susan Hartwig.
Her roommate came out to help with the flower and dress and helped me out some on the reflector.
Dawnee Ray came to help out and have the opportunity to take some pictures…
a special thanks to her as some of the pictures come from her.

She looked beautiful and we had a great time.

_u116379.jpg _u116223.jpg _u116249.jpg

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This is the spot where I first took pictures (bridals and engagements) It had been a long time since I had visited and the first time I have ever seen it so packed with people getting pictures taken. We all behaved ourselves and got to take pictures everywhere we needed, except for the grove, because of a “kind” man who insists that there is a point where center street no longer becomes public property. (Who knows he might be correct)


dc_u113101.jpg dc_u113182.jpg dc_u113043.jpg


I know a lot of these kinds of pictures (specially of guys)
tend to be more serious, but I tried to throw in some smiles as well.

And even though it was all about the fall colors… I ended up liking a lot of the BW.
And I’m not a hard core B&W fanatic.





Where was I last summer?
Last year I went to Europe for 3 months.

I drove over 13,000 miles
Visited about 12 countries
Took over 50,000 pictures (over 500GB)

A couple hundred hours later…
It’s been about a year and I’ve just barely gone through all the pictures a couple of times
I’ve selected an average of 35 pictures a day.

I will be uploading a gallery for each day: some will have more than others and some none.
Some of them will be a real treat and others just OK
… there are many more that I took but I had to draw the line somewhere or I would be editing pictures from now until the end of time.

I’ve spent probably hundreds of hours working on going through all these and now editing I would appreciate to hear what you think.

The Galleries (So far)

Day 1Airport in Ohio – 4 pictures

Day 2From Paris to Bordeaux – 29 pictures

Day 3From Bordeaux to Madrid – 17 Pictures

Day 4Madrid day trip – 63 pictures

Day 5Segovia – 60 pictures (Not Sevilla)

Day 6Alcala de Hernares – 11 pictures

Day 7Canary Island – 19 pictures

Day 8Canary Island (Morning Shore)- 30 pictures

Day 9Canary Island (Town)- 12 pictures

Day 10Canary Island (Up the Volcano) – 52 pictures

Day 11Canary Island (West Shore) – 34 pictures