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JarvieDigital Photography is doing a model search.

  • If you’re a model wanting to bulk up your portfolio and make more of a name yourself… this is for you!
  • If you’re an aspiring model wondering how you’d fare in the  world of modeling … this is for you!
  • If you are a bride looking to get/win bridal pictures and hair and makeup… this is for you!


Frankly I’m restless.

Also I’m really in the mood to work the creative juices.

The full scope of the Utah Model Search idea is a much larger project, however what I want to do right now is limited and easily doable.
Making it happen by myself i’ve found the full extent of the project would take too much right off the bat, so this is a simple release.


It will be a success to me based on the following:

  • I find just a couple great models to use/hire for workshops, suggest to vendors or to have as muses for future creative ideas.
  • I gain fans for the future season of the Model Search on Facebook.
  • I gain fans on my own facebook page.
  • I improve even more at my craft (photography)


Starting the second week of May we will begin a 4 photo-shoot competition in an effort find new models and introduce this ongoing modeling competition.

So start applying… Now.

We have some fun photoshoots being planned.

If you’re unsure of your schedule apply anyway and we’ll keep you on the list to let you know for future seasons.


So what you need to do now is send me an email to

    • Name
    • Email / Phone / City
    • Measurements (for now at least height, but if you’re being considered we’ll need measurements for clothing – Bust, Waist, Hips)
    • A picture or a link to a gallery of pictures

And again… I’m interested in undiscovered talent too… so give it a shot.

Vendors – Can also contact us if they’d like to be a part of this season an/or future seasons. Vendors get great exposure (specially towards their FB pages) and pictures of their products which they will be able to use.

 Verts- 12

For the Bride

As I’m known particularly for wedding photography expect there to be bridal pictures for one or two of the shoots. So this might be perfect for brides. (Win bridal pictures kinda thing)
There will also be hair and makeup represented.

What to expect in the Future

We will do more seasons of this Model Search – and like any event or show it plans to get bigger and better with every rendition. Plans include More: video, show hosts, prizes and vendors ( including other photographers).

Keep up to date – Follow Us

Keep up to date and follow the Fan Page on Facebook – (A sidenote: the name will be changing soon.)

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 030_J7S3255 002_J7S4201


It was a free saturday and I woke up at 3:30am!! What’s wrong with me?
Oh and I hosted a photography workshop the night before and had people over afterwards until midnight.

 003_3S24051 004_3S24051

But it’s all worth it.

I went to pick up the model in SLC and then we drove down to near delta to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes.



It wasn’t terribly cold but the wind chill did make things interesting.

We didn’t have a lot of time to think, we were on a tight schedule to get the model back in time for work at 10am.
Meaning we shot for just over an hour.
And yes we got her back in time.

 020_3S24195 009_3S24271


Ingrid is from Brazil and is amazingly beautiful and a lot of fun to work with.
The fact she got up at 4am to go shoot 2 hours away for a short period of time in 35-40 degree weather and not have a coat on… that should tell you something!

There are about 300 more pictures I might post sooner or later. But for now this will have to suffice.



So now that i just explained in the previous post how I don’t fiddle around with lighting because i jump from location to location so frequently.
And not only that but I hate braking the interaction with the subjects to figure out some more complex lighting. like reflectors or flash.

Now i’ll show how sometimes that can be a lot of fun.
Specially when it’s like modeling or something that’s not so interaction and emotion and the feeling of the day oriented.

 022_7S28483 021_7S28481

How is this something different?

For those who follow my work… I don’t often stay in one place… like i did for all these pictures.
The exact same spot for like 30 minutes.
And also… I used off camera flash to do a more creative lighting technique.


It did take a few minutes and a bunch of tries to get these shots down.
It took 4 people.
A model
2 people holding lighting sources (flash and reflector)
Me taking the picture.

In the end the recipe that worked was f/20 at 1/250 or 1/320

At first we actually tried a reflector… later we moved to another flash

Another Flash


but at the end we toop out a second flash… which would actually be a third flash if you count the on camera flash that was triggering the others

 015_7S28463 014_7S28461

I did have a specific style i was looking for and then it’s about directing the models to act in a way that compliments the style.
Meaning something that looks cool.

