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Haha you thought it was going to be the city. Tricked you.
They call him Boston.

 005_DSC2042 003_DSC2107

He asked for some pictures and I saw that I did his shoot just a month or two before I started using smugmug… so I went back through his pictures and uploaded them to SmugMug.


 002_DSC2104 001_DSC2104

I also re-edited his pictures some because I’ve certainly improved a bit in the last two years.

It is a good exercise for me and the student-interns to go over some older less essential pictures and play around on them.

Shall I Re-Edit your pictures too?

So I guess the offer is open to other people… if I took your pictures a while back and you’d like to see them re-edited let me know.

I’ll bump you up higher on the priority list if you’re interested in Buying prints of them as well… or at least if you’ll show them off to everyone, yeah but probably more so if you want to buy a couple prints 😉




So I’ve never done pictures at an after party.
Turns out it’s like a mix between clubbing and an actual concert.

This was an after party for the David Archuleta concert at the E Center

So I suppose it wasn’t so different after all since I’ve done a bunch of concerts now.
However it was a ton darker in this location than usual locations i’ve shot at.

Thanks to the Sams (The promoters) for letting me come party.
Enjoy your pics.

Full Gallery Here

David Osmond

David Osmond


 058_7S22206  060_7S22234  056_7S22196  030_7S22302

Daniel Archuleta