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Come join us for 3 days (or less) in Utah March 23-25 for some awesome photography adventures.

My event The Jarvie Photography Decathlon (happening October) is sponsoring this epic 3 day photowalk
Kind of a pre-event festivity. If another group/company would like to help sponsor more than organization skills and help us rent a clean room tent get in contact with me.


It’s a time for lots of photographers to get together for a weekend have fun, socialize and go take pictures.

This could possibly be the largest weekend-long photowalk so far in the history of Google+
We already have some well known photographers like Lotus, Hawk and Colby coming
Some photographers are even coming from out of the country.

When and Where
Friday 23rd of March through Sunday 25th of march in UTAH

Friday we’ll do photowalks in Salt Lake City and a couple other locations
Saturday and sunday we’ll go to the festival of colors
All days we’ll probably find locations to eat together
People are organizing groups to rent houses for the weekend since it’s more fun and cheaper.

And remember almost all details will be given on Google+ on my Profile or the Festival of Colors page

Things to know about the festival of colors

  • Here are 8 other blog posts I’ve done about the event in the past 4yrs
  • The festival is also known as Holi … there are over 15k people that go… mostly college kids
  • here’s the official site about the festival of colors
  • I write about how to keep cameras safe at the end of the blog
  • it’s 2 dolors for entrance and you buy your own colors
  • photography is allowed
  • It’s all at your own risk
  • It’s a pretty clean festival where I’ve never seen nudity, smoking or alcohol of any type… people are also very respectful of eachother and there’s lots of love and joy there.
  • It could possibly be chilly or rainy
  • It’s located in Spanish Fork Utah
  • Here’s a great Youtube video by some friends

Other things to know about the photowalk

  • I have access to large 20-50ppl cabins if someone wants to organize it
  • Getting a location anywhere from SLC to Provo is perfect.
  • Most people are aiming for near Lehi/American Fork because it’s halfway between the festival and SLC and Lehi is where I live.
  • Contact +Ricardo Lagos (for now) and he can help connect you with housing options outside of hotels.
  • As far as the photowalk itself there is no cost (just in case you didn’t know how photowalks work) Just show up.
  • Let us know you’re coming so we can put you on the list of expected participants (Yes or maybe)
  • Updates will happen on Google+ or on this blog – so follow both



Here’s a small collection of some of the pics I took that year


 009__DS21190 010__DS20916 011__DS21204 014__DS21054 015__DS21109


 0008__J3S3194 0009__J3S3119 0010__J3S3376 0051__J3S3382 0012__J3S3402

1000 More of my shots from 2010

 0025__J3S2487 0018__J3S2147 0035__J3S2089 0040__J7S2819 0029__J3S2880

 0037__J3S2242 0210__J3S1916 1684__J3S2906 2607__J3S2044 0817__J3S2879

 0190__7SC2207 0187__7SC2069 0188__7SC2126 0191__7SC2240 0186__J7S3251

 0146__J7S3068 0048__J3S3049 0033__J3S1944 0067__J3S2554 0137__J3S2736


 026_J7S4831 089_J7S4835


Last year I did some actual shoots… like a couple of real engagements, trash the dress (with models) and some portraits.



 062_J7S4088 008_7K05572 014_J7S3690 032_7K05505 001_J7S4039


(Below Models)


 056_J7S3927 057_J7S3950 052_J7S3916 050_J7S3902 070_J7S4333


 242_7K05806 272_J7S3832 305_J7S4006 345_J7S4488 362_J7S4615


 552_J7S4479 545_J7S4468 567_7K05931 539_J7S4453 564_7K05920



This will be the most popular section.
People always ask me about keeping the camera safe??

The safest thing you can do is to not own a camera to worry about.

Personally, I really don’t worry about it… tons of people that bring their camera and if they’re not stupid they’re just fine.

I will NOT try to convince you to come… some people will remain paranoid no matter what. I will not try to talk sense into you. If logic can’t save you then just don’t come, or come and don’t shoot, or come and buy a underwater bag.

