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The last day of the charity shoot went very well.
I was pushing myself to take new and unique pictures in a location I had done 10 shoots in 2 days previous.

I did a few more family shoots which isn’t something I specialize in… but I’m learning to like it, and at the same time conform them to what I do like, which is the Family Lifestyle Photography format.

And of course I totally enjoyed getting the aspiring models to come take pictures. (As seen above)


Thanks to dad for coming up with this laugh! As the photographer you don’t know what will get the kids to errupt in laughter… or tears for that matter.

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The whole family was crazy photogenic and that helped. Look at these two models!

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No need to put a lot of effort into posing these kids up… they’ll do their thing and I hope to get them as they Are, and make them good pictures while i’m at it.

 010_7154268 007_7154069

Nice big landscapes don’t mean the group has to be tiny, but sometimes a bit smaller in the frame can help show off why we drove all that way and make it not only a portrait, but a work of art.



Tender moments with mom and dad.


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I did the first few Studio shoots of the week.
I did a few other shoots later in the day, but I wanted to show the studio stuff off first.

It’s been a while since I’ve said this… but, studio isn’t my thing.

But because studio isn’t my thing I’m trying to do it a bunch more.

I believe that people should try to learn to do and enjoy those things they aren’t good at or don’t enjoy.
Thus I’m doing studio.

Last year the charity shoot was All studio… this year mostly outdoors… but I’m doing some studio stuff.

I have a nice basement and got a few more items for the studio… if desired i can do a video post about my setup and what I did.
Let me know if you’d like to see me do such a video.

I’ll add some info on what i did for the following pictures later… for now I need to drive to the location for day 4

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Jules Jewelry

So if I’m not mistaken this might be my first commercial shoot I’ve done.

I offered a friend help with her Jewelry business because she was in need of some good pics.

Photographing 6+ beautiful models was a perk. She even got her son some extra pics for his modeling portfolio.

The ages ranged from 8 to 38

All 500+ Pictures on Smugmug

Soon she’ll have lots of nice new pictures on her website

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OK so coming off of a blog post in which I kinda poked at the studio crowd a little.
(All in good fun right?)

Now my thoughts on Model or Senior portrait only photographers.

Last time I think I used the word “Cheating” for studio types 😉
I think i’ll use it again… haha
But this time it’s the cheating that I really really like.
It’s all said in good fun… or is it 😉 Mwahaha

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More people More harder
I think we can all admit that the more people you add to a photoshoot typically the harder it gets.
So that being said… shooting one individual is the easiest number.

When they’re the Model types it gets even easier.
I suppose it becomes more about your skills in setting up shots and being creative, than it is about how to interact with the people. (Obviously those elements are still there to a degree)


Case in point: Angela

I did her wedding last year in California.
You may remember her beach bridals

She’s getting into photography so we did a little trip looking for places, training on photography and taking pictures. Full Gallery



Another case
Even more fulfilling was taking pictures for Nichole.
She wasn’t very into it and you’d think she’d be since she’s an actress.
Heck she has the lead role in a play right now.
But she was a bit shy and didn’t quite know what to do.
I kinda had to coerce her into even doing the shoot.
Very different from Angela… and yet the pictures of Nichole were great. They captured her very well.
Who she was and so forth. I’m very happy with it. Full Gallery

Thanks for the fun days to both of you! Enjoy your pictures and show them off!



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The point?
So the point of this all is to say:
Dang!!! Individual portrait sessions are so much easier, specially when they are the fun types, the outgoing and the posers…
I’m not hating on Portrait only photographers… I would do it ALL the time if there were a better market for it all.

Supply and Demand
And there probably is a decent market. But see the thing is every person photography wants to do it, but not everyone wants to do weddings.
The need for individual shoots isn’t very high and the price is pretty low.
It’s understandable… it’s supply and demand.
Meaning not as much demand and yet the supply is huge.
Sure we can focus on it until our quality leads to higher prices.
But i guess I just am too lazy… either that or I do love weddings. The concept and the challenge.

 004_7S27556 014_7S27775

There are difficulties
There are some things that make individual portraits hard.
For instance if they aren’t good at posing they have no one there to interact with to make them more comfortable. So it’s more sink or swim. Hit or miss.
I can usually tell a couple to interact with eachother… when it’s one person… I can’t do that can I?


Not everyone should nor can do poses like these

In the end

I’m more or less saying I would LOVE to do more of these types of shoots.
So come on down good looking people wanting pictures.
Where are you at? Don’t you just want some fun pictures to put on your blog or facebook?
Get some good pictures for those dating sites… invest in your future, invest in yourself. haha 😉

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Ann Lewis


Full Gallery


Whitney & Thomas


Full Gallery















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White Family Portraits
+Erin Bourgeous (Sister)







Laurel Teuscher Portraits




Stuart Family Portraits






FULL GALLERIES (Password Required – Request)


White Family


Stuart Family





These girls were amazing and the landscape was beyond words.
Ferns changing to orange and yellow and trees of every shade of fall.
Mountains in the background and beautiful Aspens everywhere.

The girls were into it, didn’t take excuses and worked the camera.
It was funny, silly, and a bit over the top for them at times…
but…. heh great pictures came out of it all so it worked out nice.

From funny, to sad, from sassy, to sweet they did it all.

Check out the galleries




All 3 Mix
All 3 Mix

This has probably been one of my favorite photo shoots to date… after doing this I thought I could do this full time and leave the weddings behind. But weddings pay the bills.

See the Gallery : All 3 Mix



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