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Apparently I like to see how far I can stretch myself.

Previous instances of going big.

  • Doing long wedding day shoots … up to 14hrs once.
  • Doing shoots I’ve never done before is always a fun challenge and stretch.
  • Going to a new location is a fun stretch I’ve done so many times it’s not that stretchy anymore.
  • Like when I shot 60,000 pictures in 3 months and drove 12,000 miles while I was in europe.
  • Or when I had like 8 weddings in a couple weeks in several different states and drove almost 5k miles with several plane flights all during the Christmas season equaling an insane amount of pictures.
  • Or when I did 2 weddings in one day at 2 different locations
  • Or when I did 3 weddings in one day (only one reception)
  • Or when i did 32 shoots for the 2nd annual charity shoot
  • And at the same time bought and used for the first time studio equipment the day before all these shoots.


Another fun challenge. 

This week I’ll be shooting 50+ photo shoots.