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Posted by ScottJarvie at November 15, 2012

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Countdown to Jarvie Promo + Contest

Many may know that back at the beginning of October together with the help of a lot of friends I attempted something very ambitious.
In one day:
– I traveled 400 miles
– Photographed in 6 different areas in Utah.
– Photographed over 30 photoshoots of over 30 different people
– Most pictures I’ve ever taken in a day.
– Photographing from 5am til midnight


It was all documented by my friend Devin Graham
And will be made into a short artistic video about the awesome day in the life of a “cool” photographer on a fun Photo-roadtrip with friends.
Think: Artistic visual recap of the Photo-Roadtrip along with some happy upbeat music.

There will also be another longer version more in the style of a Promo / Behind the scenes.
Which will have people talking, have behind the scenes clips from the day and include some cool testimonials.
This will be a video I can use to promote myself… aka… make people who’ve never met me understand more about who I am. (The photography, the quirkiness, the sexiness, the randomness, the love of photography … ya know, lay it all out there.)
While we had a lot of my close friends there and there were a few opportunities to say a few things for the camera and though I haven’t heard any of them I’m guessing it may be a little on the spot with the camera in the face and without a lot of time to prepare.

So what I’m saying is: I’m challenging people to make a short quality video answering the question “Why Jarvie?”
Giving the random people out there a glimpse into who I am.
Ya know… Why I can get away with starting a contest about myself and it’s less douchey than if other people did it.
I’m doing PR
… you probably understand that viewing my pictures only go so far… people spend a lot of money to feel confident and secure and to be around someone they can be themselves around and have happy memories of their wedding or whatever they’re hiring me for.

Smart, professional, silly, random, over the top, simple… it can all work because I fit into all those things.
The key is… CREATIVITY
Here’s partly where I got the idea… while at dinner with Angela. We had just spent the day filming something for a Doritos commercial contest.

I’d say no longer than 30 seconds and probably more like 10-20 seconds if you want it to be in the official promo/testimonial.
But doesn’t mean I can’t use longer videos and reward them. I can put them on my youtube channel or share them from your youtube to my website or blog and or social media.


I’ll announce more details as they are determined.
The grand prize winner will probably get “A day with Jarvie” for either a photoshoot of the winner and/or photography training.
They will get a package of a bunch of prints. (Good for those out of state)

If there are multiple awesome videos and we use other clips in the official videos, or my new website which is being designed, I’ll make sure to reward those as well… think discount on photoshoots or prints.
Again more details are forthcoming … as they are decided.

{Update Each Day}

I will be releasing a new picture, from this epic photoshoot, of a different person each day up until the video is released.
Check Gplus ( and Facebook ( as I’ll probably post separate ones on each social network.
Here’s the illustrious famous video guy himself
Check his youtube chanel

 003_J7S0608 001_J7S0599

At the end of the park near the Eiffel Tower there is a Memorial to peace. It is a great vantage point to the tower.

Being far enough away to photograph a subject this large with an unobstructed view is important to be able to use a lens like the 70-200 in order to stand back and zoom in to be able to compress the scene and give it a unique look and feel.

The framing of the couple and the tower were just great perks. Plus it was on an elevated level which allow to shoot above the park and the fences and people that are strolling about.

 012_J7S0603 090_J7S0570

To get this far away made it a much harder scene to light up because my lights had to shoot farther… I therefore had to take the softbox off and go straight zoomed in flash… it was still hard being the mid morning on a bright cloudy day.

 338_J7S0564 352_J7S0612

There is a lot more of the memorial that would make for awesome pictures however being limited on time we went for the pretty straight forward awesome spot.

 356_J7S0630 357_J7S0632

She was pretty cold by then so we got the jacket back on her and he opted to do a couple extra pictures as we waited for the car to pull around.


This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)

 010_J7S0422 008_J7S0388

OK so here it is: The first installment of the Wedding Pictures in Paris.

I write this moments before I jump in my car and head to California to do a wedding tomorrow… so the other posts will have to wait until next week.


So as you can expect one could spend all day at this location and take tons of pictures but for us this was one of 7 locations that we went to that day.
I chose a location a bit farther  away so I could use both the 50mm 1.4 and the 70-200 2.8 and still have full tower in view.

 005_J7S0459 011_J7S0479

When I was using the 70-200 I’d usually back aways and zoom in giving them their room and let them kinda come up with their own stuff… I had them walk to me for a couple as I laid there in on the cold wet ground… I know “what a trooper” haha


 077_J7S0403 021_J7S0430

I call this time of year “Dirty Fall” and I love it. It’s when most of the leaves have fallen they’ve since been rained on and lost a lot of color except for that dirty fall kinda look.

It’s that point where it’s almost a bit more winter than it is fall but some of the colors of fall still remain.

 027_J7S0514 084_J7S0467

The spot speaks to romance… so they did mostly tender, emotional and romantic poses.


Paris Formals

So yeah there were lots of pictures to show from the this last week I spent in France. It’ll take me a while to get to them all and edited and online. I also put them on Facebook frequently.

