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Posted by ScottJarvie at July 8, 2012

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Here’s just a sampling of the family pictures I did for the Makarov family – To see all of them check the smugmug gallery here


 0127_8D14778 0129_8D14781

I did try to focus on a few more of the dad because he’s also a photographer and I figure he’s the one with the least amount of family pictures.




Eating birthday cake



 0104_8D14871 0111_8D14863


 0109_8D15096 0187_8D15098


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I wanted to relax and edit a really short shoot.
Well I only took about 45 pictures on my drive from Utah to Oregon.


I stopped to take a couple of pictures near the salt flats, then later a random mountain cuz it looked cool (not sure I stopped for this one)
Then luckily in a repeat of last year I came accross a pack of wild horses in the middle of no-where nevada.




I did two weddings in Alaska this year… on the first trip I went up to Denali National Park.
These are the pictures I took.

I know i’m gonna put a bunch here on the post … but there’s some really fun stuff on the Full Gallery
So go there


This was pretty darn cool when the bear walked past us.
Yes we were in a car, we’re not crazy and I don’t own a super telephoto.


I kinda chased this guy around for a while.




Denali is all about Mountains and Animals i’ve decided




So apparently this was an exceptional time to go. It’s not usually this clear. (So they tell me)
Maybe clouds would be fun sometimes but I guess it’s fun to go in abnormal situations.



It was a busy busy day.

Day 4 of the charity shoot had me in the Studio for only one shoot and outside for 11.
It’s a really amazing experience to take 11 shoots in the same location. seeing 4 hours of changing lighting affect one area.

I was doing really short shoots so I couldn’t go far so that incoming groups could find me. Therefore I didn’t wander around as much as I usually do.
It really stretches the photographic ability to keep shooting in the changing lighting situations and keep shooting in a small radius and keep things fresh and now just go with what you did on the last one.

Of course I focused on the highlights of the area such as the mountain backdrop and the sections of trees that were still changing color.

The Location

This location is awesome because the mountains start blocking the sun about 3 hours before sunset (on average) which means it was perfect lighting starting around 4pm

The above picture was about half way through the shoot and already the mountain was providing a great backdrop with only a little bit of light compensation on the subject.
(More examples when fully edited)

Below is the last shoot of the night when it was pretty dark and sun had already been set for a bit… we were working on twilight light by then with a bunch of external lighting.


 003_7151036 001_7150980


But I did start experimenting even more with how to make studio interesting and new.
Since I’m not a studio photog and have never even read a book or watched a blog on studio setups I was just winging it.

I guess that’s how I did my whole photo existence just coming up with random ideas.

But I must admit I’ve heard of the idea of lighting the backgrounds and even seen a good friend David Terry setting up a studio setup at Suzanne’s house shooting through something colorful to get some background color.
So I had these filter strips perfect for my SB-900’s which I got from Pictureline for pennies (well worth a stop at the Draper pictureline to grab, even if you never use them… like me up until this point, at least you bought a photo thing for a couple dollars when everything else is too expensive)

So anyway I’m playing around and having people pick random pictures and shooting the backgrounds. I’ll continue to experiment of course.


The Seasoned Charity Shoot PRO

Ashley is the only one to have been to all 3 of my charity shoots… at the first one I didn’t even know her.

She’s a way awesome model when she’s sure of herself and not worried she’s acting to vain in front of Angie who acts it up even more than Ashley.

So having been to all 3 Charity shoot either she’s super duper smart and/or cheap… haha.
But in any case it has always been a fun shoot with Ashley and Angie around!

 006_7151206 005_7151187

I was excited to do this shoot because I was offered to do baby shoots a while back but never could get the time or whatever, and I was happy to be doing pictures for a good friend, and even though this little girl is now a bit older I’m glad we could at least get some.


 023_7152426 026_7152511

Model Photographers

Many might think Angela looks familiar and that’s because she’s featured in several parts on my blog ever since I did her wedding in California.
We refer to her as the “Beach Bride”

But angela is also a photographer and so is Liz the girl in the blue, and for that matter so is adrienne and Monica who came for shoots as well.
In fact yesterday 2 of my interns came with their families to get pictures taken. (We missed you Heidi and family)

In fact many people that took advantage  of the charity shoot were photogs.

I think it’s an amazing learning experience for a photographer to have pictures taken of themselves, I think it helps to be in the shoes of the future clients.
Now you know the feedback you should be giving when you’re the photographer.

