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Posted by scott at March 16, 2009

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I am looking for a part time employee.    
(Update: applications are no longer being taken, the response has been phenomanal)

Posted by scott at February 20, 2009

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This is partly a response to another blog post

Via the other blog we learned that one type of person we need

The points were these:
– Find someone that shares your passion
– Find someone nice that is fun to be around
– Find someone that will be a really good friend to you.

But there are other types of people we need in our life.
We need a Rich Legg

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Spare a moment for URL introductions: – Blog



He desperately needs more facebook friends… so don’t forget to add him! He’ll cry if you don’t :(

He’s a stock photographer so his portfolio of photography can be found there
He’s one of the top stock photographers in the country.

And he loves to teach and give back.


What kind of person do we need?

  • We need someone who believes in us.
  • Beyond that, who believes in us so much they’ll tell everyone.
  • They’ll boost our ego (… or confidence is a better way of saying it.)
  • Someone who sits at the cool kids table and in front of the whole school invites you to come on over… and makes you feel like you’re now one of the cool kids.
  • Who makes your job easier because they’ve taken it upon themselves to help you.
    Whether it be teaching or being your best advertiser.
  • All in all we need someone who appreciates us.


  • We need a person that will play around and joke with you but that you know that when the joking is done it’s nothing but a real solid friendship and caring.
  • Someone who does something in complete and opposite style… but you can both really appreciate what the other person does.
  • Someone you can bounce ideas off of.

And if you know Rich… then you know that even if he jokes around and plays with people… that he really is a great person.
And he does these things and more.

Look how he’s being all tough… like he’ll beat up anyone who messes with his friend!
Stands behind you and believes in you… that’s what we all need!

I’m not to into taking family portraits…
There’s a lot of stressing out going on in portraits.

Feeding Each other STRESS

Parents get stressed because they want things to go perfectly.
When kids get grumpy or distracted… the parents start to freak.
Which in turn makes the kids freak out more… which in turn…
I’m sure you get the picture.

Not “Good” Money

Besides family pictures aren’t really good money (comparatively)

It’s my opinion that the price structure for family pictures was based on buying prints.
This mindset of wanting mainly prints is largely disappearing for most families.

Prints aren’t as “big” as photographers would like

Heck I personally would rather have the disc than a print on my wall… specially since I move more often and I use blogs, websites and facebook mostly and I can print stuff up myself just fine.

So people don’t want as many prints but the sitting fee for portraits has largely stayed the same.
Then there’s the people who think that because a CD costs $1 (which it doesn’t more like .15 cents) that charging them $100 for a CD is next to highway robbery.

Personally I don’t like being in charge of printing… I want to be paid for what I do (photograph) I don’t want to push products (like prints, albums etc)

I understand that the market and the abundance of new photographers will push prices down for photographers as some raise their prices (like I do all the time)

Not For me

All I’m saying is Traditional Family Picture sessions are not worth it for me.

I put up with boring weddings because they’re a lot of money and they’re very important.

Go to a studio for the traditional Shots

But i think if people are looking for good prices for family pictures they should go to studios, that’s their thing.

The Exception

That being said I have actually had a couple of families that were all right and enjoyable experiences
And in down times I’m sure I’d say yes because the money is nice… I’m just saying I don’t like it much.
But I like a “real” job…. way way less!

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I’ve been editing non-stop this week and getting a lot of jobs done.
But I’ve only been releasing full password protected galleries.

That means I haven’t been posting them.

This is a good thing if I still need to edit your pictures… because I’ll be able to get to them faster.

For everyone else… stay tuned.

I’ll post some stuff on my 4th of july adventures.
Straight from the camera style. Because they’re way down the line in editing.


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