The thing about these kinds of shots

It’s a lot like studio photography… which many people feel is kind of like cheating.
Once you have the exposure figured out. Once you’ve done all this prelim work… well then you don’t have to think about too much anymore.

And to be fair that’s not completely true. So don’t hate me too much.

There is a lot of pre-figuring out that goes on with studio and creative lighting set ups.
I myself am drawn to outdoor shoots. Not sticking in one place. The struggle to always be looking for that correct exposure is fun.
Blurred out backgrounds are appealing.
Studio has a certain appeal. But to me when i think about how I could set up lighting and set the camera and then give the camera to someone and they could go for days on those settings and be snapping some great pictures… it looses some appeal. Makes me think that i’m less special.
Maybe faulty logic… but it’s how i feel. I guess i’m in the camp that thinks sometimes studio stuff is kinda like cheating.

But don’t throw stones yet… i know there are some pretty creative things you can do. And a lot of the time I totally respect what studio people do.

The cool thing

The cool thing is when the camera is all set up and the lighting is set.
It’s on manual settings and then you can even jump into the pictures yourself and get some hot pictures.

 024_7S28493 026_7S28497

And you can let amazing photographers like Suzanne take awesomely framed pictures.

You should check out her post about this event

(I just made up that word… haha)

It seems like you can get away with more edginess when doing these setups



I know other photographers do things way different… I know and respect and understand… let me explain my way for a moment or two

My goal is often to mix great art, making someone look good and showing off who someone is.

This of all the pics is Kambria’s smile to me. The real one.

I can be lazy i know this… and most others know this.
OK so I’m a tad lazy sometimes and that’s what leads to a lot of this style.
I know how to do a bunch of things with lighting… but i don’t often do it.
I stick to easy lighting situations and simple techniques.

But there’s a reason…
thing is my style doesn’t really allow for some of this fancy stuff.
It’s a whole experience being around me… I usually want happy faces and good experiences.
Or for them to feel like they can be creative.

 029_7S28774 030_7S28780
I set up the shot… i picked the background… i got the camera set. But she did the moves.
I told her “look here”… or “look to your right” – she picked the rest… and i thought she did good. And since she did it herself… it’s much more likely to be something that is who she is.

My style??
Well I’d like to think that what I offer is a very fluid interaction and that people so often feel very very comfortable around me.
Even those that aren’t into pictures… they become into it. Or at least have a non-painful time.

My style is bringing out their style…. facilitating their ability to come up with ideas and make them their own.

This leads to more pictures.
Sure i could pose them and put their head and hands right in the perfect spot… but each time i do that we just lost 10 more pictures… at least.

Sure I personally have a distinct way of shooting and a look to my pictures… and I have poses that i fall back on. But each time they get to put a flare on those… as i get to put my own flare on concepts I’ve done before.


So, i suppose i go for the quantity approach.
People love that i take lots of pictures in so many styles and views.
They certainly get their bang for their buck when they walk away with 100+ good pictures of themselves.
And it also increases the odds of ones they absolutely love.
See the thing is we might have an idea in our mind and work super hard to make that spot and that lighting perfect. But it doesn’t always assure that is what the client loves the most.
So often they love the moment. They love their expression, they love the memories associated with that moment. Or perhaps they just like another spot a bit more. They might prefer a picture of a lesser quality than the one you made look imaculate. And it just takes exploring and playing around to find that spot.

It’s so interesting to see what someone likes in the end and finding out why they like it.



This girl loved these little piglets… she’s going to love these series of pictures.


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Pictures taken for fun down in Moab.




Open Gallery


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Full Gallery














These girls were amazing and the landscape was beyond words.
Ferns changing to orange and yellow and trees of every shade of fall.
Mountains in the background and beautiful Aspens everywhere.

The girls were into it, didn’t take excuses and worked the camera.
It was funny, silly, and a bit over the top for them at times…
but…. heh great pictures came out of it all so it worked out nice.

From funny, to sad, from sassy, to sweet they did it all.

Check out the galleries




All 3 Mix
All 3 Mix

This has probably been one of my favorite photo shoots to date… after doing this I thought I could do this full time and leave the weddings behind. But weddings pay the bills.

See the Gallery : All 3 Mix



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