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I took these a little over a month ago… thought I’d share them.
The pictures were picked by my PA Adele.


 011alaska-81 003alaska-356

I did this photoshoot with a lightstand. Usually I have an assistant there to hold lights.
But this made me consider the location of the of camera flash a little more carefully since I’m kinda lazy.



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 012_7S20301 043_7S20241

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 007_7S25236 009_7S25299



 017_7S25518 016_7S25365



Posted by scott at September 28, 2008

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When I go to parties my contribution is a few pictures.

Some friends were doing slip and slide… this is what happened before i had to put the camera away because… well I was busy going down the slide myself.

As a side note I should post pictures from a bunch of other shoots I’ve done recently… including the sego music festival that took place yesterday.

Posted by scott at November 11, 2007

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I have decided that I am not a fan of daylight savings.
We had to start shooting pictures at 4pm in order to get done before it got to dark.

However this couple was great and lots of fun, we got lots of unique pictures.

_dsc5858.jpg _dsc5789.jpg  _dsc6083.jpg

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Sometimes brides really want a certain type of picture




Posted by scott at August 31, 2007

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jones_u112686.jpg jones_u112670.jpg jones_dsc2246.jpg


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b_u116950.jpg b_u116993.jpg b_dsc7174.jpg


I had the opportunity of taking pictures of this nice couple at a new place.


Canyon Glenn Park up in Provo Canyon.
It is an unlikely location but we were able to find many fun and picteresque spots.


I have included 24 pictures in the Open Gallery

Open Gallery

And all 80 pictures can be found in the Full Gallery
The full gallery requires a password – please email the couple or myself for access.







Posted by scott at June 19, 2007

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We did both driving loops of Yellowstone. And I also took picture on the way there and back and around camp.
I also got to use my GPS device extensively for the first time. The battery I bought almost lasted the whole time.

Northern LoopGallery
y_dsc4648.jpg y_u110771.jpg y_dsc4706.jpg
Includes such areas such as Mammoth, Roaring Mountain, Norris Geysers and Upper and Lower Falls.

Southern LoopGallery
Elk Morning Glory Pool y_u111636.jpg
Included Old Faithful and the other geysers around it, Yellowstone Lake, Fountain Paint Pots and Fishing Bridge

There and BackGallery
y_u110365.jpg y_u110388.jpg y_dsc5394.jpg
The day of the trip to Yellowstone and the Trip back.

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