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Here’s another photo shoot I did about a month ago and they’ve since gotten married
It was in a week or two span that every bridals i did she had the groom come along as well.

It’s a break from tradition but it seems that they specially enjoy it if they’re not big fans of getting pictures taken by themselves, or if they want pictures up at their reception.



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It was a bit chilly and she wasn’t into the outdoors thing.

So we switched locations to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown SLC right next to Temple Square.

 004_7S21879  015_7S21864

 041_7S21878 038_7S21861 037_7S21857 040_7S21876 039_7S21873

 006_7S21691  002_7S21682


 023_7S21695 020_7S21659 055_7S21595 061_7S21654 007_7S21559


I’m not Just being lazy…
but to prevent a certain fiancee from accidently seeing these pictures
You’ll have to click on the link to see these bridals for now

They were taken in SLC at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building
She really wanted indoor shots and this is the most common place
And because it’s common it’s also no cost or reservation… that I know of.

Are there other good indoor spots in SLC??? If you know… let me know!

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