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In the previous post we ended with some pictures taken in this same spot but at night.

In the early morning we headed back for a few more pictures with the Naval Academy in the background. The day and the lighting was great.


She was doing something, but we don’t stop so I told him do your thing let’s keep this party rolling.

Here’s the thing for you photographers out there… don’t take your test pictures and figure out lighting when they’re ready do that stuff when they’re getting ready and talking and not paying attention. Use their times of attention for the shots that your ready for.

I know when i’m getting my picture taken personally that If I give you my best “looks” I want them to be turning out… not 2-3 tests and then get it right… because in 2-3 shots I’ll be ready to move on to new “looks”



They were pretty proud of how they looked so fancy… she looked like the first lady they said.

On a side note it’s hard to fit a lightstand with a softbox and flash on the same small pier with you.

 039_J7S1567 167_J7S1542



I liked it when she came up with her own little ideas like this… this wasn’t me telling her a cheesy pose in hopes she’d like it… it’s something they came up with and real and ergo not cheesy at all.


OK then while sunrise was still happening we drove over to the Naval Academy see wall and took a few pictures there.

The lighting was a little harder to handle for me (without my usual assistant) but I was able to regain the look I was searching for in post procuess.



Away from the rising sun the light was much easier to work with… though I do miss those sail boats… but the water and lighting is so nice here you can’t go wrong.


And that’s another post from Annapolis.

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