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I took these pictures July 3rd

Thought I’d post them to be seen… better late than never.
It’s a sign of all those from later in July and August to be posted some time soon.

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This is an old wedding phoot back from June.

I’m working a lot of getting the August weddings edited, so I thought I’d throw in an old shoot that has already been done.





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Here’s another photo shoot I did about a month ago and they’ve since gotten married
It was in a week or two span that every bridals i did she had the groom come along as well.

It’s a break from tradition but it seems that they specially enjoy it if they’re not big fans of getting pictures taken by themselves, or if they want pictures up at their reception.



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I took these a little over a month ago… thought I’d share them.
The pictures were picked by my PA Adele.


 011alaska-81 003alaska-356

I did this photoshoot with a lightstand. Usually I have an assistant there to hold lights.
But this made me consider the location of the of camera flash a little more carefully since I’m kinda lazy.



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In the last post we showed some of the regular pictures

In this one I’ll show a series of pictures taken in a 90 second span.








And Normal


This technique involves the following:

Tell them each click they need to do a different face.
They can’t coordinate. (Because it’s funnier that way and it goes faster that way… they’re more spontaneous)

This is a good exercise to loosen them up for the rest of the photoshoot
or a good way to finish up a night on a really fun note.

I’ll attempt to show off these pictures while talking about the locations.


Just stop on some plain road with a bunch of high weeds and make it happen.
I got the camera down low as you can see.

But seriously we were driving to Park City Utah and I just stopped and pulled off the highway.
For like 10 minutes is all.


Wasn’t in the original plans to shoot this spot, but when the sun hits something just right, it can supercede the previous plans.
This is right next to the cool barn that we had gone there to shoot.

So they really liked the egyptian theatre, but when I saw it, it looked really hard to photograph and a bit boring and the street was so close and people walking by.
This one definately needed to be edted to make it look a bit more moody and fit what the theatre was all about.
Take note of that crazy moose behind them


This was at the theatre… I did like the doors. But to avoid reflections and to make the scene more interesting I put them down on the ground

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These two got engaged at this park which is next to Bridal Veil falls.
Not necisarily this spot exactly, thought that would have been fun to have seen.


At the end of the night we went to vivian park.
It was already a bit late so we just did a few here.



This is probably the first time I’ve taken pictures with bridal veil falls in the picture.
There are only certain parts of the falls I really like, so it’s hard to take pictures of. But at night it becomes a lot easier because all you see is the whiteness of the water on a dark background, haha

 010_7S42290 006_7S42651 024_7S42583 027_7S42615

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We came back later in the day… Thus no one around.
I think i’ve seen every schedule possible for a wedding day… but I must admit this was the first time I took group pictures and then left for the luncheon and then came back for the couple pictures.
I liked it… a bit less rush.

 013_7S48930 002_7S48824

For those that didn’t hear it last time… Sacramento LDS temple is probably one of my favorite temples to shoot at!

 039_7S48975  004_7S49031  037_7S48880  032_7S48804

My philosophy on group pictures is: Let them decide, I’ll just make it look good.
I don’t want to put groups into situations they think are gonna be terribly cheesy.
But if they think of it themselves they’re probably good with it.

This way I get new ones each time and if they’re a more traditional group I’m not putting them into some elaborate set up they won’t even appreciate when a straight line is probably all they want.

Sometimes the good ol’ fashion jump is amongst the best… and this is amongst the most entertaining of them… as far as faces go.

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 007_7S48535  038_7S48935  022_7S48348  064_7S48454



Thought it would be nice to put the two of these together with the engagements I just posted of them

Are they technically called “Formals” since the groom was there too? I’m not sure

But since I wasn’t going to be around for the wedding (conflict of weddings) while i was there I did these.


Yes I know… It looks somewhat fake eh?


We did shoot middle of the day because I went 4-wheeling later that day.
So I was happy for the chance to get into some shade.

I do like that she had these flowers… they look real don’t they?!


They really liked these types of plants… I thought they were awesome.
I put the f stop up high to catch a bit more of the sun and of course flash to light up the foreground (them)

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Back in May I was able to go to alaska to do a wedding, while there I offered to engagements for this couple.

I recently went back to Alaska to do another wedding in July
At that time I was able to do this couple’s bridals… I will post those soon.

Lots of great locations in Alaska… it was so green there and the light was awesome there in the summer. I could take pictures really late into the day.

They’re getting married first week of August unfortunetly it’s a day I already have a wedding, therefore I wont’ be going back for the 3rd time this year.





 106_7S42178 351_7S42220

This was his idea and I was more than happy to oblige… I wonder what the other Hagens out there think of this. Mick?

 001_7S41520 006_7S41777


 020_7S41498 028_7S41650 023_7S41561 012_7S42105

The field of these flowers were actually pretty small… but we made due and I did my magic to make it look vast.

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Love is too much fun to take seriously…..


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 012_7S20301 043_7S20241

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 028_7S44667 011_7S44793

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