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Often you’re just trying to tap all the photographic wealth of places on the grounds of a beautiful place like Temple Square in Salt Lake City that you don’t often get to travel very far away.

Not that this location is even that far… but it mostly happened because prior to entering into the temple we had a “First Look Session” which was the first time he saw her in her dress.
We did lots of the locations that one would typically do at that point in time so after their ceremony in the temple we were certainly less rushed.

This particular shot happened mainly because we were all parked in the Conference Center parking lot and she wasn’t changing in the temple but going as is.
So I asked if they wanted a few more pictures.

Now there are certainly lots of amazing pictures from the day but this location was probably amongst my favorites because I’d never done it before. I also think it’s very modelesque of them.

And I love the colors… I know most people love warmer colors but this was December – winter time – and it just fits for me.


 048_J7S0002 041_J7S9927

Just putting up a couple for right now with more analysis coming up in the future. Any Specific pics you’d like me to tell the story on and describe how it went down (including technically) just let me know. There are many hundreds of photos each wedding it’s hard to know which picture you’d want to know most about.

 001_J7S9748 004_J7S9691

Because sometimes it takes me a while to get completely done with edits and then work on several blog write ups I’ll just do a short sneak peak of some of the pictures that i’ve already put on facebook for people to peak at… that I suppose maybe people here on the blog would like to see.

 008_J7S9833 007_J7S9820


 011_J7S9982 012_J7S9986

 010_J7S9886 024_J7S9683


 006_J7S9778 031_J7S9782

 028_J7S9719 029_J7S9724


 019_J7S9584 032_J3S2664

And I haven’t even shown any of the Reception pictures


I’m calling this one a sneak peak because then I’m allowed to do a more in depth post on the pictures later… maybe break them down a bit.

Whereas I want to show off how I shoot, why I take the pictures I do (for both clients and aspiring photographers) this’ll just be a “Look-At-These-Pictures” gallery




 007_J7S4321 009_J7S4329 011_J7S4332

 012_J7S4239 014_J7S4268




 023_J7S4841 022_7K00308



 047_J7S4253 039_J7S5152

Well I said this was gonna be a sneak peak… so maybe I should stop it here… there are lots more


Last wedding story was quite the read wasn’t it? Hope you enjoyed it.

I’m thinking about cutting this one down in more manageable chunks… plus it means that I get to string it along for more days. I mean I wasn’t supposed to tell you my tricks. I suppose it’s more like a mini-series with jack bauer just about to do something crazy right at the end and you have to tune back in to see what happens in the next installment.

So here we go.

I was here


This was the first picture of the day… I took it to test out the camera. I just got my 14-24 2.8 back from the shop not too long ago and I missed it for getting cool architecture stuff.

So we so often show off when LDS bride and grooms come out of the temples… like their mini-revealing and unveiling. Their version of walking down the aisle.

But what happens prior to that moment… the non-lds (mormon) in the audience might find this interesting.

I’ve often seen many photographers just sitting in a waiting room waiting for their bride and groom… they’re missing out… this is time to get to know the family and get some of those candids and solo portraits.

Such as…

 404DSC_1848 400_J7S4631 401_J7S4635 071_J7S4599

 205_J7S4596 069_J7S4594 072_J7S4602 073_J7S4609

Then the moment comes… they come out.

Many times for the actual ceremony she’s wearing a different more subdued dress and so she goes and changes into her wedding dress, so often this really is the first time most have seen her.

Except of course her mom who probably went with her dress shopping (with the card) and her sisters who she played dress up for, of course. haha

But I present Mr. & Mrs. Spencer

 407_J7S4663 075_J7S4664 076_J7S4669



Here is a preview of the wedding pictures taken last Friday in Los Angeles.

More pictures will be posted later of the events later that evening.

We tried to stay in areas out of the direct harsh sun… or we blocked the light with large reflectors.


 002_J7S2501 003_J7S2513



To see more pictures see this preview gallery

 006_J7S2374 007_J7S2377



 003_J7S5679 004_J7S5420





No Thank You!

Thank you for always wanting me to do your pictures since we’ve gotten to know eachother, glad we could make it happen.
And I hope I did it justice!

To see more go here – Posted 180+ right now… more to come

 011_J7S4858 023_J7S4859

Some professional photographers won’t do family pictures… I love it. I also don’t mind giving huge discounts for them.
You can’t slack off on them, in fact they’re probably even more work, but that’s what family is for, helping out.

 008_J7S4803 057_J7S4813


 040_J7S4608 032_J7S4589




 001_3S22991  007_3S23347

There’s overcast and then there’s White Overcast… where the sky is pure white with no definition to it and it provides no unique or warm glow like some types of cloudy days. So to say it was challenging is correct.


 008_3S23588  011_3S23624

 013_3S23664  015_3S23712

As you can tell I’ve really been loving twilight these days.
I searched around for the area with the most frost on the trees in bountiful.
Some random country road.


We pulled up to the location and it just kinda occurred to me that the car had lots of light power… why not use it.
I know it’s nothing terribly ground breaking but it was the first time for me.

I used the car lights on all the twilight/night pictures.

Stay tuned for the reception and luncheon pictures… I tried a new lighting style that I’ve never done before and they turned awesome.


Almost like a yearly tradition to go take pictures of the lights on Temple Square.

For the first little while I was thinking about what I was going to focus on.
Some photowalks I spend most of my time sharing techniques with people asking.
I thought this time around since I had all my stuff I’d focus on taking some really cool pictures.

But turns out I didn’t do much of either.

This time around I really didn’t spend much time taking pictures.
I primarily played around with shooting video.

