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One Big Print

Wanna see it bigger
You can find a 4000px version here if you want to zoom in even more and see all the fun expressions.

Added more friends
I went to 2.5″ a circle instead of 3″ and was able to add lots more people. I was able to add dozens more of my close friends and Photographers I know.
The one last night was more about getting feedback on the design. (People liked it so I stuck with it and it’s being printed right now as a 40×60… so don’t tell me problems now. haha)

Let’s tag this one instead of the one now.
If you’re not on here… it means you’re not a good enough friend and you need to visit more. haha
Or it means I’m not perfect and missed stuff.

What is a Jarvie Window?

The People
+Harley Pebley +Crystal Keating +David Esquire +Carissa Uribe +Jeremy Hall +Pete Stott+Whitney Lewis +Thomas Lewis Wade Heninger Summer Cottam +Ann Torrence +Nicole S. Young+laa hernando-guanzon +Rich Legg +David Terry +Melissa Williams +Kelly Branan +Bryan Jones+May Bo Hubbard +joachim guanzon +Antonio Neyra +Jeremy Bechthold +Jesse Moore +Ryan Christensen +darby mouritsen +Joanna Taylor +Robbie Petersen +Jesse Royston Petersen+Miranda McAfee +Ben Kuhns


Last spring I had a workshop up in Davis County Utah.

The theme was spring and we found a few people to model it up for us… more along the wedding side of things.

Above wasn’t a model but a real bride… what happened was Andrea Hanks was doing bridals that day and wanted to come join us for the end of the day here in the orchard we were in.

So above is a picture I took of her bride… in fact she was gracious enough to let everyone take a few pictures.

Two reasons for posting these now

– You might ask why post these pictures now… so long after the event? Well two reasons.

First my storage system for pictures died back in late april of last year… it took me about 8 months to get it back online. It prevented me from editing and uploading two photoshoots This one and another workshop. They were both not paid gigs so it wasn’t the end of the world… but that was 6TB of original files and I relied heavily on my SmugMug backup of those files during that down time. So three cheers for SmugMug

Second it’s about to be spring again… so hopefully this inspires some brides, families and people wanting some nice pictures.

 001_J7S9072 007_J7S9079

This bride had already been married for a little while but got back in her beautiful dress and became the focus of attention for a while.

 011_J7S8947 012_J7S9041

Below is a picture of her husband that came and supported her.


And another couple that came for some engagement pictures.


OK this is who came along for the fun


Turns out that up in a tree is a pretty great place to take pictures from

 013_J7S8987 023_J7S8971



First thing’s first to all you girls out there go to Mod Bod and get your clothes there

The shoot was part of a two day photoshoot for ITP Fashion Companies – Day one was ModBod

So I hope you love the pictures AND the clothing.

 004_J7S8759 005_J7S8773

Our models were Morgan Woolard – she is most known for being Miss Oklahoma

 048_J7S8922 047_J7S8901

And also Michelle Money from the most recent season of the Bachelor.


 006_J7S9184 007_J7S9200

 009_J7S8246 028_J7S8240

Commercial shoots are a lot of fun, though they are very demanding on proficiency and level of images … however there’s something about them that are much less challenging than a wedding day.

But both commercial shoots and weddings provide unique challenges that I thrive on and love.


Having to deal with small groups or single inviduals makes it easier in many respects to weddings and the fact they are beautiful models makes it a lot of fun too.

Models never say: “I don’t know what to do” or “You tell me what to do” – They do stuff and if you have a request they’ll switch and do that.

 018_J7S9071 019_J7S9075

With the three models I worked with over the 2 days I found that I didn’t have to give tons of directions… I was able to focus on awesome pictures.
Most of the directions were a matter of  adapting their pose while changing only a few small things like moving their hand forward or simple stuff like that.

 021_J7S9231 056_J7S9214

I was able to do great work for this clothing line with these models while still maintaining my objective to bring out personalities and do my look and style of images.

They have already gone through the images of the day and selected over 500 possible pictures… I’m just sharing a small portion.


