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Thought it’d be fun to have her mess around her hair a bit.

I mean I can’t do that too often with the brides… so I suppose it’s something new.

This was in between wedding and reception as we went to In-N-Out to have lunch.

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 014_J7S2656 001_J7S2632


Before the messy hair


Get a small patch of cool stuff and don’t look at it and say “Darn, I wish there were more so I can get this cool shot I have in my mind”

Realize for a moment it’s not going to happen you can’t make another acre grow real fast… deal with it.
Make what you have work to your advantage. Don’t live in what could have been. Start dealing with what you have.

In actuality this section of cool plants was plenty large enough to get the pictures I wanted.
The angle I chose was to make the plants look more plentiful, but not just that but because I didn’t have a never ending supply in the back.

This is the big reason why she’s down on the ground.
If the field were bigger or I could get up on a ladder I would have shot from on high but with her standing as well.

 001_J7S7195 002_J7S7208

Then of course I got down because we all know I love shooting in through stuff.
I also felt a nice up close portrait was in order.

Brooke asked her mother what she wanted for Mother’s Day and I’m told this is it.
Sounds perfectly understandable… I think everyone should do it.
I expect to be booked up for… forever! haha

But really I can totally understand not only does the mother benefit from getting the actual pictures but she also gives her daughter a chance to feel beautiful in front of the camera and beautiful for years to come each time she looks at the pictures.
What a good mother!

 004_J7S7673 025_J7S7087

Again not a huge section of awesomeness to play with but when you’re shooting straight down you don’t need much.

Which makes me remember to say get them in all sorts of positions (sitting, leaning, lean-sitting, you know… everything) why?
Because they’ll feel more comfortable in some than others…
(unless your style is a total posed style. Well then don’t listen to me if that’s not your style and your not intersted in bringing out their personality… move along nothing to see here)

 003_J7S7521 007_J7S7308

Backlight… Create your own, or put them in positions where it already exists.

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In One Week

NOTE: Each title is a Link to the FULL gallery

I believe in stretching yourself to such a limit that all the rest of the time everything’s a cake walk.

See how far you can go. I found out I can do 48 shoots in one week.
All fine until I’ve almost went crazy sorting them all then editing 3000 pictures in the last 3-4 days.

This is a long and yet very fun post… like 48 mini-posts all wrapped up into one.

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 021_7154551 023_7154573

The last day of the charity shoot went very well.
I was pushing myself to take new and unique pictures in a location I had done 10 shoots in 2 days previous.

I did a few more family shoots which isn’t something I specialize in… but I’m learning to like it, and at the same time conform them to what I do like, which is the Family Lifestyle Photography format.

And of course I totally enjoyed getting the aspiring models to come take pictures. (As seen above)


Thanks to dad for coming up with this laugh! As the photographer you don’t know what will get the kids to errupt in laughter… or tears for that matter.

 017_7154425 015_7154331

The whole family was crazy photogenic and that helped. Look at these two models!

 011_7154277 012_7154284

 013_7154303 014_7154311

No need to put a lot of effort into posing these kids up… they’ll do their thing and I hope to get them as they Are, and make them good pictures while i’m at it.

 010_7154268 007_7154069

Nice big landscapes don’t mean the group has to be tiny, but sometimes a bit smaller in the frame can help show off why we drove all that way and make it not only a portrait, but a work of art.



Tender moments with mom and dad.



Jules Jewelry

So if I’m not mistaken this might be my first commercial shoot I’ve done.

I offered a friend help with her Jewelry business because she was in need of some good pics.

Photographing 6+ beautiful models was a perk. She even got her son some extra pics for his modeling portfolio.

The ages ranged from 8 to 38

All 500+ Pictures on Smugmug

Soon she’ll have lots of nice new pictures on her website

 006_7S46677 004_7S46667


 017_7S46059 019_7S46208

 011_7S46257  016_7S46035  025_7S46646  010_7S47011  036_7S46949


 020_7S46293 003_7S46307


 040_7S45966  030_7S46803  055_7S46305  028_7S46691  062_7S46368

 033_7S46913 038_7S47058


Remember back in the day when I talked about how individual portrait shoots or modeling shoots are pretty easy.



 035_7S20172 027_7S20429 025_7S20351 021_7S20136 005_7S20397

Well I don’t get to do them often with all the other shoots going on and since I’m known mainly as a wedding photographer.

Well Jenny convinced me that I should take time and at least do her’s.
She did a good job because in a week where I had 8+ photo shoots I fit her in for a nice long shoot with 3 outfit changes from direct sun to shady to dusk and even night with lots of off camera flash stuff.

Full Gallery Here


It helps when you’re with good company.

 004_7S20200 038_7S20191

 004_7S20200 022_7S20206 039_7S20203 075_7S20197 077_7S20211

Jenny is working on a fitness show and I wish her all the luck in the world with that.
Tell her how beautiful she is and perhaps even how Amazing My work is. haha



BTW, I stand by what I said this kind of individual portraits is so much easier than weddings or shoots like that, but there’s something about weddings that make them worthwhile… oh yeah and they also pay better.



 012_7S20783 013_7S20641 011_7S20772 029_7S20586 032_7S20733


That being said I’d take nice paid portrait/model shoots any day if anyone is looking.