I did snap out a few pictures in between videos.
And here they are.


The photowalking event was a great.
There were a TON of people.

A bunch of people I haven’t seen in a long while.
And a Ton of people i didn’t even know.

Seems like when it gets colder and all of us don’t have as many photo-shoots these activities get bigger and bigger.

I did miss having Steph and Suzanne there like last year.
And I wish I had been able to keep up with David and Carissa but I was too slow and didn’t really get around too much… we shot a lot on one small area.

But in the end I got a sexy new profile picture for facebook by Antonio

 006_DSC3794 009_DSC3763

So the real question is… what in the world do I do with the 90 video clips I shot??
I’m really clueless. Isn’t film all about how you intertwine the clips.
Well I don’t want to add that to my plate as well… that’s too much.

I can upload them to smugmug and put them on the blog… but they weren’t really informational… I think.

It was fun taking the clips… I just wonder…


 012_DSC3814 021_DSC3808



My blog posts hope to reach the following people in the following ways. (No particular order)

1. The client

By showing them their pictures in a short succinct recap, and giving them a quick method to show their pictures to their friends and family.

2. The clients friends and family.

By offering them a short recap of their friend or family member.
And also provide a link to the full gallery so they can see more if desired

3. Potential clients

By showing them what kind of work I’ve been doing recently.
After 4-5 years I keep on getting better every shoot.
It’s great to see many pictures from one shoot and know that I don’t just take a small handful of good pictures at each shoot.
Thus the longer posts

4. Friends and Family

Because they say they like to see what I’m up to.
They like to look at pictures. Or so they say 😉

5. Other photographers

-I think that’s a huge bulk of my audience.

I write many posts of photographers interest only.
Posts with tips and tricks directly mainly to photographers, specially the aspiring and learning types.

I also try to include teaching moments through almost all of my posts.
Like for instance, this post.

 002_DSC2063 004_DSC2037

That being said.

Here’s the link to the FULL GALLERY


 007_DSC2057 008_DSC2057

This couple has yet to be married.

I’ll be in Hawaii when they get married.

They opted to do their wedding pictures on a previous day.

Why do people do their pictures on a previous day?

  • They’ll thus have these pictures in time for their wedding reception or dinner.
  • They’ll also have lots more time on their wedding day.
  • They won’t freeze as much on their wedding day. (popular for winter weddings)
  • We can pick any location.
  • We can shoot at any time.
  • It’s tons cheaper.
  • They can even get another photographer to do group shots if I’m not available.

Why do I like formals?

  • For many of the same reasons:
  • We can shoot at any time. (not just smack dab in the middle of the harshest light)
  • We can take our time and focus on better quality. (Wedding days are often very rushed)
  • We have more fun.
  • I can do more weddings this way.
  • They can show off the prints at the reception.


This one is the product of Spencer … he decided he wanted to pick her up.
I welcome ideas, I don’t know what all a couple is wanting or willing to do.

Any when it comes from the couple themselves, it’s bound to be the favorite… because it was their own idea, their own moment.



Let’s start with the ending. Those are always lots of fun


They got married at the Draper temple.


The reception was at Thanksgiving Point


 007_7151076 008_7150870

 013_7151110 039_7151118

When we all figured out after like 20 minutes of shooting that they didn’t want to be told what to do, like it seems everyone else expects of me.
We started to really have fun and just do some crazy and fun stuff and I was just there to document it and tell them when something wasn’t working.

For instance on the last two they just posed differently after every shot. Believe it or not they had no idea of what the other was doing.






In the last post we showed some of the regular pictures

In this one I’ll show a series of pictures taken in a 90 second span.








And Normal


This technique involves the following:

Tell them each click they need to do a different face.
They can’t coordinate. (Because it’s funnier that way and it goes faster that way… they’re more spontaneous)

This is a good exercise to loosen them up for the rest of the photoshoot
or a good way to finish up a night on a really fun note.


‘Things are clicking. (Pun intended)

I’ve got some fancy new toys like new lenses and lighting stuff.

I’m working better with all the people coming to assist.
It’s a lot of work getting each person to know what to do specially when it seems i have to deal with someone new each time.
But i’m getting better at it and showing them their job faster and better.
While still keeping the connection with my clients.

Things are starting to get even busier around here with 3 weddings each week for the next few weeks.
It’s just about the right time to start getting in a groove.

And I think I’m in a groove, taking things to the next level.

I’ve been spending a bit more time on lighting my pictures.

ALSO, after years trying to get faster at editing… I think I’ve slowed down.
Sometimes I’ll edit all the pictures then go back through and see what I missed.
Checking a second time to see how I can improve the pictures.

Yes maybe I don’t have tons of time for it at the moment but i think it will help step up the level for times to come.

The plan is to do Fewer jobs and focus on them a little more.
(Which happens to mean an increase in price, but shhhh don’t tell anyone. haha)

I hope you all have enjoyed what you’ve been seeing these days.

The following set is from the SLC library in case you wanted to know the location.

Finding and working a new location on a whim… Pays off.
Don’t you just love the reflection off of the glass.

 002_7S49230 003_7S49234
The one on the right looks almost fake. For some reason it just came out that way. I did add a bit of vignette.

 051_7S49255 056_7S49356 043_7S49162 039_7S49414

I admit it’s not the perfect wedding picture, but as a regular kinda modely picture for some reason I love it

Girls love their veil, their ring and romantic moments… so that’s a 3 in 1



For the full gallery click here.


 006_7S28669 007_7S28680





 050_7S28531 049_7S28514



 093_7S29059 081_7S28899