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This is for my personal enjoyment folks. I’m gonna give away some stuff. You might think it benefits you indirectly but lets not get out of hand… it’s primarily a game for ME. haha

I want some large awesome prints in people’s houses and I wanna play some games.

We also need to put the group of you on my JarvieDigital FaceBook page to use.

So over the next few days I’ll be asking questions to see who gets closest.

Simply for being the closest I’ll give away stuff – mainly coupons towards a large print. Not some lame-o 8×10 – LARGER

So head on over there… and stay tuned over the next few days.

One thing I know is at least I’ll have fun doing it… and really isn’t that all that matters.

Those who’ve been paying attention on Facebook or Twitter to what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks will be most benefited.

Now go to the Fan Page and guess


Some people are suprised to find out that I’m willing to do family pictures, they think I only do weddings.

Well maybe my schedule is a little more limited for family pictures and perhaps my prices aren’t as low as many options but I don’t mind.

It’s the same thing… I’m looking for families that really like good photography, who are fun individuals that are good to work with. I like subjects with character and connection because that’s what I’m wanting to portray in my work the personality of the individual or of the group.

I want it to be an enjoyable experience where people feel at ease to act themselves and to not get stressed… therefore I avoid the time limits for their’s and my benefit.

I want people who join in the creative process and not just say… you’re the photographer just do what you think best. Well news flash these are going on your wall not mine.

I can make places and pictures and ideas look good this is a team effort.

And well the Roden family were fun and laid back and appreciative and good looking so this was a great time, I hope to do lots more shoots with families like them.

I did Paul and Andrea’s wedding last year.

So yeah I do family pictures… most of the time i’m not available on weekends and sometimes I prefer late notice so it doesn’t conflict with possible wedding schedules. But october there’s a special discount on them down from 500 to 200 but that will go back up in november.

What I really love is Family Lifestyle Photography










So i’ve decided to pick a day each week where I can do all the training and events I’ve been wanting to do and people have been requesting.

So TUESDAY is the day each week I’ll organize some king of photography event whether big or small.

It’s already the day once a month that I’m in charge of organizing the Utah County SmugMug User Group (which is open and free to all)

Next tuesday will be our first meetup (a BBQ in Pleasant Grove) so this consider this my Plug for everyone to come meet other photographers and eat food.


I will be announcing each tuesday event on this FB GROUP – and it’ll send out an invite or a message each time an event is coordinated

So seriously sign up for that group so you get updates.


This is for Anyone interested in photography.

For instance the next week after the BBQ is a special class for Beginning photography tips… I think it will be perfect for the parent wanting better pictures of their kids to those wanting to turn photography into more of a serious hobby (or business)

You’ll find the events listed on that group page which did I mention you should sign up for

I will reserve the right to charge for an event once a month depending on the type of event. But this will mean that 3 out of the 4 will remain at a cost… and on the other nights it’s appropriate to bring food and treats.


Last night was the first night and it was very successful not because a ton of people could come with 1 day notice but because we all learned a ton about lighting. We experimented a bunch with lots of lighting style and it was fun.

I didn’t take any pictures and I enjoyed teaching and assisting with the lights and reflectors.

Here are a couple of the pictures taken by Whitney Lewis with lighting set up by yours truly and processing ala me as well.

 001DSC_3641 002DSC_3644


A few of the interns of Whitney Lewis got in on the mix being the models

Becky (below) traveled 2hrs from Delta for this event and said after it was more than worth it… so I don’t want any complaints about the location… even if I do these at the office so I don’t have to travel more than 10 steps


My name is Scott Jarvie and I went here.


As in right here. (see above still… no new picture quite yet)

What the picture is of is not where I’m standing but the general area at which I was at. I promise it’s a real place, I did not lift it from Lord of the Rings or some fantisiful tale with dragons and fair madens.

Where is it? It’s a secret… only I get to know… you can’t have my precious! Only me… well and the other thousand people there that day… well I suppose the other (cough) few dozen million that have probably been there. And yet I will still maintain my secrecy and not tell you where it is… so don’t even dream of looking at the metadata and keywords of this post.