As for the wedding pictures I took… more technically they are Wedding Formals (Some call it the blah word Groomals) But we’ll just stick to the short “Wedding Pictures”. They got married in SLC at the LDS Temple Saturday had their shin dig and flew to Paris they chilled there Sunday and Monday (honeymooning) and then we met up on Tuesday for their typical couple pictures. They really wanted awesome memorable pictures (both are photographers) and well that’s what they got.

As for the 5 other days that I took Travel Style pictures those will be located on the Envision the World blog mainly


So I’ll break it down – I’ll add a hyper link each time I post one.
(NOTE I Hope to post one before I head to California in the morning… stay tuned)

This is part of a longer series focusing on 7 different locations (some locations are broken down)

      (If there are extra requests to highlight a spot or picture I’ll add those posts hereafter)

      The category and corresponding URL that links to them all will be France2010Wedding

      A NATURAL TIMER : Sometimes it means ALL day


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       016_J7S3989 015_J7S3927


       013_J7S3887 012_J7S3881


       017_J7S4037 018_J7S4100






      This is a little teaser of the long engagement session I did yesterday… this was the end of a long day. I didn’t mind because I don’t get to shoot in the bay area very often so why not take a little extra time and take a bunch of pictures all over the place. Now next time I am asked to come back and shoot around here I’ll know what to expect and have some great ideas.

      There’s a reason why the end of the photo shoot is always the best pictures… often because the lighting is the most dynamic and also because when you take your best pictures you decide then that you’re about done and therefore the best pictures were at the end.

      But as for all the other hundreds of pictures all throughout San Fransisco you’ll have to wait to see those I’m sure.

      As well as all the travel pictures and the wedding I did on Friday.

      So we got up at the point and there were a whole slew of photographers taking pictures… everyone had a tripod and one of the guys asked what I was shooting at. 1/13th at 1.4 and he wondered where my tripod was… um yeah my tripod were the two flashes sitting on the posts.

      In fact to exagerate the point I litterally shook and moved my camera As I took the pictures.


       002_J7S7305 004_J7S7597


      No matter how busy and bogged down, no matter how neglected or sad, no matter when things don’t turn out like hoped, no matter whether I haven’t been out side in days or I don’t see friends for a while, no matter if I’m hungry or tired, no matter if people cancel on me and I feel that my life becomes one demensional…

      These things don’t come into play when I have a camera in my hand and I’m making people smile.
      When I’m instilling confidence and bringing out the best in them.

      Those other things disapear when I’m taking pictures and it all clicks (like so often it does) … the other cares are long away.

      When they’re loving it and I’m loving it and I can show them a few pictures and tell them there are one hundred (or 4) just like it and they are happy… well I feel like a rockstar.


      This Friday night we’ll have a special guest presentation at JarvieU

      The theme is “Composite Lighting”

      Here’s a recent Example



      I am looking for Interns, possibly a Personal Assistant, and web programmers.
      See more info in the full blog post below.



      I love this blog and I have a lot of fun showing off my new pictures and sharing tips to a whole lot of photographers.

      But when a client calls they’ve never said… oh I loved your blog so much I want to hire you.
      They do say that about my webiste

      But then they continue to say they spent a long time checking out all the stuff on the blog.
      I can tell it’s there on the blog they got to know my personality and what I’m like which helped seal the deal.

      They often comment on how they liked my personality… I ask how do they know… usually they percieve it from, not only my writing but coming from the pictures as well.

      I meant my present website to be for weddings only… But I also have plans to start making waves in the Family Lifestyle photography world.
      It would be really good for me and is right down my alley.
      So I need another website.


      well don’t plan on making it yourself.
      Takes way to much time and isn’t worth it.
      Unless you’re loaded with money don’t hire someone either.

      There are faster better options, that can get you up and running with a professional style website with tons of bells and whistles in a matter of 1-3 days.
      The hardest thing you’ll do is picking… picking the site style and picking the pictures to go on it.

      It’s impossible to have a website programmed for as cheap as the template websites offer.

      And among the best of them is



      NOT ME

      I admire those who create an idea in their mind, lay it out and make it happen.

      This being said… That’s not me.

      I show up to a shoot, hang out, try to make the subjects happy and in a good mood and figure out what is going to work for them.

      I think a major part of this is that 99% of my subjects are not models… they are who they are and they come to me to get pictures of who they are.

      Working with the light as it happens

      Also it seems to work for me because I usually try brand new spots and random times of the day and have no idea what the lighting is going to be. So If i see the lighting is bad I avoid that shot and if it is awesome I do a shot I might not have tried before.

      I might as well stick to what I’m good at… and in most cases that means bringing out the best of who people are. At least that’s the compliment I usually enjoy the most when people say it.

      Wouldn’t mind, at all

      On the other side, I’d love to have the ability to set things up and create like many other photographers out there… if nothing else just to have that as another weapon in my arsenal.

      How I roll


      Last year I made a goal of weddings and i hit it and did a few extra.

      This year I upped the goal by 15 to 40 weddings.

