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We did find lots of places to get out of the rain… but we got plenty of wet.

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Right to side of the road on our way up to Park City


Our very first shots of the day… back when we were kinda dry.

 011_7K03323 013_7K03346

Bridevale falls… one of the only times I’ve done pics there.


Thought I’d try something interesting up in park city.

And below – More rain.

 017_7K03370 021_7K03457


And you always need one for the grandma to see their faces



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We were at the national mall (Washington DC) They love the old smithsonian building and right by there is a carousel. The workers were excited to have us there and let us go for a turn.

Turns out these types of carousels are pretty difficult … they would be fine if all they did was spin in a circle but all the things go up and down as well… this means the bride and groom went up and down at differing times.

But I made due and got some fun shots.


This speaks for it self I suppose.

 018_7B09304 017_7B09284

 019_7B09317 077_7B09441



These fit into the series… same colors and look. A vendor also there in the mall.


Check out the rest of the photos we have up online from the wedding day on the SmugMug Event!


Here’s another photo shoot I did about a month ago and they’ve since gotten married
It was in a week or two span that every bridals i did she had the groom come along as well.

It’s a break from tradition but it seems that they specially enjoy it if they’re not big fans of getting pictures taken by themselves, or if they want pictures up at their reception.



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I’ll attempt to show off these pictures while talking about the locations.


Just stop on some plain road with a bunch of high weeds and make it happen.
I got the camera down low as you can see.

But seriously we were driving to Park City Utah and I just stopped and pulled off the highway.
For like 10 minutes is all.


Wasn’t in the original plans to shoot this spot, but when the sun hits something just right, it can supercede the previous plans.
This is right next to the cool barn that we had gone there to shoot.

So they really liked the egyptian theatre, but when I saw it, it looked really hard to photograph and a bit boring and the street was so close and people walking by.
This one definately needed to be edted to make it look a bit more moody and fit what the theatre was all about.
Take note of that crazy moose behind them


This was at the theatre… I did like the doors. But to avoid reflections and to make the scene more interesting I put them down on the ground

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We came back later in the day… Thus no one around.
I think i’ve seen every schedule possible for a wedding day… but I must admit this was the first time I took group pictures and then left for the luncheon and then came back for the couple pictures.
I liked it… a bit less rush.

 013_7S48930 002_7S48824

For those that didn’t hear it last time… Sacramento LDS temple is probably one of my favorite temples to shoot at!

 039_7S48975  004_7S49031  037_7S48880  032_7S48804

My philosophy on group pictures is: Let them decide, I’ll just make it look good.
I don’t want to put groups into situations they think are gonna be terribly cheesy.
But if they think of it themselves they’re probably good with it.

This way I get new ones each time and if they’re a more traditional group I’m not putting them into some elaborate set up they won’t even appreciate when a straight line is probably all they want.

Sometimes the good ol’ fashion jump is amongst the best… and this is amongst the most entertaining of them… as far as faces go.

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 007_7S48535  038_7S48935  022_7S48348  064_7S48454


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 012_7S20301 043_7S20241

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 006_7S28669 007_7S28680





 050_7S28531 049_7S28514



 093_7S29059 081_7S28899


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