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This is the year I start making time for my next push.
Family Lifestyle Photography

Last year while shooting a wedding in Southern California I stayed with the Vance family.
In addition to doing a comercial shoot for the mother’s Jewelry Business
I had a couple of short opportunities to take pictures of the family.

These pictures will serve to better help families see the vision of a Family Lifestyle Session by JarvieDigital
This being of course on a much smaller scale than a full day – many activity shoot.


So first off the dad is very much into gardening, it’s his passion I’m told.
So of course we went out into the garden and took a bunch.
Being someone that is a bit “Shy” around the camera I think he opened up a lot when it was him in the garden.
Even still it was very quick, but as long as he was getting something done it made a lot more sense.


Of course random portraits of everyone in the family, typical and not.


No set up or posing usually required. This is their actual dinner, in fact a tradition around the house to make home made pizzas.
Oh the memories. “Remember when we would make Home Made Pizzas every sunday”
“Not only do I remember it, but here are the pictures of us” and the emotions of the event are included no extra charge. haha


Detail shots gallore

 014_7S45839 021_7S45807


The mom owns a Jewelry company… thus her with the jewelry she’s made.

And of course lots of portrait shots and headshots.

 008_7S45778 005_7S45731

Love the camera or not, candid or posed… no one every has a boring time being Shot (in the face) by yours┬átruly.




Jules Jewelry

So if I’m not mistaken this might be my first commercial shoot I’ve done.

I offered a friend help with her Jewelry business because she was in need of some good pics.

Photographing 6+ beautiful models was a perk. She even got her son some extra pics for his modeling portfolio.

The ages ranged from 8 to 38

All 500+ Pictures on Smugmug

Soon she’ll have lots of nice new pictures on her website

 006_7S46677 004_7S46667


 017_7S46059 019_7S46208

 011_7S46257  016_7S46035  025_7S46646  010_7S47011  036_7S46949


 020_7S46293 003_7S46307


 040_7S45966  030_7S46803  055_7S46305  028_7S46691  062_7S46368

 033_7S46913 038_7S47058