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Posted by scott at July 24, 2008

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I wish I could recommend foresters camera service in SLC.

I enjoyed talking and working with the guy at Kew’s Camera service in Provo…
and would recomend him as he has great prices.
Even though he gave my D200 back to me and said there were no prices. (didn’t charge anything)
And replaced the grip for like 25$

And there was most certainly a problem… backfocusing… but his type of test would have never found it.


Then i called nikon and they said send it here or take it to an authorized fixer upper.
So i drove to SLC and left it there.

They promise to call back within 48hrs… First off that’s a Bold Faced LIE!
I called back instead the first time.
They thought they might have the machine to fix it… they don’t so they would send it to Nikon and take care of things. I paid them money to ship it… i like that convenience for me.

But this is where it went down hill… that was like 2+ weeks ago.

I’m suppose to get a call back giving me an estimate on cost to fix.
Let alone the fixing time! NOTHING. I called and they’re closed…

I will call back tomorrow and then let you know what’s up.

I’m on the list for a D700… but I don’t know if I really was going to get it.
Now I might have to! Now if I only had the $3000 to actually get it!

I really had hoped I could recommend them in good faith… but foresters has let me down terribly.

Before liftoff!

Making sure they don’t lift off.

A lot of people come for the bright colored Balloons…

Or for the Fire

Contained fire… sorry to disappoint.

I enjoy seeing the mass of people and the human interactions.

Lotsa pointing going on.


Posted by scott at June 19, 2007

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We did both driving loops of Yellowstone. And I also took picture on the way there and back and around camp.
I also got to use my GPS device extensively for the first time. The battery I bought almost lasted the whole time.

Northern LoopGallery
y_dsc4648.jpg y_u110771.jpg y_dsc4706.jpg
Includes such areas such as Mammoth, Roaring Mountain, Norris Geysers and Upper and Lower Falls.

Southern LoopGallery
Elk Morning Glory Pool y_u111636.jpg
Included Old Faithful and the other geysers around it, Yellowstone Lake, Fountain Paint Pots and Fishing Bridge

There and BackGallery
y_u110365.jpg y_u110388.jpg y_dsc5394.jpg
The day of the trip to Yellowstone and the Trip back.

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