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To see all of the last batch of Jarvie Window images from WPPI 2010 – go here

To see all each of the galleries go here – Including the SmugMug Slumber party

Give me feedback on the new layout where I’m putting matching images next to eachother.


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Posted by scott at May 16, 2008

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Here are some of the images I captured while in mexico last month.

Having edited all my wedding jobs in the last couple of days and have a half day break from then until later today when I have a weekend with 2 more weddings.
I had some time to go over some of the pictures i hadn’t yet edited from mexico.

I need to get them done because next week I go on an 8 day trip all over california taking pictures (over 5 national parks, many more state parks and over 500 miles of coastal views)

To see all of the previous 2000+ pictures I edited for the team of people that went on the expedition see my site.

However to see a gallery of these new images and the people and places of this part of mexico. Being a Humanitarian adventure the pictures don’t have a balanced representation of all aspects of this city. Mostly the poorer neighborhoods.