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The story shall be told with pictures alone.

For more of them go here:





 0117a_8D18128 0182a_8D17653 0218a_8D17914 0200a_8D17782 0196a_8D17762

 0103a_8D17440 0106a_8D17484


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One of the two weddings I did at the San Diego LDS Temple in December

We did beach shots in Ocean Side and the reception was in Orange County at Dana Point.

To see lots lots more go here… there are 150+ uploaded so far


Yes they’re an incredibly good looking couple and that always makes for nice pictures.


 0103_7363953 0112_7363544



I already knew his family really well so it was fun to get to know her family… they were awesome and we got along so well… helps they loved my photography! With several of the sisters being pretty awesome at photography.


 0153_7363445 0119_7363811


I love when I get to shoot without being rushed at sunset… being on the coast is a bonus!

 0108_7364801 0109_7364784

The famous seagul picture :)


Middle of the day it’s always nice to have a place where you can find some shade.



 0131_7364464 0132_7364466

Yep I’m jumping back and forth between temple pictures and couple pictures at the beach and later that evening.

 0121_7363928 0123_7363953




 0191_7364151 0188_7364116

More family pics





Did I mention they made it to In-n-out that day too!

 0127_7364237 0198_7364257



An August wedding at the LDS Temple in Manti Utah

A gallery of more pictures here

Their reception was at Le Jardin in Sandy Utah

Back to the Temple for a few



They have a strong connection to Apple Pie

I don’t think they have the same strong connection to fries but I thought the picture was cute anyway.


Other people were there too

 025_7K07021 027_7K07023 028_7K07037 040_7C05553 047_7C05585

 036_7C05545 037_7K07076 048_7K07158 038_7K07090 039_7K07094


Often you’re just trying to tap all the photographic wealth of places on the grounds of a beautiful place like Temple Square in Salt Lake City that you don’t often get to travel very far away.

Not that this location is even that far… but it mostly happened because prior to entering into the temple we had a “First Look Session” which was the first time he saw her in her dress.
We did lots of the locations that one would typically do at that point in time so after their ceremony in the temple we were certainly less rushed.

This particular shot happened mainly because we were all parked in the Conference Center parking lot and she wasn’t changing in the temple but going as is.
So I asked if they wanted a few more pictures.

Now there are certainly lots of amazing pictures from the day but this location was probably amongst my favorites because I’d never done it before. I also think it’s very modelesque of them.

And I love the colors… I know most people love warmer colors but this was December – winter time – and it just fits for me.


 048_J7S0002 041_J7S9927

Just putting up a couple for right now with more analysis coming up in the future. Any Specific pics you’d like me to tell the story on and describe how it went down (including technically) just let me know. There are many hundreds of photos each wedding it’s hard to know which picture you’d want to know most about.

 001_J7S9748 004_J7S9691

Because sometimes it takes me a while to get completely done with edits and then work on several blog write ups I’ll just do a short sneak peak of some of the pictures that i’ve already put on facebook for people to peak at… that I suppose maybe people here on the blog would like to see.

 008_J7S9833 007_J7S9820


 011_J7S9982 012_J7S9986

 010_J7S9886 024_J7S9683


 006_J7S9778 031_J7S9782

 028_J7S9719 029_J7S9724


 019_J7S9584 032_J3S2664

And I haven’t even shown any of the Reception pictures


I’m calling this one a sneak peak because then I’m allowed to do a more in depth post on the pictures later… maybe break them down a bit.

Whereas I want to show off how I shoot, why I take the pictures I do (for both clients and aspiring photographers) this’ll just be a “Look-At-These-Pictures” gallery




 007_J7S4321 009_J7S4329 011_J7S4332

 012_J7S4239 014_J7S4268




 023_J7S4841 022_7K00308



 047_J7S4253 039_J7S5152

Well I said this was gonna be a sneak peak… so maybe I should stop it here… there are lots more




I present to you another couple that has taken a few minutes to write a few words of advice to future brides along with some great stories for random pictures they liked from their wedding experience.

Once again the pictures they picked were not your typical pictures you’d see on a photo-blog (Except probably the one I chose above) but when you read the stories you can understand why they’re so important to the bride and the groom.