If you read this section and you still whine about it… I will probably not answer your questions and simply mock you and your pansiness… so don’t expect babying from me.

But below I will give you the perfect TIPS on how to be SMART

We will also have gaffer tape, rain bags, and syran wrap and rubber bands at the event.





 445_J7S3730 468_J7S3960 625_J7S4861 634_J7S4894


BTW it’s not smart to be in the middle of the crowd with no protection and a external zoom lens… but you can always NOT be in the middle of the crowd.

For those that are concerned

I would NOT recomend the following

  • Using external zoom lenses
  • Going into the middle of the crowd
  • Changing lenses
  • Changing memory cards
  • Using a neckstrap you don’t want stained
  • Not using gaffer tape on sensetive areas

As for me

  • I wear an open jacket to tuck the camera
  • I put filters on the lenses. (Even a cheap one just for the day)
  • I don’t use an external zoom lens (so no 24-70) and I’d be risky to use my 14-24 but the other 5-6 lenses are fair game.
  • I gaffer tape flash pop up, battery area, memory card area and external plug in sections.
  • I put syran wrap around where the lens connects and remove it when I want to change lenses
  • I change lenses in a safe environment
  • I air compressor or comressed air to blow off entire camera prior to changing lenses and when I’m done for the day.
  • I get a sensor cleaning

Worst Case?

Send your camera to my favorite camera repair shop (Kew’s) where for a nominal fee they’ll clean the entire camera for something like 100 (that includes sensor… and well everything)

So in any case… it’s a ton of fun and hope to see you all there.

 002_J7S3720 004_J7S3723

OK so I did a post on this photogenic couple back the day after I took their pictures. I finished up about 35 pictures real quick and released them… but… I had another 100-200 in mind to edit up and give the happy couple.

So I edited them and then I was saying to myself I should post some more. Then I uploaded them wrong and had to change the order of the gallery to chronological (which I usually do as a secondary gallery viewing) and so I thought why not post theese pictures in chronological.

The point of these posts are for future clients to know what I’m about and what to expect for their photoshoots… AND for photographers to see how another photographer operates.

So you’ll see the progression of places and how I use the places and how light changes and how we interact. I might have put in a couple dozen pics into this post but there are still over 100 I didn’t put in. So check them out if you really want to see it all.

K I tried to put more of the newer pics into the mix this time for those who still remember the last post. (Which I doubt people will remember them all)

I really love the one on the bottom right… but it matches the other one so we put it more into a sequence for this post.

 050_J7S3751 002_J7S3753


Above and below should show you how big a difference the choice of lens can have on a location.




I think these two (below and above) really tell a lot about these two whom I know very well… they are fashionable minded and they met eachother dancing.




So i’ve decided to pick a day each week where I can do all the training and events I’ve been wanting to do and people have been requesting.

So TUESDAY is the day each week I’ll organize some king of photography event whether big or small.

It’s already the day once a month that I’m in charge of organizing the Utah County SmugMug User Group (which is open and free to all)

Next tuesday will be our first meetup (a BBQ in Pleasant Grove) so this consider this my Plug for everyone to come meet other photographers and eat food.


I will be announcing each tuesday event on this FB GROUP – and it’ll send out an invite or a message each time an event is coordinated

So seriously sign up for that group so you get updates.


This is for Anyone interested in photography.

For instance the next week after the BBQ is a special class for Beginning photography tips… I think it will be perfect for the parent wanting better pictures of their kids to those wanting to turn photography into more of a serious hobby (or business)

You’ll find the events listed on that group page which did I mention you should sign up for

I will reserve the right to charge for an event once a month depending on the type of event. But this will mean that 3 out of the 4 will remain at a cost… and on the other nights it’s appropriate to bring food and treats.


Last night was the first night and it was very successful not because a ton of people could come with 1 day notice but because we all learned a ton about lighting. We experimented a bunch with lots of lighting style and it was fun.

I didn’t take any pictures and I enjoyed teaching and assisting with the lights and reflectors.

