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Really what can I say here to do this picture justice? … what can I say to do the whole evening justice?

Both of the models… (Yeah you can’t wait to see them, I know… me either.)

This Picture!?

Am I just caught up in the epic-ness of the evening and the photoshoot and the wonderful people… or is this really as awesome as I hope it is.

Just don’t hate me for having the best job in the world… a chance to be an artist and to make others feel beautiful… to share and give and to beĀ appreciated.

I haven’t even checked all the pictures… I have no clue if this is even one of the best pictures.

 002_J7S4165 004_J7S4165

This is a little teaser of the long engagement session I did yesterday… this was the end of a long day. I didn’t mind because I don’t get to shoot in the bay area very often so why not take a little extra time and take a bunch of pictures all over the place. Now next time I am asked to come back and shoot around here I’ll know what to expect and have some great ideas.

There’s a reason why the end of the photo shoot is always the best pictures… often because the lighting is the most dynamic and also because when you take your best pictures you decide then that you’re about done and therefore the best pictures were at the end.

But as for all the other hundreds of pictures all throughout San Fransisco you’ll have to wait to see those I’m sure.

As well as all the travel pictures and the wedding I did on Friday.

So we got up at the point and there were a whole slew of photographers taking pictures… everyone had a tripod and one of the guys asked what I was shooting at. 1/13th at 1.4 and he wondered where my tripod was… um yeah my tripod were the two flashes sitting on the posts.

In fact to exagerate the point I litterally shook and moved my camera As I took the pictures.