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Posted by ScottJarvie at July 8, 2012

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Here’s just a sampling of the family pictures I did for the Makarov family – To see all of them check the smugmug gallery here


 0127_8D14778 0129_8D14781

I did try to focus on a few more of the dad because he’s also a photographer and I figure he’s the one with the least amount of family pictures.




Eating birthday cake



 0104_8D14871 0111_8D14863


 0109_8D15096 0187_8D15098


 0100_8D14239 0101_8D14256

The intent of this post is to prove the point : that sometimes you photograph for a while just to get the subjects prepped for that one epic moment.

 0102_8D14266 0103_8D14268

On another note I don’t think people come to me to get engagement pictures for that one wedding announcement picture.
That might be kind of silly… I think they’re hoping for a set of pictures that share all the aspects of their relationship. A mini-scrapbook of their love story.

BTW you can see 150+ images in this gallery

 0106_8D13629 0121_8D13738

 0126_8D13878 0201_8D13899

In my mind their shoot is kind of like a third wheel Date with Jarvie – An expensive one

 0134_8D13573 0136_8D13577

The beginning part of the shoot is often just to find the rythm and be comfortable. I believe it’s an art to making people comfortable or even happy in front of the camera… to ignore them when they talk about being nervous or whatever defense mechanism they have… and just start having fun.


Doing things like putting them in a tiny little alley way… mainly because you just are intrigued to see how it turns out. (And you think it’ll break down their pre-conceptions of what they’ll be doing)

OR… placing them next to a porta-potty … to make them laugh (or something like that)

 0157_8D13701 0161_8D13712

But providing plenty of moments to be tender

 0128_8D13938 0127_8D13934

 0123_8D13744 0105_8D13954

 0149_8D13641 0147_8D13636

And then of course what I’m good at… the joyful stuff


 0200_8D13897 0199_8D13896


Then seeing how they react when they’re all by themselves for some individual portraits… gives me a perspective of where they’re willing to go or where they’re naturally drawn to

 0130_8D14016 0131_8D14101

 0221_8D14013 0172_8D13753 0173_8D13756 0174_8D13758 0219_8D14010

 0124_8D13762 0125_8D13867

 0192_8D13865 0182_8D13801 0142_8D13615 0176_8D13760 0177_8D13765


And then you’re at the END of the day and you bring out the fun lighting and things get a little more dramatic.

But by that time you’re all seasoned pros and they can handle a little more standing still and set up for lights and they’re comfortable and you know what their strong suits are… OR… they come up with something totally different and awesome




 0226_8D14028 0228_8D14059

 0241_8D14141 0234_8D14089


 0259_8D14252 0260_8D14253



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 0165_DSC5586 0164_DSC5571

The other day I did a post about using a ridiculously large and expensive lens. 600mm f/4

I used two other expensive lenses that day… like this one the 200-400 f/4

It’s also a big lens but not near as large.

It’s actually a lens I’d consider buying if I had the money. The range is perfect.
I have the 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 and the next step seems like it’d be the 200-400

I thought it focused fast and had nice sharp images.
I also didn’t have to walk 100ft away to get a person in the picture… but if I wanted I could zoom into 400 and walk a pretty good distance away.

I can also see myself more easily shooting it hand held… though a mono-pod would make it easier to get in focus pictures and not get too tired.

 0028_DSC5805 0186_DSC5831

I ended up bumping up the ISO from time to time when I was shooting in darker environments because I was shooting hand held portraits.

Below in order the pictures were taken at 1/250 , 1/160 and 1/80 … not too shabby eh?


 0004_DSC5733 0013_DSC5744



We’ll go ahead and divide this wedding day up into a couple of posts.

The ceremony was actually the 2nd part of the day after the First Look earlier that day at La Caille where they’d later return for the reception.

The ceremony was at a church in Park City where the bride’s dad is a pastor.

The bride was my first intern last year and so she knew a lot about wedding and planned a wonderful wedding.

If you want to see a bunch of highlights go here for now – and/or wait for the future posts

 016_J3S1088 049_J3S1097


There were several photographers assisting me… this picture (above) was taken by my associate Amanda



OK so I can’t honestly remember the last time I was caught up on my editing.
I think it might have been February… but then again maybe it was last November.

And as of this morning… well I still am not. (Kinda)
I’ll always have something to edit.
I could a few road trips I’ve never touched or even Europe pictures (2006)

But as far as shoots I’ve done for money… well I think I’m pretty much caught up! Hurray.
And I think I’ll stay pretty caught up all the way until the christmas rush.