Here are a couple of the pictures taken by Whitney Lewis with lighting set up by yours truly and processing ala me as well.

 001DSC_3641 002DSC_3644


A few of the interns of Whitney Lewis got in on the mix being the models

Becky (below) traveled 2hrs from Delta for this event and said after it was more than worth it… so I don’t want any complaints about the location… even if I do these at the office so I don’t have to travel more than 10 steps


 016_J7S3496 038_J7S3638

Recently I’ve started to take a lot more individual portraits at the engagement (and other) shoots.

Figure they (and parents and friends) would appreciate them.
The parents can put them on their wall next to their senior pictures and they can even use them on facebook if they like.

Why not… just takes a few seconds… kick the fiance out and see their personality by themselves not in their comfort zone with their love.

 069_J7S3382 042_J7S3477

Then I’m able to tag them as such and in SmugMug make a smart gallery that will pull all these shots into one album… like so


 006_J7S3431 010_J7S3738 018_J7S3478 013_J7S3751 024_J7S3520


I edit and upload in batches (First batch will have 61 – look for more later)



 004_J7S3432 005_J7S3459


Am I starting to like B&W more or is it just because the feel and the lighting and the mood of the day seemed to be better stated in B&W??

 033_J7S3725 029_J7S3684 021_J7S3451 028_J7S3609 032_J7S3702

 007_J7S3557 009_J7S3558

His name is Walter

I lovingly refer to him as “Walter the Horse”

I think he was the highlight of the second day of shooting for the 3rd annual charity shoot.

Walter deserves his own blog post

 006_7159116 004_7159108

 001_7159103 003_7159108

 008_7159050 010_7159079

(I’ll even throw in some pics of his chauffeurs)

Schedule is set – Now booking

This should be the best year ever of my free charity shoot… I’m excited get ready to schedule your spot (starting tomorrow/Friday)

If you’re interested please read through the full blog before asking questions, if not simply enjoy the pictures at the end. :)

 2007-09-21 3Girls-_U113262
Everyone should be just about this excited for this opportunity!

How to Book a time for the charity shoot?

Booking will officially start tomorrow (Friday)

Send an email to

see the online calender for openingsClick here and go to OCTOBER 5th through 10th

we are taking pre-bookings for those that participated in my survey last week.
And my interns have a days head-start to invite their friends to the shoots for the days they’re in charge of.

There should be plenty of spots available up to 60 canyon spots and more than enough Studio time.
I will help with scheduling but I am not in charge of scheduling.
If you send the email it will get to the right place… maybe even doing a comment on the post will work… but no guarantee.

To double check you are official make sure your name is on the online calender.

The schedule is now set

Every day mon-friday 10am-1:30pm = Studio shoots in North Lehi

  • CANYONS = Fall Colors
    • Monday 3-7pm = Little Cottonwood canyon
      • White pine trailhead parking lot – it’s 5.5 miles into the canyon -.5 miles before snowbird
      • Here’s a link to the google map
    • Tuesday 3-7pm = American Fork Canyon (At the summit parking lot area)
    • Wednesday 3-7pm = Big Cottonwood Canyon (Silver lake area)
    • Thursday 3-7pm = Provo Canyon (Sundance/Alpine loop area)
    • Saturday 3-7pm = Provo Canyon (Sundance/Alpine loop area spot #2)

A “why not” attempt to create the coolest photography house in Utah.

UPDATE: The owner sold the house 2 days before I was to move in… can’t blame him I suppose… it was a great rental price but way overpriced to buy, so good for him if he was able to sell it.

But now I’m looking for a new place… and if possible even another option for another PHOTO HOUSE

So I ran across this house for lease and went to look at it and take some pictures.

see full gallery here

It was perfect!
But a little bit too spendy for just me and my lonely self.

So…. I had an idea



I’ve been talking with the owner about leasing it and then renting out the other 4 bedrooms.
He’s down… now I just need to see the interest for renters.

