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Background for the Spot

Any given day of the week go to Las Vegas and to this sign which is located on the southern end of the “Las Vegas Strip” and you’ll see hundreds of people show up all through the night (long past midnight) … I’m willing to bet that many days that number goes into the thousands as it’s often large groups.

The parking lot is often full and only southbound traffic can enter into the parking lot. There’s a lot of turn around as people come pretty much for one reason… PICTURES they get their pictures and then jet for their night on the town. Besides there’s always a line behind them so they don’t want to overstay their welcome.

Really how often do you want to be outside for extended periods of time in Las Vegas but late at night. Besides it’s when the sign is lit up and you get to see lights that Las Vegas is known for.

How it went down

I say this all to set up the scene, we arrive late at night after a long long wedding day, they had just made the grand exit from the wedding and we planned to meet in 40 minutes at the sign to take a few more pictures with a distinct Las Vegas feel as she grew up in Vegas we could say it was of the non touristic variety right?

They started with a bunch of energy but it was their wedding day and their energy had primarily all but been spent, so after the sign we went to one other location which was just fine by us all.

I want to talk about the lessons to explore from the moments at the sign.

The sign is a popular place, we already discussed this… i know from seeing everyone stop by, but honestly I’ve actually never seen a wedding picture in front of the sign, so luckily I just got to create whatever I wanted to and it would be unique for me (and probably them)

Everyone stands in the same location when they come up to the sign… so that was the first thing I did… I moved off to the side.

At the end of the post stay tuned because that’s where I do the 13 points recap

2 reasons for standing off to the side (or in a totally different spot)

  • I didn’t want to be limited to the usual time that everyone got with the sign, in fact I encoraged other people to continue business as usual. I wasn’t rushed, the other people weren’t rushed, everyone wins.
  • I also go another distinct angle that I really liked… I also prefer to be back farther away than the typical spot everyone was at… so that the people were slightly larger and more important in the picture and so the sign isn’t too overwhelming in many of the pictures.
  • Oh let’s add a third… where I stood I didn’t have to worry about people in my pictures, we took over our location pretty well, but that was ok because everyone had their spot, we were left to do our thing for the most part… besides let’s be honest… a bride in vegas isn’t necessarily the craziest thing they’ll see that night.


(Above) I’m willing to bet there’s a person right behind them… but no big deal, you can’t see them. That’s my point… the world doesn’t end when someone walks into the background of your pictures. Actually it might force you to try an angle that you wouldn’t have otherwise done.

I’ll throw out a few more observations and lessons along with a few more pictures. Really there’s a ton of lessons to be learned for this short period at the sign but this is what you get for now.



First look is …


The First time Chris sees Chelsea in her wedding dress.

First Look is…


The moment they embrace for the first time on that special day.

Doesn’t matter if it’s the day before, a week before or like this hours before there in her house as she walked down the stairs ready to go.

This is love… and this is what they call “First Look”

For those LDS Bride and Grooms we can’t document the moment you’re married for all time and eternity. But I can try to capture the emotions and the love you feel of another special moment as a symbol of that beginning.


The purpose of this post is to inspire people to take pictures wherever they want. Old stereotypes be damned.

Baker is what many might consider one of the Ugliest towns in the United States, boring and hot. Good for gasoline and some fast food. So I was excited to shoot some engagement pictures there. The couple traveling with me seemed to think I was just being goofy and playing a joke, (understandable) so we only took a few.

(Above) This is just outside of Baker… the mountains are certainly nothing out of northern Utah… not the typical vision of beauty. But it makes it strong and unique. Yeah I wish I had shot for more than about 2-3 minutes. I also wish it wasn’t 100 degrees.

 007_J7S6850 019_J7S6820

What’s the most distinctive thing about Baker? The tallest thermometer in the world.
So I convinced them to get out for a minute or two and shoot here in the middle of an ugly, empty, hot and dirty parking lot.

Looking back the iconic aspect of having the thermometer is cool but I’m such a fan of the colors and the sky. Made laying down on the burning hot ground worth it.

 040_J3S4146 041_J3S4166

Underneath a billboard for some shade… hoping to get the trailer park a bit more in the scene. I should have stoop up high on something to get more of the scenery.

The colors of this place are distinct in the pictures… you can’t really tell it’s late morning and almost 100 degrees. I actually like the way the color of this place is mid day.


 001_J7S6781 003_J7S6782

OK so we stopped several locations during our trip and this was mid morning outside of st. george off of some random street. The color and light was amazing when we passed by but we hit another location first and so we didn’t get back for about an hour. easily my favorite pictures of the event… even if I was excited about trying to make Baker look good.

I’ll do more spots in baker next time.



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Give me feedback on the new layout where I’m putting matching images next to eachother.


 042__3S26548 002__3S26549

 026__3S26556 043__3S26552 027__3S26567

 006__3S26461 016__3S26467

 012__3S26454 013__3S26458 015__3S26462 035__3S26472 021__3S26526 032__3S26447

 011__3S26423 004__3S26426



Not your typical vegas wedding I suppose…


Full Gallery – Highlights First
Full Gallery – Chronological Order

 002_7S23874 004_7S23887

Palm trees aren’t as common in Utah. Glad I get to travel so much!


Nice blue skies with cool clouds!… wonderful for these kinds of shots!

 005_7S24181 006_7S24189


 010_7S23933 009_7S23960

 012_7S23958 014_7S23969

 020_7S24128 019_7S24122
It’s a bit easier with good looking models.

 022_7S24158 023_7S24171