I had a lot of fun doing their engagement pictures in San Fransisco and wedding in Idaho. You could tell they had a great love for good photography and that always makes things easier for me. Thanks for the great day Bobbiejane and David

To see more pictures go to the blog I wrote about them Part 1 Part 2 or their galleries online

Jarvie’s Digital Review – by the Culbertsons

Finding a Photographer

We enjoy a more artistic approach to wedding photos instead of the boring and typical posed pictures that seem to all look the same. When looking for a photographer for our wedding, the first thing that we looked at were their pictures. This way we could see what the finished product was going to be, and if it fit our sense of style.  The photographer was important to us because we knew that the photos would be the lasting memories, and documentation of our very special day.  We really wanted them to portray our personalities, and not a cookie cutter, mass produced, blah wedding album. We were getting married in Idaho, where neither one of us was from, so we had to rely on the internet heavily to find a photographer instead of by word of mouth. At first it seemed a daunting task, but we feel like it was actually better to be able to see the finished product, and be able to rule out photographers automatically if we didn’t like their finished product.

Because we were definitely working with a budget, our next priority was pricing and packages. Luckily, Scott works with couples by offering discounts, and various ways to pay off the cost of his wedding packages. We were ecstatic that we had found someone whose artistry we loved, and could also afford to get the best pictures for our wedding day.

Advice about finding a photographer:

The photographer was really important for us to remember our wedding day, so we would recommend picking someone whose style you like since it’s your day.  Also, we starting looking for our photographer first thing so that we ensure that he would be available on our wedding date.

Scott; the man, the comedian, the photo master.

We were extremely impressed by the commitment that Scott showed us for our wedding pictures. Our engagement photo shoot lasted 7.5 hrs, with 10 outfit changes. A little over the top. We started at 2pm, and finished around 930pm, driving all around San Francisco, taking photos wherever an opportunity presented itself. He went above and beyond the norms of a photographer, and we couldn’t have been more happy with how he interacted with us, and how the photos turned out. He also kept us entertained!

When the wedding day came, we were surprised to find that there were 3 photographers instead of one to capture the best photos. Unlike other photographers, his package covered the entire wedding day. He was there for the wedding ceremony, as well as the reception, so that every aspect of our day was covered. He orchestrated the many family members in all of the photos very well, and was always looking for a good angle and gorgeous backdrop for our photos. He is also charming and handsome, and we were lucky to have him as our photographer, if you have any single lady friends, we believe he is single and willing to give free photos for life for finding him his mate.(haha)

Advice on photographs for the wedding day and engagement photos:

One of the best parts of looking at our photos now is being able to see how everything looked throughout the entire day since it was a blur to us. We would recommend knowing what specific photos you want. Look around beforehand at pictures you like, especially the poses used so that you can recreate them for yourself on your wedding day. Modeling doesn’t come naturally to all of us! For the engagement photos, I would keep it short and simple, 2 outfit changes max, it can become overwhelming if you try to do too much.

Pictures With Stories



We both loved this photo because it was so random. We pulled up to meet Scott, he was sleeping in his car on the streets of San Francisco, and there was this door right there.  We wanted to start the photo shoot right there! So this is what we got!


We loved this one because we wanted to be original, and Scott worked with our creativity to produce quality photos out of our odd ideas. We were waiting for our sandwiches at Ike’s, our favorite place to eat in San Francisco, we wandered down the street, and were inspired by the crosswalk, and the streets.

Wedding photos;


I love this because we spent a lot of time finding the rings that we wanted! Dave’s is really special because its Bobbiejane’s fingerprint actually molded into the ring. Also, Bobbiejane’s ring was a total and complete surprise.



Ok ok so it’s not exactly molten lava coming down a mountain… but it was once upon a time.

You should just be happy I wasn’t cheesy enough to title it “Whole Lava Love” – (Though I wanted to)

Anyway… expect a few more posts on this wedding. We did wedding pictures at the Kona LDS Temple and on the way to the resort we stopped in the middle of no where and took some fun pictures. It was like going to the salt flats for something totally unique, but obviously it’s not salt and we weren’t there at sunset, but where we were at sunset was pretty amazing and those will be coming… when I get back to Utah.  I leave Hawaii tonight and will be back in utah tomorrow. I have 3 weddings next week, so it’ll be busy.

 002_J7S9719 001_J7S9711




This is my recap of the wedding pictures.

There were many many pictures taken that day, but I was able to skim through them and pick out some of my favorites so I could do a recap here.

It’s gonna be a long post because I have lots of pictures to share.
And also a few words about how to make every wedding this great.

Perfectly planned

I really had a great time doing this wedding.
Being in Hawaii certainly didn’t hurt.
They were also a great looking couple, had a great family, picked a wonderful place for the wedding and reception.
They had everything planned out very well and that makes my job so much easier and makes for better pictures.





So if a future bride is reading this.

Please note that it just doesn’t naturally happen with no effort.

What to do?
This bride seemed to almost plan the day around wonderful picture opportunities.
From the fans and the parisols the brides mades used to flying her stylist over from her island.