So yeah I drove a long way to get here… I had company and it was a sunny day… we sang songs and made several other scenic stops along the way. But let’s face it just telling the story of this final stop is probably going to take me longer than I actually have time for so we’ll make you wait in desperate anticipation for those other pictures. Right after I finish those pictures from may of 2008 from an awesome road trip that… well yep I still haven’t finished yet. woops. No I promise this time will be different. I will catch up one day… (voice trails off into the distance)

Oh yeah that’s right… we were in the middle of making you jealous of the cool places I get to go as a internationally famous amazingly gifted and supremely humble photographer.

BAM! Take that!


I’d like you to take notice of the water… it’s BLUE!


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For about two years I’ve had the twitter account @Jarvie

It’s been like a micro-blog for me to talk about mostly photography and some other things. Now there’s @JarvieU for those Just wanting photography



March 27th the colorful day arrives.

When: Saturday March 27, 2010 at 12-7pm
Where: Krishna Temple, 8628 S Main St., Spanish Fork, Utah
What: COLORS – There will be 50,000 bags of Colors for sell.

They will do the event TWICE this year 12pm and 4pm
The initial start of the throwing will happen about 1 hour into each event so about 1pm and 5pm

What happens? Throwing of colors, dancing, chanting, body surfing, indian cuisine, people watching etc…

FB Event with about 9,000 people going and another 4k maybe going + Another FB Event

FB Event for the PHOTOGRAPHERS going to the event – to discuss stuff


I will be there from before sunrise until after sunset. I will have about 12 other photographers there helping out. (See bottom or contact me for details)
Anyone is invited to come and take pictures, they love having you there and seeing your pictures.

 012__DS20848 009__DS21190

Photography safety

Last year I wrote a post that dealt more with the philosophy of being smart with your camera. It still applies.

This year while I would go without any protection to the camera… I will also be buying underwater bag so I can get a little more crazy and closer.

Key Suggestions:

Stay away from people that are throwing if you don’t want to be thrown on.
Consider a long telephoto lens to shoot from far.
Consider staying in no throw areas. (If you’re more worried)
Use an internal focus, internal zoom lens… or a prime.
Pro lenses will handle the dust better than cheap lenses.
Use lens filters.
Consider a lens hood.
Don’t change lenses, specially not anywhere near the action.
Don’t change memory cards, specially not anywhere near the action, dust can be even more dangerous than water to a memory card.
This means get a big memory card.
Bag them cameras and lenses up… get some tap and cover any openings.

Wear a jacket and tuck the camera inside when not being used.
Make it known you’re not part of the action and they’ll tend to be nicer.


The mentality

This festival is meant for the throwing of colors, what do you expect? You’ll probably get stuff thrown at you. If at once you involve yourself you become part of the crowd and you’re probably fair game to everyone. If you’re clean you could either be a target to some or a keep-clean-sign to others that this person isn’t here to be thrown at.

People in the middle of the fray are way into this and expect anything and do anything.
People on the outskirts tend to do a little throwing hear and there but aren’t as hard core as the center.

Watch out for un-savory characters who don’t care that you’re carrying a nice camera. 99% will respect the fact the other 1% don’t care.

My 1st time experience

I took my brand new DSLR and didn’t cover it with bags or anything. I had a jacket which helped. I kept it under the jacket most of the time until all of a sudden i needed to take a pictures and I pulled it out fast took a picture and put it back inside. When I was in an safe spot I didn’t worry as much. More so when going through the crowds.

I even changed lenses and used an external focus and external zoom lens along with a prime 50mm.

Result: I was fine! The camera bag I was carrying was the hardest thing to clean. (Washer in delicate mode was best) The bag got hit hardest because from behind no one knew I was carrying a camera.
I made a lot of eye contact and was always vigilant of people with bags of colors ready to throw. I avoided areas that might be problematic

Safe Zones – and Crazy Zones

There will be areas (on or in the temple) where throwing will not be allowed for those wanting refuge.
The closer to the throng of people the more you should not have problems with claustrophobia and the ability to hold your breath when the initial throwing happens.


Worst Case Scenario?

Colored corn maze gets inside the camera and you need to take the camera to Kew’s in Provo and for $135 he cleans a large DSLR, meaning he opens it up and cleans out the intire insides.
He’s done a lot over the years after Holi

Photography for the more adventurous or the more paranoid.