The Idea

The coolest photog house and hangout in Utah

A place for photographers to live, eat, breath photography

As a place to live or as a place to have an office/studio

Indoor studios, outdoor locations, rooms to rent, office space, place to live and have photo related events

To live in the house it would probably need to be single folk like myself.


It is a very secluded house that happens to be very near Everything

See it up-close on Google Maps

It’s located in Lehi, Utah

2.0 miles from American Fork/Lehi shopping area on state st.
Including countless restaurants, Walmart, Costco, you name it!
All are under 2.5 miles away

2.2 miles from freeway on-ramp to I-15

12 miles to Salt Lake county (Draper, Bangerter hwy)

13.3 miles to University ave in Orem

30 miles to downtown SLC

Very close to tons of photographic locations in Utah county.
(The house comes with a list of all of these locations… haha )

The best indoor lighting possible

There are 20ft+ vaulted ceilings with a wall of big windows
Both of the bottom rows have a built in diffuser because of the style of shades.
And we can set up another room as a dark studio for when it’s not night.


Big studio and Workshop room





 021_7S20933  045_7S20905  022_7S20937  048_7S20924



 067_7S21076  133_7S21092  132_7S21075  131_7S21071


I know other photographers do things way different… I know and respect and understand… let me explain my way for a moment or two

My goal is often to mix great art, making someone look good and showing off who someone is.

This of all the pics is Kambria’s smile to me. The real one.

I can be lazy i know this… and most others know this.
OK so I’m a tad lazy sometimes and that’s what leads to a lot of this style.
I know how to do a bunch of things with lighting… but i don’t often do it.
I stick to easy lighting situations and simple techniques.

But there’s a reason…
thing is my style doesn’t really allow for some of this fancy stuff.
It’s a whole experience being around me… I usually want happy faces and good experiences.
Or for them to feel like they can be creative.

 029_7S28774 030_7S28780
I set up the shot… i picked the background… i got the camera set. But she did the moves.
I told her “look here”… or “look to your right” – she picked the rest… and i thought she did good. And since she did it herself… it’s much more likely to be something that is who she is.

My style??
Well I’d like to think that what I offer is a very fluid interaction and that people so often feel very very comfortable around me.
Even those that aren’t into pictures… they become into it. Or at least have a non-painful time.

My style is bringing out their style…. facilitating their ability to come up with ideas and make them their own.

This leads to more pictures.
Sure i could pose them and put their head and hands right in the perfect spot… but each time i do that we just lost 10 more pictures… at least.

Sure I personally have a distinct way of shooting and a look to my pictures… and I have poses that i fall back on. But each time they get to put a flare on those… as i get to put my own flare on concepts I’ve done before.


So, i suppose i go for the quantity approach.
People love that i take lots of pictures in so many styles and views.
They certainly get their bang for their buck when they walk away with 100+ good pictures of themselves.
And it also increases the odds of ones they absolutely love.
See the thing is we might have an idea in our mind and work super hard to make that spot and that lighting perfect. But it doesn’t always assure that is what the client loves the most.
So often they love the moment. They love their expression, they love the memories associated with that moment. Or perhaps they just like another spot a bit more. They might prefer a picture of a lesser quality than the one you made look imaculate. And it just takes exploring and playing around to find that spot.

It’s so interesting to see what someone likes in the end and finding out why they like it.



This girl loved these little piglets… she’s going to love these series of pictures.


I know i don’t post everything i do… actually far from it.

But I liked a few of these enough and had some time and felt motivated.

So here I go

To see like 100 more pictures of the same 1 block radius of Lehi go to the full gallery online

This was done in Lehi.
I was first told of the location by one of my favorite fellow photographers Suzanne










 014_7S26900 015_7S26933

 037_7S27034 033_7S27018



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Gardens 5 Gardens 4 Gardens 3 Gardens 2 Gardens 1

I took pictures of a couple at Thanksgiving Point on Monday.
When the couple I was taking pictures of left to go to a surprise party I stayed with the golf cart and drove around the gardens taking copious amounts of pictures.
And I have made a gallery.