She seemed to pick the location based on her own estimation and advice from the hotels as to which one had the best photography spots.
And she picked well.

So therefore… pick a great place to get married or time to travel to a spot on that day.

 010_DSC7621 011_DSC7769

She even organized the banquet/reception to end in time to have her be able to do photography at sunset.
Most people seem unwilling to do that sometimes planning a reception during sunset.
Perhaps it helped since she had a captive audience since 70 people flew from another island.

I can’t and won’t just pull you away from whatever you’re doing to get sunset pictures.
But I will be willing to do them if that desire comes from you.

I’ll do my best to take amazing pictures. But if you aren’t willing to go the extra mile with a smile… well… you understand.


She got tons of pictures during the reception that she will be using for several projects that would have not been possible unless she had 2 people helping organize those shots. I could have done them but not effeciently in the time that it needed to, because we had the help of others to cut down drastically on the time and have me simply doing the shots, what I do best.
Besides she planned a banquet/formal reception which allow for better pictures than a “lined” reception.
The program allowed for great pictures as well as the nice decorations.


Finally they were troopers.
I pride myself in making the shoots fun and creative.
But they were more than willing to make the pictures happen.

Those who are more interested in and excited about pictures will more often get the better pictures.
We photographers feed off of that energy.

They didn’t just wait for instructions (slowing the process down) but they put emotion into their pictures.
And they acted quickly to help utilize effectively the short time we had.
I’m not saying they were the best actors or characters I’ve photographed. In fact I did most of the ideas, but it just happened that I was on a roll. but I think their attitude played a big part and the way we interacted.


Never once did I hear… “But I’m not photogenic”, or “I don’t look good in pictures”
It’s our job to make good pictures and I’d like to think I do a good job and everyone is always pleased, so if you just trust us and just relax and have fun.
Remember we thrive with the emotion of the moment.


Having tons of time to shoot isn’t the key, it’s a team effort to act effectively with the time given.

 016_3S00319 015_DSC7073

(Above) Two poses they made happen entirely on their own. The prep dancing they didn’t even know about.

The photographer and those being photographed should both be creative together working to make things happen.
The emotion and feeling of the picture needs to flow from them.
I tend to put them in the poses that match the mood coming from them and from the light of the day.

Even though I scouted out the location in advance to see what could work, we still were open to any possibility that night.
We had to roll with the time and situation given to us.

Just exactly how the light would be hitting at the moment we passed by the location we were walking around.


And it all went down perfectly. And part of that perfection comes from moving fast and taking advantage of every picture we had time for. But not limiting ourselves to expectations of pictures and then not having time to make them happen.
Having wants and desires is great but we need to be able to roll with the flow and settle for the best pictures possible.
If she had wanted a picture that took 20 minutes to travel to or create then we would have missed out on soo much.

There was trust that I would do my job but it wasn’t a blind relience that it only depended on me and that the subject didn’t have to do anything nor did they even have to care.

Hawaii sure didn’t hurt, nor did their good looks of the bride and groom, nor Dustin assisting me that evening with lighting and bags.
And creating and inviting to more opportunities is very helpful.



But the moral of the story is…
It’s partnership of creativity, we all work together to make great pictures.


More pictures after the jump
or more pictures on smugmug






In the last post we showed some of the regular pictures

In this one I’ll show a series of pictures taken in a 90 second span.








And Normal


This technique involves the following:

Tell them each click they need to do a different face.
They can’t coordinate. (Because it’s funnier that way and it goes faster that way… they’re more spontaneous)

This is a good exercise to loosen them up for the rest of the photoshoot
or a good way to finish up a night on a really fun note.



Not your typical vegas wedding I suppose…


Full Gallery – Highlights First
Full Gallery – Chronological Order

 002_7S23874 004_7S23887

Palm trees aren’t as common in Utah. Glad I get to travel so much!


Nice blue skies with cool clouds!… wonderful for these kinds of shots!

 005_7S24181 006_7S24189


 010_7S23933 009_7S23960

 012_7S23958 014_7S23969

 020_7S24128 019_7S24122
It’s a bit easier with good looking models.

 022_7S24158 023_7S24171




First of all let me say that I LOVED shooting at the Sacramento LDS Temple

The temple Grounds were wonderful, with lots of places to shoot:
Little river beds, archways, fountains, plenty of places to sit, nice windows and doors, and a great place for group pictures if people are up for it.

Full Gallery – Highlights first
Full Gallery – Chronological




 008_7S20920 007_7S20908

 018_7S20798 015_7S20746





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