Get an underwater casing. They can cost $1500 and up or perhaps get an ewa-marine bag. B&H sells them. for $300-400
They’ll make it a bit harder to navigate your controls but you shouldn’t have any problems taking pictures.

You can even use a point an click made for underwater.
I’ll have an EWA bag for one of my D-SLRs and my G-11 will be in the underwater casing.
Then I’ll probably have another 1 or 2 DSLRs that I’ll prep with bags and tape the night before.

I’m mounting a camera for time lapse pictures right above the stage.

Join JarvieU photographing the event

We will have about 12 photographers shooting the event.
We will have our own safe and clean staging area.
We will have an area for people to come and get portraits done quickly.
We’re syncing our cameras, they’re all getting sorted and edited at once (each photog can use their own pics at home As Well)
We’re printing up 10,000+ business cards with the link to the pictures
We’re donating half of the enlargement profits to the krishna temple
We’re using other of the money (if there is any) for future JarvieU events and projects.
We’re contacting newspapers and national media outlets to tell them about the event and offer our pictures for use.
If we can get it done in time we could even do banners they said.
We’re trying to get them all done and online in one day.
We’re experienced on how to edit them well. (But we’ll take as much help as we can that next day)
We’re having a prep our cameras party the night before.

This really isn’t a photo-making event… for me it’s a labor of love.
So if you’re thinking of joining us because you want to make money… sorry think again. You’re free to go on your own and do your own thing.

I do need some help on some of these things.

Let me know what you have to offer.


 011__DS21204 014__DS21054 013__DS20907 015__DS21109 010__DS20916


  • I love teaching – and yet have limited time.
  • I have several photo projects needing work – and yet have limited funds.
  • I have many people asking to assist and intern and put on classes and workshops – and yet there is only me.

Stepping up to the plate

I recognize I’m not the best photographer and so my establishment of a school should not be a belief that I am the most qualified.
Merely that I’m the most willing to actually make it happen, the most creative to think it up, and the most crazy to actually try it.

Not sure what the name is, so for now it’s either Jarvie U or jDigital U – I’m open to input

I have grand ambitions how this project/school/opportunity can help everyone

  • Help each student become great photo editors and great photographers
  • Help with my work on my photography
  • Help with the ATP and ETW projects
  • Build a community that exercizes pay it forward learning
  • Build a community that actively seeks new, exciting and creative learning experiences
  • Build a school experience that actively promotes the students and a community that promotes eachother.
  • Build a community that can point to an achievement that garners respect and attracts attention for the members of the community.
  • Build a community of photographers who believe excellence of craft before deception, who improve their craft and respect for their clients and therefore improve the name and the art of photography.
  • It can also help other photographers and of course people looking for photographers.

It’s more than an internship becuase it includes

  • Classes
  • Field Trips
  • Photo Trips
  • Assisting experiences (with many photographers)
  • Reviews, critiques, QA
  • And many more benefits

Yet it is still somewhat an internship

  • Because student-interns still come and assist in the office learning first hand Photo Editing and Photo workflow and also emphasize in another area of their choice.

How this can be done? (How can Scott stay sane)


Apparently I like to see how far I can stretch myself.

Previous instances of going big.

  • Doing long wedding day shoots … up to 14hrs once.
  • Doing shoots I’ve never done before is always a fun challenge and stretch.
  • Going to a new location is a fun stretch I’ve done so many times it’s not that stretchy anymore.
  • Like when I shot 60,000 pictures in 3 months and drove 12,000 miles while I was in europe.
  • Or when I had like 8 weddings in a couple weeks in several different states and drove almost 5k miles with several plane flights all during the Christmas season equaling an insane amount of pictures.
  • Or when I did 2 weddings in one day at 2 different locations
  • Or when I did 3 weddings in one day (only one reception)
  • Or when i did 32 shoots for the 2nd annual charity shoot
  • And at the same time bought and used for the first time studio equipment the day before all these shoots.


Another fun challenge. 

This week I’ll be shooting 50+ photo shoots.