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This is my 50 thousand word essay about Susan

If the hypothesis of this essay is not clear and has not been proven by the end of the essay… then I give up on photography.

 0125_8D10225 0101_8D10070


 0105_8D10695 0268_8D10679


 0113_8D10409 0108_8D10452

 0107_8D19800 0106_8D19795



OK so for the end of Bootcamp we had an open invite to photographers and models to come out to the salt flats and do pictures.

Someone had a cool car and so we took some picutres.

I held true to the believe that you don’t need to be right next to the cool things in your picture. So I had her stand apart from the car.
I lit her up with a light and the car as well with another light.

Turns out it’s hard to get a black car lit up nice at night.


These are pictures taken from the event mainly from interns. A couple of them are mine but mainly their just edited by me.

I’ll let the interns talk about what they did in later posts.

See the rest of the pictures here.

 066IMG_6931 036IMG_7001 059IMG_6893 033IMG_6978 030IMG_6897



Really what can I say here to do this picture justice? … what can I say to do the whole evening justice?

Both of the models… (Yeah you can’t wait to see them, I know… me either.)

This Picture!?

Am I just caught up in the epic-ness of the evening and the photoshoot and the wonderful people… or is this really as awesome as I hope it is.

Just don’t hate me for having the best job in the world… a chance to be an artist and to make others feel beautiful… to share and give and to beĀ appreciated.

I haven’t even checked all the pictures… I have no clue if this is even one of the best pictures.

 002_J7S4165 004_J7S4165


It was a free saturday and I woke up at 3:30am!! What’s wrong with me?
Oh and I hosted a photography workshop the night before and had people over afterwards until midnight.

 003_3S24051 004_3S24051

But it’s all worth it.

I went to pick up the model in SLC and then we drove down to near delta to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes.



It wasn’t terribly cold but the wind chill did make things interesting.

We didn’t have a lot of time to think, we were on a tight schedule to get the model back in time for work at 10am.
Meaning we shot for just over an hour.
And yes we got her back in time.

 020_3S24195 009_3S24271


Ingrid is from Brazil and is amazingly beautiful and a lot of fun to work with.
The fact she got up at 4am to go shoot 2 hours away for a short period of time in 35-40 degree weather and not have a coat on… that should tell you something!

There are about 300 more pictures I might post sooner or later. But for now this will have to suffice.



Haha you thought it was going to be the city. Tricked you.
They call him Boston.

 005_DSC2042 003_DSC2107

He asked for some pictures and I saw that I did his shoot just a month or two before I started using smugmug… so I went back through his pictures and uploaded them to SmugMug.


 002_DSC2104 001_DSC2104

I also re-edited his pictures some because I’ve certainly improved a bit in the last two years.

It is a good exercise for me and the student-interns to go over some older less essential pictures and play around on them.

Shall I Re-Edit your pictures too?

So I guess the offer is open to other people… if I took your pictures a while back and you’d like to see them re-edited let me know.

I’ll bump you up higher on the priority list if you’re interested in Buying prints of them as well… or at least if you’ll show them off to everyone, yeah but probably more so if you want to buy a couple prints šŸ˜‰



Remember back in the day when I talked about how individual portrait shoots or modeling shoots are pretty easy.



 035_7S20172 027_7S20429 025_7S20351 021_7S20136 005_7S20397

Well I don’t get to do them often with all the other shoots going on and since I’m known mainly as a wedding photographer.

Well Jenny convinced me that I should take time and at least do her’s.
She did a good job because in a week where I had 8+ photo shoots I fit her in for a nice long shoot with 3 outfit changes from direct sun to shady to dusk and even night with lots of off camera flash stuff.

Full Gallery Here


It helps when you’re with good company.

 004_7S20200 038_7S20191

 004_7S20200 022_7S20206 039_7S20203 075_7S20197 077_7S20211

Jenny is working on a fitness show and I wish her all the luck in the world with that.
Tell her how beautiful she is and perhaps even how Amazing My work is. haha



BTW, I stand by what I said this kind of individual portraits is so much easier than weddings or shoots like that, but there’s something about weddings that make them worthwhile… oh yeah and they also pay better.



 012_7S20783 013_7S20641 011_7S20772 029_7S20586 032_7S20733


That being said I’d take nice paid portrait/model shoots any day if anyone is looking.





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Pictures taken for fun down in Moab.




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