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This time we get to hear a few words from the Groom talking about how they found me and then sharing what went down on the engagement picture experience… on another day we’ll get a different perspective from the bride and see what pictures she talks about.

I’m really happy to be doing Robbie and Jesse’s wedding in November they care so much about capturing the character of their personalities and their wedding. And it’s a big plus that they both have developed and dynamic personalities.

Jarvie Engagment Pictures Experience

When I first saw Scott Jarvie’s work, it was of the Sego Festival that was held in Provo. The pictures were of my brother’s band Eyes Lips Eyes. As an aspiring photographer, I really liked his style and had kept the name in my mind. The photos that caught my eyes were these:

 003_7SC5800 029_7SC5798


The colors and lighting in these were amazing and really brought the energy that the band had during their performance and that’s something I strive to do when I take concert pictures or pictures in general.

Right before we were engaged I found his photography page, ‘Jarvie digital’ on facebook and became a fan. After me and Jesse were engaged, our thought was to get a great photographer that was different and took amazing pictures. She being an artist and me loving photography, we both wanted something special. We were ok skimping on other things, but our engagement and wedding pictures we wanted someone that we could trust with the memories of our wedding; someone that could do much more than me taking the pictures myself. While discussing the options, I mentioned that I really like this one photographer that I had recently become a fan of on facebook and that I really liked the Sego pictures that he took a while back. We met him and discussed our options and what we were looking for with him and felt really comfortable. He was open to the ideas that we had and let us know if they were feasible. We were really excited about the possibilities. We wanted somewhere that not many people had been to and that was out of the way a bit. We (me and Jesse) both wanted to do something that was personalized. Me enjoying photography, I wanted to include cameras in my pictures. I brought older cameras to match the older, run down areas we were in.


Jesse really liked the movie “The Red Ballon” and wanted to include that in the pictures.







Couple shots before every wedding?

I could do this sorta thing for every wedding.

Either on a previous day or take some time prior to the actual event and take some great pictures of the bride and groom.
So often it’s expected that the couple shots come after the temple ceremony (LDS) or after the walk down the aisle ceremony. In both cases there is often very little time for couple shots with group pictures, luncheons and receptions coming up quick. I would argue many of the non-LDS weddings have even less time if the ceremony is later in the day (along with the nice light)

So I’m saying to all you brides and brides to be… put thought into your pictures. Sure we’ll get the job done in no matter what amount of time you give us. Just saying it might be better for you and me to plan for some morning pics or on a previous day.

In this situation this couple had to drive about 90 minutes (with traffic) to get back to where the reception was and had they not done pre-wedding pictures all of these pictures would probably not have happened. Even though we did take about 20-30 minutes for a few more after the ceremony on a nearby hill. (Coming soon)

I mean their reception location was stunningly beautiful and I had all sorts of ideas of amazing pictures, but they had guests to entertain and things to do. A reception to be had, the time for couple shots had passed and I’m sure everyone was glad the majority had long since been done.


Part of why I switched things up

Really to get better pictures is why I changed my pricing structure. I wanted to get better pictures with more serious clients.
I loved helping out the poor student, however it was time to step it up with those who were willing to aim for the best pictures ever and not just in word only. But would put in their part… where pictures would be seen as more important and not just a bystander doing whatever. I still love helping poor college students out but when they really have a passion for awesome pictures. We always find a way to make it work.
When they put more into it they get more out of it… and I’d gather perhaps they mean more to them!

In fact it’s getting to the point where I’m considering including this kind of thing (or at least bridal sessions) with Every wedding I do.

 004_J7S8823 003_J7S8665




Let this be a lesson to never cancel just cuz of weather.
Just be prepared.
Know how to make it work.

It might mean you have to different stuff than on a more normal day.
But that’s how a good photographer and a good photo shoot goes… Roll With The Punches.


This was slated as an 8 hr formals shoot.
I didn’t realize it was a 2 and a half hour drive so it ended up being 6 and a half hours long.
I had several people asking me how in the world we’d be able to go for that long when most times it’s more like 2hrs.
Well I just told them several times to be prepared to work hard too… that’s 6-8hrs of modeling, it’s a two way road.

They were naturals and since they knew and picked how long it would last they never once complained and were totally into it.
What an awesome photo shoot.

By the end her hair was totally wet and nothing like when they started… but we adapted and adjusted just fine.
And we actually all stayed pretty warm.
We had a lot of traveling in between spots… abt 2hrs driving in the car… that was the saving grace.
Being able to warm up from time to time and to reset and find new places with new pictures.


Just cuz it’s snowing doesn’t mean you’re excused from not laying on the ground.
You better have prepared for what you’re wearing to get down and make the shot happen.
If she’s in a wedding dress in 6 inches of snow you can lay down once or twice.

Thank goodness for a lightstand so that the assistant can park the car while you take advantage of the last reminents of twilight.

 006_DSC4406 005_DSC4212

On the left is a spot he was planning on for a while and very excited about.
On the right is a spot he’s probably past a hundred times and never even noticed… but I saw on the way down and new we’d need to stop there. Both winners!


I took 1400 pictures many reasons
They were really good looking
We shot for so long
I loved the locations
When snow is falling you have to take a bunch to avoid the snowflakes showing up in bad spots like in front of their eyes.

But the picture above was in the first minute of shooting and is amongst my favorites.

 009_DSC4464 007_3S24544


They did a great job at expressing emotions in their pictures… and that’s something you can’t really pose.

 010_DSC4623 011_DSC4759

Backlighting… my new play around thing.

There’s tons more pictures from the day as you can guess check out a small highlights gallery here
View the rest of the blog post to see more too.

i’ll be editing a couple hundred more for them when I get back from my travels.
If there’s interest I’ll share more.






In the last post we showed some of the regular pictures

In this one I’ll show a series of pictures taken in a 90 second span.








And Normal


This technique involves the following:

Tell them each click they need to do a different face.
They can’t coordinate. (Because it’s funnier that way and it goes faster that way… they’re more spontaneous)

This is a good exercise to loosen them up for the rest of the photoshoot
or a good way to finish up a night on a really fun note.

We came back later in the day… Thus no one around.
I think i’ve seen every schedule possible for a wedding day… but I must admit this was the first time I took group pictures and then left for the luncheon and then came back for the couple pictures.
I liked it… a bit less rush.

 013_7S48930 002_7S48824

For those that didn’t hear it last time… Sacramento LDS temple is probably one of my favorite temples to shoot at!

 039_7S48975  004_7S49031  037_7S48880  032_7S48804

My philosophy on group pictures is: Let them decide, I’ll just make it look good.
I don’t want to put groups into situations they think are gonna be terribly cheesy.
But if they think of it themselves they’re probably good with it.

This way I get new ones each time and if they’re a more traditional group I’m not putting them into some elaborate set up they won’t even appreciate when a straight line is probably all they want.

Sometimes the good ol’ fashion jump is amongst the best… and this is amongst the most entertaining of them… as far as faces go.

To view the entire album go to

 007_7S48535  038_7S48935  022_7S48348  064_7S48454



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 006_7S28669 007_7S28680





 050_7S28531 049_7S28514



 093_7S29059 081_7S28899


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 275_7S28074 085_7S28039 300_7S28183 331_7S28306

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 012_7S25168 051_7S24484 020_7S24590 021_7S24664 022_7S24712 027_7S25245 029_7S25375 038_7S25251

 091_7S24115 143_7S24630


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