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Their wedding is December 27th, we did bridal pictures (and pre-wedding couples pictures)
We went to the same canyon that i did the other 15 photo shoots last month…

Well the leaves have all fallen but it seems that even so it just makes things a little more challenging…
and that makes it fun.

Props to the couple, her sister and cousin for staying out in the cold for a couple of hours and helping misty maneuver in her dress in the middle of a forest.






No matter how much you play with the pictures afterwards the pictures still retain the unique colors and lighting of the time of day/place and season that you took them.

I look forward to their wedding in December.

I’ve been posting pictures from the Europe trip. I’ve done galleries for the first 30 days… but now I jumped ahead to the end of June and did the week I was in Italy.
There are 166 pictures in 5 galleries

Genova/Genoa Coast
Northern Italy
















Genova/Genoa Coast



Northern Italy

Taking the Long road back…


On the way back from taking pictures at a wedding in Los Angeles
I stopped at places like Joshua Tree National Park (Above)

And along the Coast (Above)
And I spent some time in San Diego (Including Old Town San Diego – Below)


And a San Diego Padres baseball game. (Below)


I also took a short 3 hour tour through Mexico (Below)
And Finally I spent 2 days at Zion National Park doing 3 popular hikes. (Below)




Of the 3000+ pictures 150 were selected for these galleries

They are divided into two sections.

LA to Mexico
(which includes a substantial amount of pictures from Joshua Tree National Park)

Zion’s National Park

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Pictures from the most recent wedding at the South Jordan LDS Temple.

Full Galleries : Temple | Couple | Reception

Harsh sun gave the bride a sunburn and provided some harsh shadows but it also provided a beautiful blue sky and striking clouds and I dealt with the shadows with a strong flash and some fancy editing.





Starting (5-11-06)

Day 12Canary Island (Inland) – 17 Pictures

Day 13Madrid Airport – 9 Pictures

Day 14Toledo – 44 Pictures

Day 15From Toledo to Madrid – 13 Pictures

Day 16Oviedo – 66 Pictures

Day 18Picos de Europa – 42 Pictures

Day 19Llanes (Beach) – 18 Pictures

Day 20Bilbao – 49 Pictures

Where was I last summer?
Last year I went to Europe for 3 months.

I drove over 13,000 miles
Visited about 12 countries
Took over 50,000 pictures (over 500GB)

A couple hundred hours later…
It’s been about a year and I’ve just barely gone through all the pictures a couple of times
I’ve selected an average of 35 pictures a day.

I will be uploading a gallery for each day: some will have more than others and some none.
Some of them will be a real treat and others just OK
… there are many more that I took but I had to draw the line somewhere or I would be editing pictures from now until the end of time.

I’ve spent probably hundreds of hours working on going through all these and now editing I would appreciate to hear what you think.

The Galleries (So far)

Day 1Airport in Ohio – 4 pictures

Day 2From Paris to Bordeaux – 29 pictures

Day 3From Bordeaux to Madrid – 17 Pictures

Day 4Madrid day trip – 63 pictures

Day 5Segovia – 60 pictures (Not Sevilla)

Day 6Alcala de Hernares – 11 pictures

Day 7Canary Island – 19 pictures

Day 8Canary Island (Morning Shore)- 30 pictures

Day 9Canary Island (Town)- 12 pictures

Day 10Canary Island (Up the Volcano) – 52 pictures

Day 11Canary Island (West Shore) – 34 pictures

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Last weekend I traveled with 3 friends to Page, AZ


While there we visited Lake Powell hiked through a lesser slot canyon and did other smaller hikes around town.
Then on the way back to Provo we spent a few hours at Bryce Canyon National Park.


There are 4 galleries all require Flash to view.


Lake Powell 35 Images


Canyons (Around Page) 36 Images


Bryce Canyon 52 Images


Page Area 36 Images













I went on an overnite camping trip to a State Park about an hour away from Provo, Utah. There was a group of us and I had my camera of course. If you were part of the trip and want to see the pictures of the Group you’ll have to check later to the Personal Blog


Scofield State Park is mainly a fishing lake. There are a couple campsites and you can almost drive around the whole lake 25-30 miles around.


Gallery 23 Pictures