      Happy to announce

      I am very happy to announce that I went to the mailbox a minute ago… and saw I had complete confirmation on booking wedding #40

      Commence balloon drop and other types of fanfare!!

      Might I add the strange part that only 1 wedding is booked for after august 22nd

      Yes Utah is a bit crazy with bookings… but I did go to 10 different states to do weddings.

      Don’t try this at home! haha

      I know many of you are photographers

      And if you do try to do that many… have assistants, or at least don’t have a family or another job and expect consistent 12-15hr days.

      Plan for future

      Well while i’m young single 40!! and up to the task It’s all good.

      But I have plans to slow things down and do a more manageble amount of weddings… in part to have a bit more of a life, not get burned out and to be able to work on other projects.


      Full Gallery Here


       006_7S28388 012_7S28214

       031_7S28398 032_7S28416 071_7S28449 035_7S28542 076_7S28545


       025_7S28231 003_7S28237

       028_7S28300 039_7S27771 049_7S27927 051_7S27939 053_7S27973


       014_7S27742 017_7S27809


       013_7S27723 004_7S28279

       019_7S27882 023_7S28152 027_7S28286 001_7S28251 030_7S28356

      Since this has become a very popular post I’ll re-edit and say how things are 8 months later

      (I also wrote a follow up post a while back here SEE UPDATE HERE)

      Use A DeskTop if you can

      First I must say that if I were you I’d stick with a desktop to edit pictures.
      Much much less expensive,
      Much more expandable,
      You can get 2-3 monitors on it no problem
      No hassle for adding extra hard drives.
      You are forced to work at a desk… which can be good.
      And you won’t ever feel tempted to waste your time using something other than a mouse (or even better a tablet)
      And you’ll most likely be using a good sized monitor (23″ and up)

      Looking for a kickbutt photography editing laptop.

      I’ll be gone a lot this summer on wedding assignments.
      For instance in may I’ll be gone a week to alaska and I’ll need to edit while there.
      I’ll also be gone later that month on a trip that will include weddings in Arizona and NYC

      I need to keep on top of my editing and my old single core laptop from a while back won’t cut it.

      So I need a good laptop that will substitute nicely.

      I suppose I’m looking for:

      • Fast processor
      • Lots of Memory
      • big Screen – at least lots of resolution
      • good battery life for the airplanes
      Tell me if there is anything else I’m missing.
      So I’m even willing to go to Mac did a similar review

      Base System

      I will compare the prices based on system that has more or less the following:
      They all have 17″

      • 2.93 processor
      • 64bit operating system
      • 4GB ram 1066 ddr3 / And also showing 8GB
      • 320GB HD

      (Please note that prices have gone down since i wrote this in march)

      Macbook Pro 17
      = $3149
      8GB ram = $4199
      QuadCore = NA
      Dell 17″
      = $3875
      8GB ram = $4915
      QuadCore = 5715
      Lenovo w700ds
      3.06 processor
      dual HDs in raid 320GB 5400rpm
      Built in wacom tablet
      8GB = $4919
      Quad Core 2.5 = 5319
      Sony vaio AW series
      18.4 screen
      = $2798
      8GB = $3298
      Quad = NA
      HP HDX18t
      2.8 processor
      8GB = $2389
      Quad Core 2.5 = 2989
      Other things to note:
      Obviously some of them have lots of toys and tricks that I didn’t mention, which accounts for some of the price difference.
      But the question is… why is the HP so cheap in comparison?
      And only a couple of them assured me that it was truly 1920 resolution.
      And what other toys are necessary to compare that I overlooked.
      Please weigh-in in what you think.


      See that I ended up getting a MacBookPro – I decided that the price difference wasn’t as much as I expected or that usually exists between PC and Mac

      I have used it as I stated for several of my trips. It’s been durable, small enough for my camera bags (that allow laptops)

      I haven’t used it a ton for editing because i’ve gotten so used to the speeds of my desktop which this doesn’t even compare.
      And now i’ve gotten used to my 30″ monitor and 17″ doesn’t make me feel confident I’m making the best editing decisions.

      If I were to do it again I would. There’s a lot to be said about the small form factor for traveling and the long battery life.

      If I were to buy a main computer – i’d still be putting together a top of the line PC.

      It appears that for actual editing and processing (speeds or quality) that there is no advantage in Mac (that I’ve ever hear(… I just happened to like the computer.

      The question was posed on how I’m gonna photograph 3 weddings in one day.

      Crazy Coincidence

      First off it’s all about fate. It’s crazy how it all worked out.

      All three inquiries were for SLC LDS Temple.

      I don’t charge per hour… I charge for the day and give the couple the full reign of deciding what’s going on that day. Which makes it even more uncommon for me to do 3 weddings in one day.

      Speaking of coincidences

      I did a photoshoot monday, tuesday and wednesday this week so far… and each has been an engagement shoot.
      It just so happens that they were each for the three weddings I’m doing on the same day in May. 

      I will post pictures soon.

      First Wedding 

      Well the primary wedding that booked me first isn’t getting married at the temple until about noon. So that’s when i need to be there then then have a reception that night in Alpine.