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What I wanted is what I got!

Where it all started….
I was planning a destination wedding to Hawaii and all I wanted was amazing pictures. I tried searching photographers in Hawaii and was finding disappointing results. That lead me to a google search and that linked me to Scott’s work from a previous Hawaii wedding. The pictures were beautiful and I had to contact him. The things that were really important in my search were…..someone who was really creative with a good personality, price was obviously important as this was a destination wedding, and even more was the time that would be allowed on the actual wedding day.

I talked with Scott on the phone and then decided to send out my sister and mom to actually meet him. My sister told me that he was very “artsy” and the pictures would turn out, and more importantly we would get along with him.


I’m from Utah but living and working in Wisconsin and my husband was living in Utah so we decided to take our engagements and bridals in Utah. It was a little crazy because I had to 1 week of vacation and took engagements on a Wednesday and bridals on a Friday. I was so excited because it was April and I was thinking outdoors, sun, tulips etc. It just so happened that of course it was sunny and beautiful all week, except for those 2 days. I was getting ready for pictures and it starting hailing and my dreams were almost crushed. I didn’t have time to reschedule and when I called Scott he said that sometimes overcast days make for the best pictures.

I was also a little nervous because my husband has never been a big fan of getting his picture taken. Within 5 minutes we were smiling and comfortable. Scott gives great cues like “hehe” for smiling, serious, and our favorite “having a moment” which to us meant kissing (if you look at our galleries we loved having lots of moments). I really loved that we had some individual shots as well that is a fun idea.

See more from all of the 5 photoshoots here


I want everyone to know that this is pic 13 of over 300. My mom was looking over his shoulder and after this pic she smiled and said…we have the picture! At that point I knew we had made the right choice

My fave pic of Greg and his fave pic of me

 036_J3S4702 019_J7S7236

These are some of my favorites bc these shots were captured when we were not paying attention. This is our real smiles and laughs. I would hear the camera snapping and think to myself I wasn’t ready




Here is the set up…..we were at our first location and the weather cleared for a few minutes and Scott said we need to run up the canyon right now. We were at a park and after 30 min we could see the storm coming. It started hailing once again, Scott asked if we were up for it (of course, it’s all for the sake of the pictures). We ran into the hail and all we heard was smile, kiss, smile, kiss, and we are done! These are incredible




This is my recap of the wedding pictures.

There were many many pictures taken that day, but I was able to skim through them and pick out some of my favorites so I could do a recap here.

It’s gonna be a long post because I have lots of pictures to share.
And also a few words about how to make every wedding this great.

Perfectly planned

I really had a great time doing this wedding.
Being in Hawaii certainly didn’t hurt.
They were also a great looking couple, had a great family, picked a wonderful place for the wedding and reception.
They had everything planned out very well and that makes my job so much easier and makes for better pictures.





So if a future bride is reading this.

Please note that it just doesn’t naturally happen with no effort.

What to do?
This bride seemed to almost plan the day around wonderful picture opportunities.
From the fans and the parisols the brides mades used to flying her stylist over from her island.


She seemed to pick the location based on her own estimation and advice from the hotels as to which one had the best photography spots.
And she picked well.

So therefore… pick a great place to get married or time to travel to a spot on that day.

 010_DSC7621 011_DSC7769

She even organized the banquet/reception to end in time to have her be able to do photography at sunset.
Most people seem unwilling to do that sometimes planning a reception during sunset.
Perhaps it helped since she had a captive audience since 70 people flew from another island.

I can’t and won’t just pull you away from whatever you’re doing to get sunset pictures.
But I will be willing to do them if that desire comes from you.

I’ll do my best to take amazing pictures. But if you aren’t willing to go the extra mile with a smile… well… you understand.


She got tons of pictures during the reception that she will be using for several projects that would have not been possible unless she had 2 people helping organize those shots. I could have done them but not effeciently in the time that it needed to, because we had the help of others to cut down drastically on the time and have me simply doing the shots, what I do best.
Besides she planned a banquet/formal reception which allow for better pictures than a “lined” reception.
The program allowed for great pictures as well as the nice decorations.


Finally they were troopers.
I pride myself in making the shoots fun and creative.
But they were more than willing to make the pictures happen.

Those who are more interested in and excited about pictures will more often get the better pictures.
We photographers feed off of that energy.

They didn’t just wait for instructions (slowing the process down) but they put emotion into their pictures.
And they acted quickly to help utilize effectively the short time we had.
I’m not saying they were the best actors or characters I’ve photographed. In fact I did most of the ideas, but it just happened that I was on a roll. but I think their attitude played a big part and the way we interacted.


Never once did I hear… “But I’m not photogenic”, or “I don’t look good in pictures”
It’s our job to make good pictures and I’d like to think I do a good job and everyone is always pleased, so if you just trust us and just relax and have fun.
Remember we thrive with the emotion of the moment.


Having tons of time to shoot isn’t the key, it’s a team effort to act effectively with the time given.

 016_3S00319 015_DSC7073

(Above) Two poses they made happen entirely on their own. The prep dancing they didn’t even know about.

The photographer and those being photographed should both be creative together working to make things happen.
The emotion and feeling of the picture needs to flow from them.
I tend to put them in the poses that match the mood coming from them and from the light of the day.

Even though I scouted out the location in advance to see what could work, we still were open to any possibility that night.
We had to roll with the time and situation given to us.

Just exactly how the light would be hitting at the moment we passed by the location we were walking around.


And it all went down perfectly. And part of that perfection comes from moving fast and taking advantage of every picture we had time for. But not limiting ourselves to expectations of pictures and then not having time to make them happen.
Having wants and desires is great but we need to be able to roll with the flow and settle for the best pictures possible.
If she had wanted a picture that took 20 minutes to travel to or create then we would have missed out on soo much.

There was trust that I would do my job but it wasn’t a blind relience that it only depended on me and that the subject didn’t have to do anything nor did they even have to care.

Hawaii sure didn’t hurt, nor did their good looks of the bride and groom, nor Dustin assisting me that evening with lighting and bags.
And creating and inviting to more opportunities is very helpful.



But the moral of the story is…
It’s partnership of creativity, we all work together to make great pictures.


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