Here are pictures from the last shoot I did… get this… Friday (two days ago)
These were for an old friend Jason.
He grew up in Park City so that’s where we went.
This was the 3rd time downtown park city to do engagements… and I’m happy say we did all new places.
Park city has a lot of photographic spots to offer.

 001_DSC2620 052_DSC2624





I specially loved how they were creating snow on the slopes and they were willing to go stand out in the field to get some… it was way cold there. (Much warmer downtown)

 005_DSC2491 042_DSC2495


Since they met skiing they’ll probably like this one.


I love how in photography you’ll travel an hour just to get a picture of the sky.

 009_DSC2570 028_DSC2600

The mayor of park city was here and he offered to get them married right then and there. In the end he just gave them a free print.



We were done but I just had to try out one last shot. Looking back i should have done more on this (meaning more poses to choose from)

The Rush is coming

It’ll be another fun and crazy christmas like last year, maybe just as much or more driving but with only 4-5 states.

Then a nice lull again to start getting on some projects that are long since needed to get rolling.


This is Carissa and Jake

How Carissa became my first Intern

Carissa wrote me last winter asking to be an intern… at that time I thought it was out there and wasn’t really willing to commit to one person when I was having someone different come assist on each photo shoot. And i didn’t really see the place for an intern.
She was going to school in Indiana and was from Park City but wouldn’t be around until summer.

When school was over she came on a couple of shoots and then I had her come work on pictures… she got better and better and I was ready to make the plunge to let someone take over on the selecting and rating of my pictures.
She only had fridays and saturdays which were often days I was gone out of the state doing weddings but nevertheless I saw her progress a ton and get pretty darn good.

We made her a Blog and a Website 

Now she’s back at college and won’t be back until May and then getting married in June here in Utah.
In the meanwhile I now have 3 interns to replace all of her great work. 

She saw all my tricks and yet still had me go and do her engagement pictures… i guess that’s a pretty good compliment.

So for the above picture I had to play around and do something different on the edit.



I loved the crazy skies that day… thanks to wendy who came to assist on the shoot…
(the new intern assisting on the shoot for the old intern… i love it)

 004_7S60214 019_7S60191 045_7S60310 005_7S60214

I had this one edited a little more regular… but I figured she wouldn’t mind another copy with a version more dynamic

Doing a virtual copy is a great thing in my opinion a lot of the times you can spend a while making a crazy looking pic and yet what they really wanted was a normal-er looking one. Let them see both… plus that lets them see the work you put into it… it didn’t just come out of the camera like that.

 018_7S60807 035_7S60617

It was fun shooting with another photographer friend David Terry who Carissa asked to come along. 
He was able to pose them a lot of the time and I would just steal the shots haha…
On the other hand I posed a bunch of them and I’m sure David enjoyed that. 


 042_7S60172 058_7S60544 068_7S60750 040_7S60832


The sky looked great that day and the old barn that carissa picked out was awesome.
Still don’t know if I like the phone post or not.

I love when people pick their own spots…

  • they’re more special to them (emotional connection)
  • I usually get to shoot somewhere new (add to repertoire)
  • My creative juices come out more when it’s somewhere brand new
  • If it doesn’t work it wasn’t my fault… haha

 095_7S60551 098_7S60581 201_7S60546 127_7S60555


I’ll attempt to show off these pictures while talking about the locations.


Just stop on some plain road with a bunch of high weeds and make it happen.
I got the camera down low as you can see.

But seriously we were driving to Park City Utah and I just stopped and pulled off the highway.
For like 10 minutes is all.


Wasn’t in the original plans to shoot this spot, but when the sun hits something just right, it can supercede the previous plans.
This is right next to the cool barn that we had gone there to shoot.

So they really liked the egyptian theatre, but when I saw it, it looked really hard to photograph and a bit boring and the street was so close and people walking by.
This one definately needed to be edted to make it look a bit more moody and fit what the theatre was all about.
Take note of that crazy moose behind them


This was at the theatre… I did like the doors. But to avoid reflections and to make the scene more interesting I put them down on the ground

To view the entire gallery go to


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Finished up a photo shoot at the Canyons and was heading home and decided to take advantage of the first fallen snow of the year (a light dusting) and the unique light that was shining through on the fall colors.

To see the full gallery go here

To see the full gallery go here