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Ladies and gentlemen…

Props to the bride for not only being willing but more than happy to go out to the stinky gnat infested waters of the Great Salt Lake.

And to her Mom and two sisters and niece that came to help.

And to my wonderful Intern Heidi who braved the swarms of mosquitoes that came out about 5 minutes prior to this shot

Annika (the bride) had no problem going out into this little area in her beautiful wedding dress and in between being sucked dry by mosquitoes she even posed and smiled.

Now for the exciting part…

Usually I spend a good 10-20 seconds editing pictures… but I was happy to see with the great lighting and flash assistance from Two directions

There was NO Editing on this picture.

(It makes me happy to be able to say that)

I didn’t have time to really even review pictures because we had overstayed our welcome with the blood suckers. So I was just hoping things would be in focus.

And to top it all off it was pretty much the very last picture of the night. Huzzah

I kinda wonder what we could do to it if i do decide to edit it…
what a beautiful sunset and what a beautiful bride.

I will post the rest when i get to them i suppose… but for now back to the weddings from a few weeks ago.


I try to make it to Photo meetups in the area when I can.

One of my favorites is the Strobist Meetup.

I’ve only been to 3 of them… but they’ve always been very informative for me.
Or at least a great chance to play with lights and do things I wouldn’t normally do in my shoots.

 013_7S46137 012_7S46116

 009_7S46102 033_7S46101

 035_7S46111 037_7S46141

It’s not just girls I take pictures of… but i actually took some of some of the dudes.

 006_7S46063 027_7S46060