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One Big Print

Wanna see it bigger
You can find a 4000px version here if you want to zoom in even more and see all the fun expressions.

Added more friends
I went to 2.5″ a circle instead of 3″ and was able to add lots more people. I was able to add dozens more of my close friends and Photographers I know.
The one last night was more about getting feedback on the design. (People liked it so I stuck with it and it’s being printed right now as a 40×60… so don’t tell me problems now. haha)

Let’s tag this one instead of the one now.
If you’re not on here… it means you’re not a good enough friend and you need to visit more. haha
Or it means I’m not perfect and missed stuff.

What is a Jarvie Window?

The People
+Harley Pebley +Crystal Keating +David Esquire +Carissa Uribe +Jeremy Hall +Pete Stott+Whitney Lewis +Thomas Lewis Wade Heninger Summer Cottam +Ann Torrence +Nicole S. Young+laa hernando-guanzon +Rich Legg +David Terry +Melissa Williams +Kelly Branan +Bryan Jones+May Bo Hubbard +joachim guanzon +Antonio Neyra +Jeremy Bechthold +Jesse Moore +Ryan Christensen +darby mouritsen +Joanna Taylor +Robbie Petersen +Jesse Royston Petersen+Miranda McAfee +Ben Kuhns

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JarvieDigital Photography is doing a model search.

  • If you’re a model wanting to bulk up your portfolio and make more of a name yourself… this is for you!
  • If you’re an aspiring model wondering how you’d fare in the  world of modeling … this is for you!
  • If you are a bride looking to get/win bridal pictures and hair and makeup… this is for you!


Frankly I’m restless.

Also I’m really in the mood to work the creative juices.

The full scope of the Utah Model Search idea is a much larger project, however what I want to do right now is limited and easily doable.
Making it happen by myself i’ve found the full extent of the project would take too much right off the bat, so this is a simple release.


It will be a success to me based on the following:

  • I find just a couple great models to use/hire for workshops, suggest to vendors or to have as muses for future creative ideas.
  • I gain fans for the future season of the Model Search on Facebook.
  • I gain fans on my own facebook page.
  • I improve even more at my craft (photography)


Starting the second week of May we will begin a 4 photo-shoot competition in an effort find new models and introduce this ongoing modeling competition.

So start applying… Now.

We have some fun photoshoots being planned.

If you’re unsure of your schedule apply anyway and we’ll keep you on the list to let you know for future seasons.


So what you need to do now is send me an email to

    • Name
    • Email / Phone / City
    • Measurements (for now at least height, but if you’re being considered we’ll need measurements for clothing – Bust, Waist, Hips)
    • A picture or a link to a gallery of pictures

And again… I’m interested in undiscovered talent too… so give it a shot.

Vendors – Can also contact us if they’d like to be a part of this season an/or future seasons. Vendors get great exposure (specially towards their FB pages) and pictures of their products which they will be able to use.

 Verts- 12

For the Bride

As I’m known particularly for wedding photography expect there to be bridal pictures for one or two of the shoots. So this might be perfect for brides. (Win bridal pictures kinda thing)
There will also be hair and makeup represented.

What to expect in the Future

We will do more seasons of this Model Search – and like any event or show it plans to get bigger and better with every rendition. Plans include More: video, show hosts, prizes and vendors ( including other photographers).

Keep up to date – Follow Us

Keep up to date and follow the Fan Page on Facebook – (A sidenote: the name will be changing soon.)

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 030_J7S3255 002_J7S4201