You can tell Liz and Angela know what a good expression looks like and are able to capture it in the pictures.

I’ve always enjoyed shooting angela because she’s so creative and I think that will make her a great photographer one day.

And Liz was a joy to take pictures of because she had so many looks and was so fun to be around. The Camera loves you all… (as the saying goes)




It was amazing because it was my first ATV / 4-wheeling adventure.
It was Alaska.
It was 10hrs long and I saw sunrise and sunset and only a couple hours of dark.
I came back so dirty from dust and stuff… I thought that was pretty cool.
I went straight from the ATV ride to airport… no shower or nothing. That was funny.

And besides all that the pictures were kick butt!

I have gone a lot of places this year and I don’t think I’ve edited very many if any of the landscapes, being so busy with Job shoots.
But i took a break from all those shoots to sit down and have fun with these edits.
It took a lot longer than wedding pictures take, but pulling an all-nighter helped.

I did a lot of work on these so I want to show them all off… but I can’t here on the blog so you’ll have to see them on SmugMug


 009alaska-316 002alaska-66

This was early morning on the way back.

Sun was finally dipping behind the mountains. I shoved my camera down on the ground in front of these plants and hoped for the best. haha

Sun was barely coming back early early in the morning.
We were in a rush that morning to get me back to my plane… but I had to make a few stops on the trail to get these.
Kind of bummed the ATV acceleration is done with my camera hand, makes shooting while driving much harder than in a car. haha


This actually wasn’t the ATV trip, it was right after when we went to return the ATV
Taken with me half way out of a moving truck shooting opposite direction over the fields.
FYI: Camera was set to cloudy White Balance for the warm feel and the shutter speed way up since it was a moving vehicle.


This is what they were talking about when they wrote of Purple Mountain Majesty!

 033alaska-309 029alaska-246


This was our final destination.

(See more after the break)



Thought it would be nice to put the two of these together with the engagements I just posted of them

Are they technically called “Formals” since the groom was there too? I’m not sure

But since I wasn’t going to be around for the wedding (conflict of weddings) while i was there I did these.


Yes I know… It looks somewhat fake eh?


We did shoot middle of the day because I went 4-wheeling later that day.
So I was happy for the chance to get into some shade.

I do like that she had these flowers… they look real don’t they?!


They really liked these types of plants… I thought they were awesome.
I put the f stop up high to catch a bit more of the sun and of course flash to light up the foreground (them)

To view the full gallery, go to

View the rest of the post for more tips etc




 002DSC_5723 001DSC_5720

 004DSC_5849 005DSC_5852


 009DSC_5622 007_7S47391

 012DSC_5835 013DSC_5840


 015_7S48156 003DSC_5604


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 001_7S24506 003_7S24539
For complete gallery click here.
 006_7S24604 007_7S24544

 015_7S24392 017_7S24452 012_7S24651 020_7S24527 011_7S24450 038_7S24312


 048_7S24440 087_7S24268

 056_7S24497 068_7S24574

 107_7S24341 121_7S24377


I’ll just go ahead and say it.
As much as I have fun taking pictures of people and documenting wonderful events.

My heart is drawn to traveling around and bringing out the best in the places.
Whether it’s a farm town or the cobblestone streets of europe.

FULL GALLERY HERE – 100 more pictures



New places and new faces.
So while i might continue to be willing to do weddings for a long time… but I’ll be putting in more time with the traveling as the years roll by.


And for me I’m not the stay in one place and get the perfect picture type.
First of all because I’m not trying to make a living selling prints.
But secondly because I’m more of a Documenter at heart.
I just want to take pictures of everything
I am more interested in documenting, above wanting the best picture possible.


And I respect the person that will stay in one place for hours searching for the best shot.
It’s just not me… I document. And hopefully I bring out the art and beauty while i do it.


So perhaps let that be a lesson… it might not be the perfect light or perfect situation.
Sometimes it’s a matter of sticking around until it is… other times it’s a matter of dealing with it and getting the best you can in the situation.



 015_7S26515 016_7S26509


Ann Lewis


Full Gallery


Whitney & Thomas


Full Gallery















I’ve been posting pictures from the Europe trip. I’ve done galleries for the first 30 days… but now I jumped ahead to the end of June and did the week I was in Italy.
There are 166 pictures in 5 galleries

Genova/Genoa Coast
Northern Italy
















Genova/Genoa Coast



Northern Italy