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Since this has become a very popular post I’ll re-edit and say how things are 8 months later

(I also wrote a follow up post a while back here SEE UPDATE HERE)

Use A DeskTop if you can

First I must say that if I were you I’d stick with a desktop to edit pictures.
Much much less expensive,
Much more expandable,
You can get 2-3 monitors on it no problem
No hassle for adding extra hard drives.
You are forced to work at a desk… which can be good.
And you won’t ever feel tempted to waste your time using something other than a mouse (or even better a tablet)
And you’ll most likely be using a good sized monitor (23″ and up)

Looking for a kickbutt photography editing laptop.

I’ll be gone a lot this summer on wedding assignments.
For instance in may I’ll be gone a week to alaska and I’ll need to edit while there.
I’ll also be gone later that month on a trip that will include weddings in Arizona and NYC

I need to keep on top of my editing and my old single core laptop from a while back won’t cut it.

So I need a good laptop that will substitute nicely.

I suppose I’m looking for:

  • Fast processor
  • Lots of Memory
  • big Screen – at least lots of resolution
  • good battery life for the airplanes
Tell me if there is anything else I’m missing.
So I’m even willing to go to Mac did a similar review

Base System

I will compare the prices based on system that has more or less the following:
They all have 17″

  • 2.93 processor
  • 64bit operating system
  • 4GB ram 1066 ddr3 / And also showing 8GB
  • 320GB HD

(Please note that prices have gone down since i wrote this in march)

Macbook Pro 17
= $3149
8GB ram = $4199
QuadCore = NA
Dell 17″
= $3875
8GB ram = $4915
QuadCore = 5715
Lenovo w700ds
3.06 processor
dual HDs in raid 320GB 5400rpm
Built in wacom tablet
8GB = $4919
Quad Core 2.5 = 5319
Sony vaio AW series
18.4 screen
= $2798
8GB = $3298
Quad = NA
2.8 processor
8GB = $2389
Quad Core 2.5 = 2989
Other things to note:
Obviously some of them have lots of toys and tricks that I didn’t mention, which accounts for some of the price difference.
But the question is… why is the HP so cheap in comparison?
And only a couple of them assured me that it was truly 1920 resolution.
And what other toys are necessary to compare that I overlooked.
Please weigh-in in what you think.


See that I ended up getting a MacBookPro – I decided that the price difference wasn’t as much as I expected or that usually exists between PC and Mac

I have used it as I stated for several of my trips. It’s been durable, small enough for my camera bags (that allow laptops)

I haven’t used it a ton for editing because i’ve gotten so used to the speeds of my desktop which this doesn’t even compare.
And now i’ve gotten used to my 30″ monitor and 17″ doesn’t make me feel confident I’m making the best editing decisions.

If I were to do it again I would. There’s a lot to be said about the small form factor for traveling and the long battery life.

If I were to buy a main computer – i’d still be putting together a top of the line PC.

It appears that for actual editing and processing (speeds or quality) that there is no advantage in Mac (that I’ve ever hear(… I just happened to like the computer.