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People ask about classes and internships often.

I usually put the tasks back on them to test their sincere interest and because I have to see where to actually invest my time and if it’s worth it.



OK so summer weddings are over. (Yes I’ll get them up as soon as I can to show)
So now what’s up?

Fall Plans

Fall will be filled with lots of random photo shoots… I can feel it now.
(Commercial photography, family pictures, portrait shoots galore and of course the 4th annual Charitable Event during the fall colors.)

I also feel a couple more Flash Camps coming on, along with some time and energy to put into other workshop.

Planning events for WHO? For future student-interns

To Qualify?

This time around what will qualify to come be a student-intern is jumping right into a project and proving you’re ambitious to learn and ready to work.

Each person will pick a project to lead and work on… and if they stick with it then I know to invest back into them. Teaching picture post processing skills and going to these workshop and learning events.

In the past we’ve had them pay to prove their intent but so often aspiring photographers have so many lenses to buy I thought this would be more beneficial… but if you want to prove intent with money or trade and jump right into training without the delay then so be it.

Who am I looking for?

People who are passionate about photography… and who want to free their schedule to learn… and are willing to work for it!


Now! This week I’ve got tons of stuff to work on, so I’d probably cheat and start training on photo things right off the bat. (Then back to photo projects to prove)


Words I never thought I would be saying:

“I’m going back to school next week”

In fact about a week or two ago I wasn’t planning on it.
But now I’m a school bound fool.

Learning from past roads

Good news though… It won’t be the typical schooling experience.
It will be heavy emphasis on the learning this time around.
Taking from the 16yrs of schooling experience in my life I believe this experience will go about things in a much improved system.

My personal belief is they shouldn’t just pump more money into a bad system… but change the system. Or perhaps take the old horse out back behind the shed carrying the trusty gun and a shovel.

If you can’t find the perfect solution … Create it!


  • I love teaching – and yet have limited time.
  • I have several photo projects needing work – and yet have limited funds.
  • I have many people asking to assist and intern and put on classes and workshops – and yet there is only me.

Stepping up to the plate

I recognize I’m not the best photographer and so my establishment of a school should not be a belief that I am the most qualified.
Merely that I’m the most willing to actually make it happen, the most creative to think it up, and the most crazy to actually try it.

Not sure what the name is, so for now it’s either Jarvie U or jDigital U – I’m open to input

I have grand ambitions how this project/school/opportunity can help everyone

  • Help each student become great photo editors and great photographers
  • Help with my work on my photography
  • Help with the ATP and ETW projects
  • Build a community that exercizes pay it forward learning
  • Build a community that actively seeks new, exciting and creative learning experiences
  • Build a school experience that actively promotes the students and a community that promotes eachother.
  • Build a community that can point to an achievement that garners respect and attracts attention for the members of the community.
  • Build a community of photographers who believe excellence of craft before deception, who improve their craft and respect for their clients and therefore improve the name and the art of photography.
  • It can also help other photographers and of course people looking for photographers.

It’s more than an internship becuase it includes

  • Classes
  • Field Trips
  • Photo Trips
  • Assisting experiences (with many photographers)
  • Reviews, critiques, QA
  • And many more benefits

Yet it is still somewhat an internship

  • Because student-interns still come and assist in the office learning first hand Photo Editing and Photo workflow and also emphasize in another area of their choice.

How this can be done? (How can Scott stay sane)


I am looking for Interns, possibly a Personal Assistant, and web programmers.
See more info in the full blog post below.